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Thanks for the explanation! Makes a lot more sense now. And I'm totally with you on the bulbous upturned toeboxes.. I can appreciate the aesthetic but it's not for me. Maybe I'll finally find some of the older A1923's that fit me and I can afford. Right now I'm surviving on a pair of WJK's that I quite like the quality and silhouette of:
Might not be kosher depending on who sees it (my post in the leather jackets thread with a pic of a jacket I was selling just got deleted), but glad you posted it.. the color on those is just awesome. Anyone know if Layer 0 makes a slim-silhouette boot in this leather? I still haven't made the leap to the bigger upturned toebox..
Rare grey minimalist double rider from Theory in a super soft grey matte calfskin. This color was only available in Japan (purchased at Isetan in Tokyo). Cropped cut with lapels that sit flat (hard to find in a calfskin double rider). Lots of nice details like a double main zip with nice zipper pulls, underarm vents, smooth lining for easy on/off, zipped cuffs. Looks great unzipped, half-zipped, or fully zipped. Shoulders: 17.25" P2P: 21" Sleeve length: 25.5" Length from...
Yeah I agree the washes really hurt it, but heck even just a coated denim? A coating shouldn't do much to hurt the integrity. Heck I have a pair of black-coated Pure Blue Japan's that still look brand new after wearing them every other day for months.
In the last couple years I've been getting more into RO denim since I like the fit (Berlin cut, the others are too skinny for me) and some of the washes/treatments are pretty interesting. However I have to say the quality of the denim itself is just atrocious. Here's one example.. these are a coated black denim that started fraying almost right away. First the thin plasticky pocket bags tore out where they attach to the top of the pockets, then the coin pocket tore,...
Yeah I was surprised when I measured it at 20" in the chest.. it feels like less I think because the arms/armholes are cut slim. Or maybe I've been working out . I just measured myself with a shirt and sweater on and I got 39". So pretty snug. I do think Viridi-Anne sizing is usually 48 for a size 3, 50 for a size 4 though. Anyhow, show us some pics of your black version.. it's an awesome jacket. I'm surprised you like last year's leather, I found this one to be...
Yeah it's really a shame.. I own a bunch of Viridi-Anne clothing in size 3 (2 shirts, a sweater, and a cardigan) and they all fit me really well, so I figured I'd be pretty good with a size 3 but this jacket is super snug on me. I can wear it, but basically only over a t-shirt and not zipped up. (I have a 37" chest BTW, basically a slim size 48). Maybe they made the size 4's to "western" sizing specs since they apparently only make size 4 and larger for foreign orders.
Shameless plug for an awesome jacket that I wish fit me:
Classic Single Zip Horse Hide Jacket in soft vegetable tanned horse leather. Double-zip, two zip pockets and zipped cuffs. Sleeves are lined with a 55% cupro / cotton blend for easy movement. From The Viridi-anne 2015-16 Autumn Winter Collection. New with tags. The leather on this jacket is incredible. Very thick and substantial horse leather that keeps its shape and molds to your body but is also very soft. As noted in the original Japanese description: "The leather...
k, that was quick, I think these Carpe's are a bit too slim for me.. I've been working out more so my skinny jeans don't fit too well and the super slim silhouette of the Carpe's doesn't work as well with my less fitted jeans. Hit me up if you're interested. Sorry for the markup from ebay.. pricing these around what Carpe's usually sell for since I usually lose money on all my re-sales normally anyways
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