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About 2-3cm in the side seams.
The Suit-up personal tailoring service is a MTM program. They work from their MTM fit, not a RTW fit.The La Spalla is the same in terms of fit, yes.
The overcoat is great, but the Havana has polyamide woven into it.
This coat will be a great buy, the fabric feels very nice and soft!It's something like 8-12% polyamide...
I came across this $2310 USD Isaia jacket on MrPorter and it looked extremely familiar to something SuitSupply is selling for $499 . So I looked for the composition of the SuSu jacket (60% silk, 36% wool, 4% cashmere), and it is identical to the Isaia jacket. Of course, I'm sure the Isaia jacket has much more hand made details and it's made in Italy... but the cloth appear to be exactly the same.
The cashmere jacket you linked to is relatively heavy/thick for a cashmere jacket. It has a very soft feel, but it does look like a fall/winter jacket in real life.The wool jacket is a very basic year-round jacket. It has a rougher touch. The wool/cotton jacket you've seen actually is a great jacket and feels more premium than the wool jacket, a bit thicker and softer (but also slightly more winter-ish). If you're looking for a basic navy blazer the C847 will be perfect.
The Washington isn't just very slim, but it's length makes it stand out from the other fits. It's pretty much like a "semi long size". It's in the length of the jacket, sleeves as well as the height of the rise.
The bags feel really cheap. Same with the shoes (to be fair, I haven't tried the premium line yet), they crease very badly.Last season's chinos were really, really bad. They seem to have improved quite a bit this season. I do really like their flannel trousers.The shirts are very hit-or-miss (might explain the mixed opinions). The cheapest shirts all aren't worth the money. Some of the more expensive ones actually are quite nice (mainly some Thomas Mason and Albiate...
I think SuitSupply in general isn't very consistent in quality across all their different products. Some products are beautifully made with great fabrics and some are pretty terrible for the money (don't trust them with anything that incorporates leather).
I do remember reading that. The knits MrTopCat and I are referring to are quite different from their staple v-necks and cardigans, they definitely feel a step up. My experience with their basic staple knits (cotton and cotton/cashmere) aren't as bad as I remember reading about it here, but I do prefer my BB merino wool cardigans.
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