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20% off at Giglio.com with code BLACKFRIDAY. Not a great bargain but maybe stacks on sale items?
Yeah shoulders look a bit puffy, even on your arm that's not lifted. What was the quality of the leather like? Looks like a pretty thick hide. On a different note, anyone familiar with the japanese brand "nano-universe"? This jacket probably sucks cause it's only ~$500 retail, but I kinda like the color and cut:
Ohya, also for LA people, T Pettersson Haberdashery which is right next to H. Lorenzo is also having a sale. 50% off sweaters, leather jackets and 30% off blazers I think? More of a Men's Clothing style shop than SW&D, but some decent stuff. I picked up a sweater from a brand called Autumn Cashmere.
For those in L.A., just got back from H. Lorenzo which was having their yearly sale out back in the parking lot. Some pretty great discounts - most stuff at 50%, shoes/boots at 70% (although almost all of the footwear was super wacky stuff). Clothing-wise, again lots of crazy rockstar wear, but also some pretty good edgy-but-not-too-crazy stuff if you're a slim 48 or a 46 (also some 50's and 52's in the outerwear). Quite a few Japanese brands there: Comme des Garcons,...
I kinda like the minimal style of this jacket.. or maybe it's just the cool old dude they got to model it
That whisky calf looks amazing; ToJ still killin it with the quality leathers. BTW, does anyone have any pics of whisky in lamb? I searched the ToJ gallery but couldn't find any. Just wondering how it compares to the calf.
Definitely a fake - I bought the exact same jacket from a forum member here who claimed it was real but again the code didn't work and it had all the hallmarks of a fake, as seen in your photos. You can find these indicators online if you search for them: the text of the logo on the front of the jacket is too thick (bold) - the real lettering is thin; the comic on the inside has very saturated colors - the real one is pale and de-saturated. All that said, even a fake is...
Nice job! Sole edge looks great. And awesome pics. Cool to know that much improvement is possible through some simple at-home rehab.
More Glenn pics.. sorry if this is getting repetitive.. they just seem kinda different in every photo. These ones are in dark brown, which is not on the official PS site. From this site: http://www.coggles.com/item/Paul-Smith-Shoes/Glenn-Tmoro-Brown-Boots/8U03
My 2c on OC.. I bought a pair of OC suede brogue boots and the quality seems very high - as good or better than my F+B's. I've only worn them maybe a dozen times so far, but they are comfortable and seem quite durable. I find the lining on boots is often a good indicator of quality and these ones use a perforated leather lining (for breathability, I assume?) that's quite soft.
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