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“Some of the tweets I’ve gotten back are, ‘Why are you going to Papa John’s when you live in New York City?’” she said. is what i'd like to know too
take solace knowing that you were the measuring stick, the gold standard :P
man of lint is our winner. your price is knowing you were more successful than spoo
you gave my thread credibility when you decided to participateyou might be right about the purple/black being cheapest retail. while i did buy another tie at full price for cheaper than the purple/black i bought it at a discount store. i'll give you that one. right on the grenadine and wool. wrong on rest. i bought the polyester ones at heathrow from tie bar and didn't realize they were not silk until i was on the other side of the atlantic. they being 5 pounds each after...
you as well. i live in a basement with no windows. it lacks natural lightmaybe by next christmas i would have had occasions to wear them all. my point was only that all things considered, a 7-fold takes up more tupperware space
that sounds like far too much effort
trust me, approval was not what i was seeking from sf
there's one or two made in a sweatshop in italy
i had some free time today so i took this picture of my sf-inspired tie collection. anybody wanna play spot the 7-fold? spot the lined-6-fold would be more accurate. bonus rounds include: -spot the grenadine -spot the polyester (there are two) -spot the cheapest retail price -spot the 100% wool (must be easy) maybe i'll think of an adequate price happy holidays
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