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I'm 6' 155lbs and normally wear a 48 but I went with the size 50 because of the thicker leather. I have another Stooges in a thick grey calf which is also a 50 and fits well. In the thinner leathers I'd recommend taking your normal size. I have a blistered lambskin Stooges in 48 and it also fits me very well. Selling that one though, just too many leather jackets, as usual..
Awesome leather on this version of the classic RO Stooges - the blistered lamb has a unique varied texture with a super soft handfeel. I'm 6' 155lbs and this fits me perfectly. I just have too many leather jackets currently. Condition: worn 4 times Fit: EU 46, to EU 48 (labeled 48) Material: blistered lamb leather, cotton lining shoulder to shoulder (across): 40.6cm pit to pit: 50cm sleves: 71cm colar to bottom: 66cm $760 shipped in CONUS. International shipping...
I just got the above Stooges from Spence today and sinnedk was right, it's from FW14 Moody. Pretty nice leather.. matte finish, very thick. Doesn't look quite as grainy as in the photos online, but some panels have a fair bit of grain. Sleeves are still super long but when the cuffs are zipped they stack at the elbow / wrist fairly well so I hopefully won't have to get them shortened like my last Stooges (ironically also a FW14 but in grey matte calf).
Pretty good deal on this KKA leather on Yoox right now, considering free returns / exchanges:
Is RO finally making the sleeves on the Stooges a more human length? The sleeves on this one (from Antonioli) look positively normal. Although maybe they just hired a super lanky model? I had to get the sleeves on my grey heavy calf stooges shortened and I'm 6 feet tall. The leather was so thick it bent the needle on the tailor's machine.
Looks like Guidi is doing a linen-over-leather boot (link):
Here's the top-down of those ST3's at Gullam. Doesn't look pointy to me..
Love the leather / treatment on these A1923's at Gullam.. anyone know where I might find them for a better price? Gullam sells 'em for ~US$2300 after shipping, ouch.
Well I told myself no more leather jackets but who can resist a 5-zip for a good price? Forum member @cyc wid it gave me a great deal on this one in burnished grey calfskin, which I'm really enjoying so far. Nice break from the usual black leather. I usually wear a 48 and this is a 50 but I think it fits pretty well. I could probably wear a 48 no problem but I like being able to layer a sweater in winter. Sorry for the crappy bathroom pics.. I broke my real camera on...
Yeah I'll try to post some fit pics when I get it back from the tailor.. just like NN I had to get the sleeves shortened. And I'm 6 feet tall with normal length arms! RO just loves those super-long sleeves. I'd like to see your 2015 heavy calf stooges too.. that looked like a really nice leather.
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