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Thank you for organizing. Jumped on this order as well!
Has the mahogany shell been confirmed? Release date?
Items are shipped from Canada All prices in USD. No returns. Paypal Only. Please add 4% for PP fees. More pictures or measurements can be provided upon request. Please PM me if you're interested. Open to offers Patrik Ervell Pocket Sweater Size M Brand New With Tag Teal Colour 100% Baby Alpaca Wool Made in Peru No stains/rips/holes Message for more detail
i'm fine with the 3 eyelet as well. Just didnt want to stray too far from the original GMTO idea out of respect.
I can contact Skoaktiebolaget and get a different GMTO if there is enough interest. I'm thinking of the 5 eyelet polo suede chukka with dainite sole. So far I think there's been a few interested. 1) myself 2)Genludd 3)seven7 4)Fred G. Unn So we just need 2 more.
@LTDL Are you able to organize another GMTO for the chukka with dainite sole? If possible, with the darker suede as well? Cheers
I'd be interested in the snuff suede chukkas as well, but with dainite/rubber soles. Thank you
what? I've paid and I know it says sand ripple sole, but I thought there was going to be a vote amongst people who bought it.I just wanted to confirm the sole on this product.
Did we confirm what the sole was for the bison? Sand ripple sole or mini ripples?
Just curious, any of you Canadian folks who took part in the first GMTO; Did any of you get hit by customs when the shoes were shipped out? I remember browsing through the previous thread, but don't quite remember if there was any issue with this. Thanks in advance for the advice!
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