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Diggin this jun hashimoto jacket, wish there were more quality jackets in lighter browns/tans:
I think you'd also need some kind of sealant on a regular leather boot to avoid the salt stains. When I was in NYC I had an old beater pair of leather shoes that salt-stained in the slush and the stains never came out. Although they're not the most flattering boot, I switched to wearing some Timberland Chelsea boots on the super slushy days since they're waterproof up to 3" or so (where the gore starts) and whatever waterproofing they do on the leather also protects...
I used to be into the hoodie-under-blazer look, but now I think I'm realizing it might be kinda goofy. I think it was mainly because I felt a bit too dressed up with just the blazer, so the hoodie helped dress it down a bit. I still kind of like the contrast you can get from a hoodie/blazer combo though. Here's a cashmere one I wore on rare occasions with a grey blazer I'll probably get some choice words on that fit, but hey it's all part of the learning process.. I...
Sorry, that wasn't me. BTW, here's a quote from RFX45 who bought the collared moto: "Collar is kind of weird though, it doesn't start where the zipper ends, there is a piece of leather that elevates it which gives it a bigger than usual look." Not trying to be uber-critical here, these are awesome quality jackets at an amazing price - like I said I'm on the verge of ordering one - just wondering why the design is the way it is cause some people find it a bit odd, not...
Why all the hate? Just just wondering why the collar is so high. Obviously there's a reason..
I guess, but in that case the extra leather just makes the collar really wide like in that shot.
I'm almost sold on a TOJ collared moto, and the only thing holding me back is, ironically, the collar. Why is it so high off the top edge of the jacket? Seems like it would look better if it was sitting flat. To get an idea of what that would look like, I did a super quick Photoshop mockup showing a flatter collar: I dunno, looks better to me, but I'm guessing there's some reason for the way it's designed. Does TOJ do custom collars?
Picked up this Rag & Bone cardigan on sale at Bergdorf Goodman. I'm liking the slim cuts lately.. but is this too slim perhaps?
I think they were $475 retail and came out to ~$330 after the various discounts, plus ~$45 on a gift card. But that sale required you buy two pairs of shoes to get all the discounts, so you can't evaluate it totally on its own.
Here's the heritage Mercer:Does look a bit dark - usually product shots are a lot lighter than the item looks in person unless you're out in bright sunlight.Here's one from MOMA that looks kind of interesting.. almost a medium brown, and pretty clean, slim design. Not sure where to buy 'em though.. the few e-tailers I've seen that carry MOMA only seem to have a few of their older models.
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