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From a wedding I attended last week:
I got the suit I ordered from Jason a few days before a wedding I was invited to two weeks ago - just in time for some required alterations, primarily the sleeve length and to shorten pants. The end result: A simple navy suit, just as a trial. I'll definitely order again.
I finally got my chinos today, after a long wait. YAY! I'm so tempted to get the brown guncheck, even if it's still the middle of summer here....
Good thing the british khaki was not available in my size anymore when I ordered last week. The golden khaki was worth the wait. Can't wait to get it and my other pair of trousers by next year!!! And I think I might order the moss twill too......
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism It seems pretty clear that your mom had the best-dressed date! Damn, you pull it all together quite convincingly! Now show me some more of those shoes. Thanks. I don't have any close-up pictures of the shoes though. Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer Stand up straight, young man. First of all, slouchy posture is hampering your otherwise solid look. Second, you're supposed to...
Cross-post from WAYWRN. The epaulet trousers and bowtie I got over a month ago, in action.
Quote: Originally Posted by someotherstyle Red ring of death? Quote: Originally Posted by EZETHATSME Sauron? My thoughts exactly, when I first saw it.
I was my mom's date to her company's Christmas dinner. It was a nice, warm, sunny day yesterday. Oh, and Oprah's in town. Hence the big red O in the Harbour Bridge last night. And some fireworks. Apparently she was near the Opera house last night for a private party or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer I remember that there was a sweater from J Crew which looks quite similar to this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee So pi**ed off with LookSmart tailoring.. I wont say which one, but im sure everyone can safely guess Uh-oh, I'm about to go there this afternoon. What happened?
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