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Excellent! So after the deadline - we can send in our 12 to Lauren and get the process started?! TBH, we should just cut the deadline shorter, why waste the time of people who have spoken?
Good news! My friend is IN!
Regarding the Whisky Harlech, I may have a friend who's interested as well - he's not on SF though. I can confirm with him this week so that could potentially add 1 more. Maybe we should look into messaging those people who haven't confirmed yet.
Try private messaging him on SF?
I don't mind getting into contact with Lauren if our original sponsor has decided to drop out - that is if we're able to find a new 12th member.
How do we get this GTMO going? Worried we're going to run out of whisky cordovan?
I added myself to the whiskey Harlech GMTO: Sole: Dainite (Brown version) Eyelets: Exposed - Speed Hooks - Brass Stitching Color: Tonal/Color Matched Welt: 360 Storm Edge Color: Natural Tan (Antique) Pricing EU Customers (VAT) - £750 USA Customers - £624.95 *Shipping to USA - £30 **Shipping will vary to other parts of the world. 1. @MrVenneri
I would be! Especially if the Dundee falls through for me.
I would prefer medallion. If I need to be kicked out of the GTMO. That's fine by me. I'm also interested in the navy shell cottesmore boot with dainite so I can always put my money there. Thanks
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