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^^^ ahh you'd be surprised, pretty sure much worse outcomes have come out of much less, between people you'd least expect. This is just shits and giggles. anyway, enough talking. Here's a pic -
naw man i'm not disputing anything you said, you and Whodini and whacked are all correct in your posts. it isn't an elaborate joke...even I didn't see the punchline coming until quite late in the story.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini But seriously, did you forget to take your medication? Again? What, you didn't think I'd know how to hit a nerve with you? Funny, with all this talk about lab rats and experiments you sure come out of the woodwork when the bell is rung. I guess I actually did learn a thing or two studying Psychology as an undergrad. FWIW my medical ethics and sense of professionalism have little to do with the internet. The...
I think the interesting thing about the "Fade to Black" persona though (not speaking in third person, after all, my name isn't actually Fade to Black) is what some of you guys're right, FTB is pathetic in how he takes a certain viewpoint, "his" viewpoint supposedly, so seriously that he completely loses sight of the contradictions and flaws within his own statements. Instead of blending in, he ploughs deeper and deeper into a series of mishaps. In the...
Eason I prefer your slimmed down look to the incredible hulk, blasted sandwashed jeans days. btw you actually a fan of eason chan's music, or just put him as your avi as a joke? I think the guy is probably the best cantopop singer of my generation, or since Leslie Cheung even. He consistently gets the best written songs, although a lot of them begin to sound so similar in topic and mood one wonders if they're autobiographical.
yeap that looks like one helluva morning, I wish i was that energized in the AM. man I think "Fade to Black" has gone down in Internet Fashion Forum history as one of the most absurdly hilarious, pathetic, profound yet ultimately tragicomic portraits ever...i'm debating writing a screenplay on this.
Glad to hear I made your morning, at least I got one thing right today.
Quote: Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade fade to black needs to shut up. every 6 months he has a mental breakdown on some fashion forum. ITS THE INTERNET DUDE. :/ ay man, it ain't fashion if no one puts the 'drama' in the word 'fashion' as far as the internet goes, i've probably done a decent job of making Naomi Campbell look like Jack Welch..
yeah wasn't lurking for the past (one, not three whacked) month btw...had LA Guy put me on time out because I was wastin too much time here and other forums instead of gettin work done. About to get the perma-banhammer (cue: applause, but not of the reverent kind), just kickin the shit on a Saturday night. i'm horrible with online discipline, the only forum I'm still on is SZ and that's because faust has turned down my request to get anyway it's...
freedom of speech and creative license - you are free (and even encouraged) to do exactly what I did. Try it, you might even like it.
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