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From a wedding I attended last week:
I got the suit I ordered from Jason a few days before a wedding I was invited to two weeks ago - just in time for some required alterations, primarily the sleeve length and to shorten pants. The end result: A simple navy suit, just as a trial. I'll definitely order again.
I finally got my chinos today, after a long wait. YAY! I'm so tempted to get the brown guncheck, even if it's still the middle of summer here....
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera He has claimed to have fathered the daughter of late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith after her death in February 2007. Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Clean WTF? I believe "after her death" was referring to the claiming, not the fathering.
Good thing the british khaki was not available in my size anymore when I ordered last week. The golden khaki was worth the wait. Can't wait to get it and my other pair of trousers by next year!!! And I think I might order the moss twill too......
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism It seems pretty clear that your mom had the best-dressed date! Damn, you pull it all together quite convincingly! Now show me some more of those shoes. Thanks. I don't have any close-up pictures of the shoes though. Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer Stand up straight, young man. First of all, slouchy posture is hampering your otherwise solid look. Second, you're supposed to...
Cross-post from WAYWRN. The epaulet trousers and bowtie I got over a month ago, in action.
Quote: Originally Posted by someotherstyle Red ring of death? Quote: Originally Posted by EZETHATSME Sauron? My thoughts exactly, when I first saw it.
I was my mom's date to her company's Christmas dinner. It was a nice, warm, sunny day yesterday. Oh, and Oprah's in town. Hence the big red O in the Harbour Bridge last night. And some fireworks. Apparently she was near the Opera house last night for a private party or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer I remember that there was a sweater from J Crew which looks quite similar to this one.
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