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Did anyone notice the Ravello and #4 Indys from Shoemart posted a few pages back? Shoemart has no pics...does anyone have these with pics to share?
Ok...technically- I took these pics last week...but the sentiment remains the same... Seems like Ravello goes well with blue...
I do not...I did not pay for them as my folks were hooking me up with a suit etc..I think I was a Jr or Sr in High School....I believe they were purchased at Brooks Brothers...I know the suit was and remember getting shoes the same day if not the same store...Alas, now that I wear nice footwear they still do not get much love as I am wearing my other boots all the time...But they appreciate all the love from the forum
They (the Indy8s) are from J. Gilbert...By request:These are probably closer to 22-23yrs old...and to be honest I have probably only worn them at most 50 times over that span. They were originally purchased to be my dress shoe and were mainly worn to weddings and job interviews...and sat idle for years at time. They have been brushed but have never had any wax or paste applied. It wasn't until a couple of years ago when I started looking for new boots and wondered what...
It is my casual beater boot...I do not baby these at all...rain, snow, beach, mud etc...the rest of my boots are more dressy ('cept for maybe the CXL).Here they are in contrast to newer #8 wingtips:...and cuz I would much rather take pictures of my boots than work- here is the whole gang: (the PTB are over 20yrs old)
I have had them for about 1.5yrs...I have worn them pretty frequently- perhaps 3-4 times a week...a little less so far this year as I am working in an office in downtown SF. This was the first time I have worn them to the office...They are significantly patina-ed -perhaps I will do a compare and contrast picture with my other #8 boots which are much newer/darker...
Yea- the stitching really popped out in this photo- kinda surprised me...it doesn't seemingly stand out as much in real life...Speed hooks suck incredibly bad..they look awful and are barely functional and highly problematic...they tore out of these boots within a week of their arrival...Alden replaced with eyelets...the aesthetics don't really come into play as no one ever sees that part of the boot- unless your a fanboy hoisting your pants for a goober pic on a forum
*Friday is a good day for Indy-8s:
..Today is good day for Ravello...
...Its a good day for #8:
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