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From a recent conference (not much to see, I probably want just to show the funny helmet, it's for tele-medicine in space).
1. The multi-breaks in your trousers should be changed to one light break.2. Since you're in the EU I think it's odd to have patch pockets on a suit. Esp. if it's for business.3a. Jacket seems to be a bit too tight.3b. Sleeves look too short. Could be related to 3a.Otherwise than that, it looks good.
Is there a trolling conspiracy going on?
The point I actually wanted to make is that your outfit looks sportive (military), but it's hard to do sports or even fight with those shoes. They're to be worn to dress uniforms but during service you have combat shoes/boots.So I see a mismatch btw shoes and clothes. Not that this is a style problem (yours is fine and I'm definitely okay with it), that were more some practical thoughts. Did you ever run, jumped over fences or fought with dress shoes? Granted, the agents...
Sweater, jacket, cargo pants: sportive.Dress shoes (even if derby): not sportive.Maybe some good(!) sneakers would be better here? (Nothing colourful, solid black or brown?)
Basic physics = nerdy?Maybe some darker tone for the tie would help.Very nice.
It looks too short. And too tight (I can see your belt).Socks + trousers = sweet match.I guess the jacket is too tight. Can't tell for sure with your hand in your pocket. (And the trousers are too short for my taste.)
Is this the answer when concerned parents ask how a teacher can afford his sartorial hobbies? The way you placed your gloves looks creepy. Otherwise fine.
In honor of Kim Dotcom. Sorry fellas, no time to pose in front of my yachten (the seamap in the background must suffice), bitchen or Merceden. Have to hand over a big up/download logfile of my registered users in return for some goodwill in my trial. See you soon my friends.
First post in MC Casual. Maybe not MC enough, but so what. Met with a hardware developer today, so being more MC would have been overkill.
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