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Looks like Guidi is doing a linen-over-leather boot (link):
Here's the top-down of those ST3's at Gullam. Doesn't look pointy to me..
Love the leather / treatment on these A1923's at Gullam.. anyone know where I might find them for a better price? Gullam sells 'em for ~US$2300 after shipping, ouch.
Well I told myself no more leather jackets but who can resist a 5-zip for a good price? Forum member @cyc wid it gave me a great deal on this one in burnished grey calfskin, which I'm really enjoying so far. Nice break from the usual black leather. I usually wear a 48 and this is a 50 but I think it fits pretty well. I could probably wear a 48 no problem but I like being able to layer a sweater in winter. Sorry for the crappy bathroom pics.. I broke my real camera on...
Yeah I'll try to post some fit pics when I get it back from the tailor.. just like NN I had to get the sleeves shortened. And I'm 6 feet tall with normal length arms! RO just loves those super-long sleeves. I'd like to see your 2015 heavy calf stooges too.. that looked like a really nice leather.
Beautiful! Love the creasing and how it's molded to your body now. Definitely looks like "your" jacket. Congrats. Also really like how they do the sleeve panels.. kind of raglan style but with higher seams.
Great history NN! I love how you started with RO .. no messing around. Cool to see you dialing in your style. I agree with LA Guy that scarstitch looked awesome BTW. I need to check out some closeups of that Layer 0 you love, it must be pretty awesome.
Heartily agree with this post. Buying stuff is a fundamental part of finding your style, even when it doesn't work out. I've owned a lot of leather jackets. Too many really. But all have helped me figure out my style more than seeing some great fit pics or reading about various brands.Obviously buying stuff you don't keep has a cost, but instead of looking at it purely as a loss I look at it as money invested in figuring out what style I'm really after. Losing money...
WJK quality is excellent. The pair I have are an thick oiled suede lined with a very soft white leather. Super clean construction, thick sole, quality zipper. Uppers are very taut and keep their form well. I've only had one pair of Carpe's that were unlined so I can't compare the quality too much.. the Carpe's had nicer leather (varied dye pattern, reverse not suede).The only bad thing I have to say about WJK is that they fit quite large.. I'm a 9.5-10 and I bought a...
Thanks for the explanation! Makes a lot more sense now. And I'm totally with you on the bulbous upturned toeboxes.. I can appreciate the aesthetic but it's not for me. Maybe I'll finally find some of the older A1923's that fit me and I can afford. Right now I'm surviving on a pair of WJK's that I quite like the quality and silhouette of:
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