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That is exactly what I imagined I would try to do if ever in such a scenario...good to know it might actually work.The emotional state of the human- fear/confidence I can imagine makes quite a difference as Lefty highlighted.
very cool write-up and pics- thanks for that-My Dad grew up in Brookings and I spent a fair amount of time in Eastern SD as a kid- out on the farm and at the lake...used to think it was sooo boring but now when I go back I think it is soo beautiful.we used to have pheasant for our Thanksgiving day "turkey"...
I rarely laugh out loud at things I read on the interweb...but that made me do it...Welcome back to NYC...I am sure its lovely this time of year
^ Too funny... My wife just thinks we are all "shoe dorks"...as I make her take yet another picture of my shoes...
not really into saddle shoes...but these are actually kinda cool looking...Is there such thing as a saddle boot? or would that just look silly?
^ howd it go last night with the open bar?? ...as for Beautiful Women...I was in Paris a few weeks ago and was floored by the beauty of the women...I think they get extra credit just for speaking french...and being so well dressed. Perhaps it helped that all men looked...er...gay....(not that there's anything wrong with that
^ Sounds like a great day indeed....I had a similar day in the Blue Ridge of VA 6 weeks ago...beats the office thats for sure. As for being "back"- no offense- but the mts of NC are not NYC... I think Ray LaMontagne said quite well: "New York City's Killin' Me" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpivhQYLv1c
I believe the proprietor of Crane's post in SF regularly - I have read some of his Wolverine boot reviews...So, Lefty- apologize for the cluelessness- is this your Return trip to NYC- never to return to SF- or just a general road trip...Alas, the weather here is indeed perfect...80 and sunny even at the beach...no Nor'easter in the forecast.Its days like this when people who say the weather "sucks" in SF need to get a clue.
I have actually been twice and enjoyed both times...Took my visiting 8yr old nephew who pretty much thought it was the coolest place he had ever been- we did the audio tour- with actual former inmates giving the narration...it was actually pretty cool. He, of course, had to get the "Property of Alcatraz" sweatshirt which he wore for yrs back in MN.The second time I spent more time in off the beaten path places- like the original brig from the Civil war days and spent a...
Alas, that is the end of the Indy sightings...I only wore them on travel days...and they never saw the light of day in Mozambique.I did have one cool pic of my feet propped up in the jeep on the way to the airstrip in Botswana..inadvertently deleted off my phone.My GF...er...wife...obliged with her "real" camera for these pics.It was our honeymoon.Indeed- we traveled extra far to see them after getting a report of their whereabouts...and on our last day. There were just...
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