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I wanna live in NN's world, where you can own a garden in Japan, go scuba diving for fun, and buy new baller boots and clothes every week. Didn't you also say you were looking for work? Cut us in on some of those lottery winnings dude. You and Eck and Eton should start a "Official ballers only thread - 500k USD min yearly earnings or comparable trust fund"
Looks great NN
I think I started that discussion but it was mainly just from looking at the new ones compared to some old pics I had (which coincidentally look just like those in that listing ). From everyone who has actually owned the various dual-zips, like yourself, it seems like the new ones are much more comfortable. Just wish they could get that comfort with a slimmer toebox . Might require much softer leather though, so you wouldn't get those nice thick folds.
Awesome hoodie from the high end line of Japanese label Attachment. Fabric is amazing, blend of wool, cashmere and cotton, it's super soft and VERY warm. You could easily wear this over just a t-shirt on a chilly autumn day. Color is solid black. Bought this from Japan but it's a bit too small for me.. I'm a true 48 and I should have stuck with my usual size 3 in Attachment. This would fit a 46 perfectly. Nice slim cut with raw hems for a more edgy vibe than your...
Thanks for the info Psydle.. guess in this case the aesthetics don't outweigh the comfort / fit. What season are your culatta's from? The toebox on those looks a fair bit slimmer than the current ones still.Sinndk: Mainly it's the height of the toebox - the new ones are a fair bit taller. But as psydle points out that may be for a good reason..
Is it just me or have the A1923 toeboxes been getting bigger in the last couple years? I kind of preferred the slimmer versions..
Eton that scarstich looks amazing on you. Makes me want one. Mind if I ask how much they run now? Curious about this talk of more "reasonable" CCP pricing
Thanks for the info psydle! Guess it's maybe the photos that make the toebox on the side-zip look slimmer to my eye. It's interesting how much variation that smog colorway has to it.. I like the amount of dark grey / yellow in the Darklands version, which seems to be missing a lot from the pnp dual-zip. Also the sole-edge is a different color.. guess they left out the yellow dye on the dual-zips.
I think the dual-zips are a bit too tall for me. Also the toe box looks slimmer on the side-zips.
I tried to buy these A1923 side-zips in "smog" from Darklands but they were sold out in my size (43). Anyone know anyone else who might be carrying them?
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