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That jacket looks like a pretty generic moto that you can find anywhere. If you want a quality one, try TOJ.As for hooded leather jackets.. here are a couple I think are kinda nice (and way too expensive). Although they are more akin to leather hoodies than jackets IMO(japanese brand "wjk")(japanese brand "az")
Your ad says 30x34 but your pics show 28x32..
Cool, glad to hear it worked out for you. I saw this on the product page "Unfortunately we are not able to ship this product outside of the United Kingdom.", but I guess they allow other European countries? They won't let you ship that to the U.S.
KitAkira, you seem to be quite knowledgeable about where to buy PS online. What stockists do you usually check come sale time? I've only ever seen a couple that sell PS online in North America (Tobi, ssense).
There seems to be the same pair in size 45 here for 109 pounds, although they don't ship outside the UK (not sure where you're located):http://www.kurtgeiger.com/men/shoes/kasmin-side-zip-6.html
Yeah I mean the new styles used on the VTG jackets.. e.g. the no-zipper pockets and no-snap collar on the DR that give it an even more minimalist design. Just wondering if it's possible to order a lamb or calf jacket in those styles.
Will any of the VTG styles be available in regular lamb or calf? I love the ultra-minimalism of the VTG DR, and the new collar on the CM is sweet . I'd order one of those in whisky calf if it was possible.
That pic doesn't show much in the way of footwear. Any better ref?Here are my favorite side-zips with nice slim silhouettes:Fiorentini + Baker "Elf" (I have several of these.. awesome slim silhouette, very comfortable)Price: ~430 - $475 depending on the storeOnline: gimmeshoes.com, amrag.com, barneys.com (good luck finding the right color/size combo though)Paul Smith Glenn (never seen these in person but they look nice and slim, and the curving zipper is cool. I'm gonna...
Lionheart, nice job.. really like the color and fit on your custom there. How much did it cost and what's the leather quality like? On an unrelated note, this funnel neck Paul Smith jacket seemed kind of interesting:
Those look great. What size? I'll buy 'em if you don't .
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