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Gotta revive this thread. Any feedback on these people? Kind of an odd website name. How do they compare to the likes of Hancock & Moore?
Thanks for the response. Yeah, I'm renting. I've agreed to pay for some things.So nothing in a glossier finish?The walls have to be painted; they're a "cappuccino" color now.
One more thing: What's an inexpensive style of carpet (wood is not an option) that would work with mcm furniture?
Didn't want to start a new thread for this. We're moving into a condo next week. The owner has asked me to help him find painters, and since I want the popcorn ceilings to be removed from the two bedrooms, he wants me to pay part of the cost. How much does this kind of work cost? The glossy paint on the doors and stairs has thicker areas (clots?) that seem to have been painted over several times. How can these be removed? What should I tell or expect from the...
Is anyone familiar with Thrive furniture? What do you think about the Taylor leather sofa in black? http://www.thrivefurniture.com/taylor-leather-sofa/
A Joint Muslim Statement: On the Carnage in Orlando
As we've seen in this thread, it won't matter to some. Whatever details might emerge, it makes no difference; all that matters is that his parents are Muslims from Afghanistan. The killer's connection to ISIS or some other group could be telekinetic and it would suffice. As long as it makes, in some the way, the dream of a war with Islam and Muslims a reality. The irony is that this dream itself is religiously/ideologically motivated.
New Posts  All Forums: