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These are my new Ravello WingTip Boots from Shoemart...7D -barrie last- fit great... They are my first pair of Alden's since I bought my one and only pair 15yrs ago- black shell PTB. But I am all about boots now and these were not my first choice but they WERE available so I jumped on them...and I love them...the seductiveness of the shell is only exaggerated by the extra boot feet feel positively bullet-proof when I lace them up... I am waiting on...
Here are some pic of my (relatively) new GTs in Cigar- They are about 2 months old- very comfortable and even a tad too big- They are a 7D and pretty huge toe box. I a 7D in Alden-barrie last fits better...but 7D is the smallest size RW, if I want to be a Gentleman Traveler...and I do...I have no choice (this is my first posting of pics- sorry if it goes awry)
Quote: Originally Posted by djh Those are short wing boots. got it. my bad. sorry.
There certainly are Long Wing Boots if I am not mistaken- maybe I am unclear as to what a long wing boot is but aren't these LW Boots: or these which I just got from ShoeMart: Perhaps these are just "wing tips" as opposed to long wings which the perforated decoration goes all the way back...long...? I am really pretty opne to ANY boot- as long as its in cigar... Perhaps Leather Soul...
I would definitely be in for a plain toe boot in Cigar or Ravello...would be willing to wait quite a while. ...would also love long-wing boots in Cigar. Just sayin'
Not at the office today? Playing hooky? Do you always wear argyle socks??
Quote: Originally Posted by arrow Thanks Aquaphor / Trapp... I wasn't quite sure in the beginning on how the resoling will change the look but I'm pretty satisfied with the end product. The rubber sole dramatically increased the comfort when walking around and looks better paired with denim. Hey DJ- you are in the Bay Area...where did you get them done?...and how much did they cost if you do not mind me asking? Thanks-
I know- keep dreaming... but looking to buy an Alden hight Boot- in Cigar shell- size 7D- Indy boot, PTBoot, Wingtip boot etc... Here's hoping.
Quick and stupid question: Can I wear a grey shirt and tan pants? For example: A heather grey polo from JCREW and khaki colored pants...and a brown belt/shoes? My GF says no- I think it looks fine...and then again I haven't a clue. thanks!
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