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Sevilla has been removed from their webstore, looks like they are phasing them out (they had horrible fitting trousers anyway). The outlet was full of them. Makes sense they use Napoli as the only fused option now.
That's incorrect, blue line always has been fused. Their cheaper MTM ("blueline") option also is fused I think.
I'm pretty sure blue line means it's fused. I have no idea what "natural canvas" is supposed to mean.
No problem. They are great bang for the buck suits. A part of the misconception (which I forgot to mention) is that many (what we now call) La Spalla suits are still hanging in stores as (old) Jort suits, even with a hanger saying "Jort". Doesn't make it much easier!
...that's exactly what I said. It's a complete separate collection including multiple other items. Prices are identical in Europe (€699, except for the 3-piece, obviously), and the cloths used are very comparable. Actually, La Spalla is made of S150s cloth, and the new Jort suits are S140.They feel very similar on the body. Similar wool, same shoulders, save (full-) canvassing, same higher waistband.
There seems to be quite a bit of misconceptions about the Jort/La Spalla on here. What the model La Spalla is called now used to be called "Jort". The "old" Jort has been renamed to La Spalla, so what is called Jort now could be introduced as a complete separate collection (including shirts, outerwear, trousers etc.)The NEW Jort (line) suits and the La Spalla are similar in the quality of wool and fit (afaik), but the features are slightly different. New Jort has patch...
While the two you mentioned are slim, the Casablanca is indeed even slimmer. On top of that, they are often also made with fabrics that are less giving than wool, so sizing up probably is needed.
Washington is the slimmest fit, and the Lazio isn't far off.
Practically impossible to do. The London is the most roomy fit, and the Washington the slimmest. Aside from taking an enormous amount from the waist, the Washington is smaller on the shoulders.Also, the London fit has a lower button stance, which makes a big difference in how it looks and feels.
Very similar, the London might be a tiny bit more roomy. The main difference is the slightly lower button stance (not even an inch) and the more heavily padded shoulders on the London.
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