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The classic "Elf" model from Fiorentini + Baker. Great slim silhouette in a nice light beige suede (which is no longer available at retail afaik). Good for contrasting with dark denim. This pair is from a few years back when the midsole had a thicker rubber layer - no need to vibram these guys, the sole will last forever. They've sat in my closet for a long time since they're quite snug on me and I like to wear my boots with an insole. Speaking of sizing, the outsole...
Nice light jacket for spring. Style is a classic moto cut with some nice details - exposed double stitching on seams, snaps on the placket in addition to a zipper, and elbow dart seams. Color is light grey. The snaps are really nice and add some cool detail when the jacket is worn open - the exposed side of the snap is basically a solid metal cylinder, as you can see in the photos. I don't think I've ever seen snaps like these before actually. Leather is similar to...
Any measurements? Composition? (wool / cotton / etc.)
Check (or post in) the streetwear shoes & boots thread.. there are probably quite a few that'd work.
Anyone ever owned / tried any boots from the Japanese brand wjk? These ones are on "sale" (50% off) for ~$460 at a japanese e-tailer (zozotown). Even the sale price seems kind of ridiculous, but maybe they use some fancy Guidi leather or something..
Great thread +1. Here's a couple I posted on the leather jacket thread, they're product shots but the old dude they used is cool:
My advice would be to find a better boot to buy; I had a JV Star USA chukka once and it was pretty poorly made. Stick with their mainline stuff made in Italy, or try another brand IMO.
Lumen et Umbra 'ecological wool' sweater: "By applying a gray stain from the back of the fabric, woven fabric to a table of random We issued a village-like atmosphere of exquisite border also mistaken, Work has been finished in time and ideas were packed. Arm is narrowed somewhat, familiar to body patterning in the stress-free You can feel the warmth of knit-specific tenderness."
Like I said above, the only thing that didn't quite work was the toe - it's the slightly narrower Paul Smith trademark style. Which is cool if that's the look you're going for, and I can pull it off with some slim jeans, but I'm kind of looking for a general-purpose boot I could wear with somewhat looser jeans too. If you're a US11 then I would say a UK10 would be perfect for you. At most half a size larger, but you can always put in an insole and get some added comfort...
Pretty much.. I wear a 9.5 normally, and like to buy size 10 in boots so I can add an insole for extra comfort. The size UK 9 / US 10 in the Glenn had a bit of extra room for my 9.5 foot and fit me perfectly with an insole.
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