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Quote: Originally Posted by iTylerStewart Watches were never gone? The watch community is huge. Read the article. Depends largely on the age demographic.
Due recent hype on army belt in Sales alert thread, found out more interesting stuff SF worthy French Foreign Legion German Army riding boots
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude Wow, width is quite deceiving. Doesn't look like 3cm As a reference my 1 3/8" (3.49cm)width belt.
wash more. In turn you'll get less contrast, increased durability.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek With all of the sales always going on, does it even make financial sense to recraft AEs? I thought they were considered more disposible rain day shoes. If you pick them up for a couple hundred, and the price of recrafting is almost like buying a new pair. I guess if they are a discontinued model or if they have sentimental value it would make sense. $99 for recraft. +$200 new pair(on sale, seconds, B&S...
All this talk reminds me of the £45000 suit on MC. Where all the noise were about the fabric, the tailoring itself has taken the backseat. However I'm still wondering how you reliably assess denim(fabric) quality. I've seen cases where APC + Dior owners claim APC's are higher quality...I can barely tell the quality differences between raw pairs of jeans(new). I noticed that fade characteristics are the most reliable and decisive indicator whether a pair gets worn or...
MWaC is sanforized meaning soaking is unnecessary. I love the buttons but hate to use them. Their unusual shape and size makes it very painful to button up, so yeah even that needs breaking in. Denim is very dense and thick, it feels warmer than my current LVC 1947 @14oz. For folks that are still wondering how to size these, I recommend TTS. It's impossible to size down on these, the waistband is reinforced. Few nitpicks could be; thigh is slightly too narrow (narrower...
Received my jeans today
I think this is more of a Hypebeast matter.
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