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Names and terms are appropriated all the time. Sometimes eloquently and sometimes not. Byron wanted readers to pronounce Don Juan as "Ju-Wan." And then there is the Jay-Queez in Shakespeare.
F your Herman Miller table?
That's the episode above.I guess Bourdain is done with the whole "badass chef" thing.
Hotel Okura in Tokyo:
Bangin', SG.
Getting angry over things like that is strange. I already bought them. I thought someone might here might have the chair and could compare it with mine. The lady got them from a friend who gave her a truck full of furniture from a Sony office.
Can anyone help me out on the Saarinen chairs? Do they look to be authentic? The color obviously isn't ideal, but at that price for the chairs, reupholstering them is an option.
Anyone have this Saarinen executive chair? Some lady was selling four of these in like new condition. Can I be sure they are authentic?
Thanks. I need to go check it out. What exactly did you like about it?Others familiar with this chair?
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