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Yes, I'm sure. I got a black one also and the collar is the same as the slate.
Inconsistency between the white and slate U neck. The collar on the slate is slightly thinner and hangs deeper than the white. I'm 6 ft, 170, 32" true waist.
I got an Medium Oxford. I'm 6' 165lbs 39-40 inch chest and a true 31 inch waist. The shirt fits perfectly until the hip flare. I flares out pretty significantly in my opinion. I'm gonna have to return it.
Just wanted to say the new fit of the medium v-neck t-shirts are perfect. I'm 6 feet, 165 lbs, 31/32ish waist. I matched a new one up to a medium Peach V that's been washed and dried regularly, and the new one is about 1.5 inches longer. So after shrinkage it should come out to a little under an inch longer. The sleeve openings seem ever so slightly smaller, which I like. It's also been tapered a good 2 or 3 inches. Love it. Any word on a date for the Fall color V necks?
Does this mean the fall colors are coming on in v-neck at some point?
6 small meals a day. 2 huge meals a day w/ 1 right before bed. DOES NOT MATTER. Know your daily calorie maintenance. That's the only thing that matters.
Find out your calorie maintenance here: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm You'll need to eat between 300-500 calories above this every day in order to gain muscle. You'll probably gain a little fat but this can be cut once the muscle is there. Lean protein, unsaturated fats, and complex carbohydrates are what you need to be eating. You need whey protein, multivitamin, fish oil, and I highly recommend creatine. Optimum Nutrition sells all of...
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