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Yeah it's really a shame.. I own a bunch of Viridi-Anne clothing in size 3 (2 shirts, a sweater, and a cardigan) and they all fit me really well, so I figured I'd be pretty good with a size 3 but this jacket is super snug on me. I can wear it, but basically only over a t-shirt and not zipped up. (I have a 37" chest BTW, basically a slim size 48). Maybe they made the size 4's to "western" sizing specs since they apparently only make size 4 and larger for foreign orders.
Shameless plug for an awesome jacket that I wish fit me:
Classic Single Zip Horse Hide Jacket in soft vegetable tanned horse leather. Double-zip, two zip pockets and zipped cuffs. Sleeves are lined with a 55% cupro / cotton blend for easy movement. From The Viridi-anne 2015-16 Autumn Winter Collection. New with tags. The leather on this jacket is incredible. Very thick and substantial horse leather that keeps its shape and molds to your body but is also very soft. As noted in the original Japanese description: "The leather...
k, that was quick, I think these Carpe's are a bit too slim for me.. I've been working out more so my skinny jeans don't fit too well and the super slim silhouette of the Carpe's doesn't work as well with my less fitted jeans. Hit me up if you're interested. Sorry for the markup from ebay.. pricing these around what Carpe's usually sell for since I usually lose money on all my re-sales normally anyways
Great condition on these original Carpe Diem side-zips. Reverse leather with a nice uneven grey/blue dye. Unlined upper (smooth on the inside since it's reverse). Lower is lined with a soft and durable white leather. Very slim silhouette, best worn with slim jeans / pants. Selling these because my wardrobe doesn't pair as well with the slim cut of these boots as I thought it would. 12" length, 4.5" width. Fits a US 9 - 9.5 with the classic Carpe low instep. I'm a...
Can you post a pic in daylight without any instagram filters applied? Impossible to tell the color from these photos
Yeah seller was also here in LA. And yeah I have been looking for some grey leather boots for a long time. These are pretty great, although I think I'll still be on the lookout since I can't really wear these every day. They're an awesome but very distinct style with that slim silhouette. Wore 'em yesterday and today though and zero fit issues.. very snug and slim-fitting but comfortable. Thanks again for posting the deal!
These Carpe's from eBay arrived, and they're awesome. Big thanks @twdawson! 43 fits like a US9.5 IMO.. and yeah that instep sure is snug! But they're still quite comfortable (no room for an insole though). And man that leather is awesome.. reverse (very smooth on the inside), unlined, nice mottled grey color. They have such a slim silhouette I found they worked best with a pretty slim jean (currently pulling some old Dior's out of retirement). Definitely a keeper..
Bought, thanks! Hope these don't fit as big as the WJK versions in 43.. I had to size down to 42 on those.
Shameless self-promotion for an awesome Guidi leather jacket from Collateral Concepts:
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