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A Joint Muslim Statement: On the Carnage in Orlando
As we've seen in this thread, it won't matter to some. Whatever details might emerge, it makes no difference; all that matters is that his parents are Muslims from Afghanistan. The killer's connection to ISIS or some other group could be telekinetic and it would suffice. As long as it makes, in some the way, the dream of a war with Islam and Muslims a reality. The irony is that this dream itself is religiously/ideologically motivated.
At 9:37, Christian Broadcasting Network news? As much as she tries to play the "I am one of them so I can't be a bigot" card, the Islamophobia comes to the surface.I watched the video until the bit about CAIR (the attempt to link it to terrorism is laughable); nothing she said relied on her "authority" as a "Sunni Muslim." It might as well all have come from CBN or another right wing Islamophobic source. A quick read through her Wikipedia page reveals who she is...
Swedes are a tyrannized people. When a well-meaning, peace-loving public servant speaks up, with empirically proved factual fact truths, to warn them, political correctness swoops down upon him. Thanks to websites like those linked above for defying political correctness and fighting to save Europe from the Muslim plague!
I'm looking for Levi's 1947 Rigid or RRL Vintage Straight Selvedge Rigid in either 33 or 34 waist. Let me know. Thanks
And it would mess up the pattern matching.
RL Rugby (button down) Medium Color: browns and a bit of green and maroon $70 shipped RL Polo Medium Color: browns and navy, green, maroon $70 shipped Both in excellent condition.
No, ISIS doesn't come near Israel. By the way, what's "akhi"?
Haven't seen the film - who would the apartheid state that massacres women and children (Israel) be?
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