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Thanks eck. Any thoughts on dyeing to gray? Been trying to find some quality boots in a medium gray for a long time.
Anyone know how feasible dyeing a pair of boots is? These white Augusta's are on sale.. thinking maybe if they could be dyed grey or black it might be worth it:
I went by H Lorenzo today and tried on some Guidi back-zips (both reverse, one shaggy, one not). Leather felt great, and definitely like they would mold to your feet quite nicely. Gotta say I wasn't a big fan of the shape though.. from the top they are kind of like one long slab.. not much contour. Sizing was very small, as everyone says. I usually wear a size 9.5 and even size 44 was quite snug, 45 felt good. Ohya, reverse is indeed full-grain on the inside . No...
Yeah they seem to lose a lot of the edgy Guidi style in those colors/leathers. Here are some fit pics on the lighter one.. could almost be a pair of Clark's or something in the first shot
That saddleback page is great, lots of good info. I found this diagram particularly interesting:
Excuse my ignorance I guess.. I thought suede was the flesh side of the leather. ( "Generally, suede is created from either the inner split or the flesh split of a piece of leather."). Freedictionary: suede [swe…™d] n (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Tanning) a. a leather finished with a fine velvet-like nap, usually on the flesh side of the skin or hide, produced by abrasive action Guess it can be the flesh side, but not...
Also, some in dark brown:
Some Guidi's from Rakuten in reverse stag.. never seen this color before. Not bad if you don't mind paying $2k plus shipping from Japan.. BTW.. what's with all these high end brands calling suede "reverse"? Guess they figure it sounds cooler than suede..
Price drop! x2 Beautiful, quality boot from Officine Creative Italia. The suede on these is very soft and they left some nap on it for a bit of that rough Guidi style. The inner leather on these is insanely soft.. super buttery - and they use suede on the heel liners to avoid heel slip and give 'em even more durability. These have a nice minimalist design and the silhouette is very slim so they go great with a slim-fit denim. They're also extremely comfortable.. the...
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