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Is that a "picture or it didn't happen" challenge or just a general interest?
More Indy Travel... This stop Botswana - this is on the Linyanti River in northern Botswana...notable for its huge elephants herds and wild dogs:
I got my #8 Indys from J. Gilbert and they were hand stitched (see pic above)
the pic above is also #8 and denim...just plain ol' Levis...
easy...they are not CXL...they are #8 and not that shiny considering I did give them a dash of polish and significant elbow grease (Mac method) prior to departure...but after several days of travel and traipsing they were not that shiny if you saw them up close..
I do not know what kind they are...but I went into the Alden SF store with the same complaint/request and they gave me some round nylon ( i think) laces that are awesome on in my Indys- super tough...perhaps call them and see what they are using...
Moi Aussi...I had strict weight limits for the next stop on the itinerary but had to bring the Indys- wore them on the plane...Was so glad I had them in Paris - perfect combo of sturdy walking yet stylish looking...didn't feel like too much of a dolt of a touron...Felt pretty "dope" as I flashed them to general public as I sat at a cafe (or 5) and tried to look sophisticated ( I am sure I failed at that as I didn't smoke)I even proudly wore them into the Edward Green shop...
My condolences, Teger...that is never easy... ...and yes, double ++ to "WTF?" on the poor Ridgeback.. with so much death and sadness on here lately, here is a bit of a lighter note: I was in Paris recently and spotted some dog walkers who actually used Belgian Tervurens and Malinois to walk other dogs! It was fascinating- the Terv and Mal were full-on worker dogs literally walking the other dogs. Here is a pic of the Mal- the hefty Rotty-mix tried to head over to some...
Indy has been doing some traveling...First stop: Paris
I am sure your feet are very appreciative
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