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I'm looking for Levi's 1947 Rigid or RRL Vintage Straight Selvedge Rigid in either 33 or 34 waist. Let me know. Thanks
And it would mess up the pattern matching.
RL Rugby (button down) Medium Color: browns and a bit of green and maroon $70 shipped RL Polo Medium Color: browns and navy, green, maroon $70 shipped Both in excellent condition.
Price drop: $275
Anyone heard of Yates fabric?
Their website (http://www.englishbespoketailors.com) says a suit could run up to $3500. No one has heard anything about them?
Anyone heard of these guys? I couldn't find anything by searching the forum. They are currently in the US.
Price drop: $320
Where's that pic of the brown db ...
Nice. Waist and thighs seem a bit tight. And a different shirt collar, perhaps.
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