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That pic doesn't show much in the way of footwear. Any better ref?Here are my favorite side-zips with nice slim silhouettes:Fiorentini + Baker "Elf" (I have several of these.. awesome slim silhouette, very comfortable)Price: ~430 - $475 depending on the storeOnline: gimmeshoes.com, amrag.com, barneys.com (good luck finding the right color/size combo though)Paul Smith Glenn (never seen these in person but they look nice and slim, and the curving zipper is cool. I'm gonna...
Lionheart, nice job.. really like the color and fit on your custom there. How much did it cost and what's the leather quality like? On an unrelated note, this funnel neck Paul Smith jacket seemed kind of interesting:
Those look great. What size? I'll buy 'em if you don't .
Didn't check super thoroughly, they might have some.. definitely saw some Large, Medium, and I tried on a small. Probably best just to give 'em a call and ask.
Pretty sure they were all cotton, yeah. I actually own a V:Room hoodie from a few years back and it's much thicker than these ones.. mine has these really thick cotton threads on the inside woven together with a thinner thread on the outside. The new ones are similar but not as thick on the inside. Still nice hoodies, but $275 - 50% is a lot of money for a hoodie..They had several colors, dark grey, light grey, red (which is more like a light red given all the white /...
Dropped by this sale today and it seemed pretty good actually, with a flat 50% off everything in the men's store. I only checked out the Fred Segal 'Trend' store.. didn't have time to go by the higher end one. Didn't end up buying anything, but here's a few brands I saw:- Drkshdw black jeans, denim jackets, denim jacket w/ leather sleeves (L and XL)- Elizabeth & James shirts (mostly brightly colored, M, L)- V:Room hoodies (lots of these, different colors, plus some...
Was searching for some leather jackets and came across these back zip boots by Jun Hashimoto: Product description: "By now the CDIEM 作Ranaku boots Maurizio, decided to wear boots is no longer created by their own designer Hashimoto. BACK ZIP BOOTS fidelity was widely supported by CDIEM. Leather "Houin's" use of leather hose. Take every crowded shoe wax, it will grow harmful boots wear out suede surface. Here is the pinnacle of boots made in Japan."
Not really a fan of any of their stuff and anyone outside Europe will probably get raped on shipping but: 15% off studiohomme.com with code "Hello" at checkout. Additional 20% off for non-EU customers. Sent as a "thank you for signing up", so you may have to register first. *Only valid on 2011 Winter collections, from 09 Sept till 30 Sept. All categories except Outlet.
I dunno about Ksubi quality, but I saw some on sale at ASOS.com. They don't have the same boot as the one you linked, but maybe something to keep an eye on: http://www.asos.com/Men/A-To-Z-Of-Brands/Ksubi/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=9083&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1
Yeah it's a good point. Sometimes colors look good in pics or on a rack, but you try 'em on and they don't work at all.I have a tan suede jacket from Spurr that I think works decently, and it's kind of in the same ballpark, but not as rich/deep a brown. Here's a pic:
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