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There is a Red Wing Europe division that only sells certain models to that area.http://www.redwingheritage.euCompare it to the US one and you will see a few different models.
They got sued when it was flipped the other way around. Must be a nightmare for them to sell those online with sizing issues. They tell you to add two inches to your normal size, but you normally size down two on straights. So you buy them in your true waist size? They also don't even mention what the inseam is.
"Relaxed through the scat and thigh"
For pants I think it is 32 x 34 and for shirts around 15 1/2 (I think).
Which buckle backs are the Chinese ones? I bought a few in the last few years and they all say Made In USA of imported fabrics. There is no mention of China on any tags, all the tags say USA.
Next time use the "Got a simple question?" thread. To try and answer your question, I am pretty sure they are by this company.
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