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If a Napoli jacket was too roomy, you'll have better luck with a Lazio suit. I think the Havana is a bit too casual to be a very versatile suit. The suit MrTopCat posted is absolutely gorgeous, the color is perfect for an all-round suit and it has a very soft touch (in contrary to those traveller suits....).
The fabric (and construction) is slightly more lightweight than regular Napoli suits, but I definitely wouldn't call it a summer suit. It does wear quite comfortable.The fabric is pretty decent, but I personally think it doesn't drape that well. But maybe I just don't really like traveller suits in general.
Definitely don't shorten the sleeves. Those linen sleeves will wrinkle quite a bit, and the sleeve will end up just fine.
People with bigger thighs might find them too slim, but they in no way are "boarder line skinny" as some suggest. Men without athletic builds will need the thighs to be tapered if they want it slim. Try it for yourself, generally their suit pants wont be too tight. The Lazio has slightly slimmer pants than the Napoli (I would say about an inch in total in the thigh).
Most basic solid suits at the outlets are Sevilla's. It's a discontinued model that is fused. The trousers also fits quite big. I believe they are priced at 249 euros there.
Sevilla has been removed from their webstore, looks like they are phasing them out (they had horrible fitting trousers anyway). The outlet was full of them. Makes sense they use Napoli as the only fused option now.
That's incorrect, blue line always has been fused. Their cheaper MTM ("blueline") option also is fused I think.
I'm pretty sure blue line means it's fused. I have no idea what "natural canvas" is supposed to mean.
No problem. They are great bang for the buck suits. A part of the misconception (which I forgot to mention) is that many (what we now call) La Spalla suits are still hanging in stores as (old) Jort suits, even with a hanger saying "Jort". Doesn't make it much easier!
...that's exactly what I said. It's a complete separate collection including multiple other items. Prices are identical in Europe (€699, except for the 3-piece, obviously), and the cloths used are very comparable. Actually, La Spalla is made of S150s cloth, and the new Jort suits are S140.They feel very similar on the body. Similar wool, same shoulders, save (full-) canvassing, same higher waistband.
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