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Per your request...(Clearly, my left foot is supinated)
You are correct Sir!The original speed hook ripped apart from the leather about a week after I got them and Alden swapped them out...These are JGilbert #8 Indy on commando...although they (soles) are well worn and desperately need to be replaced.
exerted a little elbow grease this weekend...made a difference but could be time for a recrafting... elapsed time- 45 minutes:
For your erudition:
Welp- there goes the neighborhood....Mike Vick just got himself a Belgian Malinois:
I agree- I think it comes down to the specific breed as to the effect of breeding for conformation VS utility. I can only speak from my experience with Belgian Tervurens (and some exposure to Groen and Malinois). The breeders view themselves as guardians of the heritage of the working aspect of the dog. The vast majority of breeders I have encountered work very hard to maintain the best qualities of the breed- not just the conformation "looks". They strive for quality...
^ This.I wore my Black Plain Toe boots with commando sole (gasp!) for my was an outdoor wedding and reception so it seemed...and.was- appropriate...and I looked pretty darn dapper if I do not say so myself - ...and brushing them too much helped me direct my nervous energy in the hours preceding.
He probably is referring a more thorough cleaning done by the vet whilst the pooch is under anesthesia.
...a little late on the winter/snow theme....but my dog loves the snow- he will sit outside for hours and just chill...pardon the pun...he will even curl up and sleep when it snows like a sled dog- funny to see him with an inch of snow covering him.
I wore my Black Plain Toe boots with commando sole at my wedding with my navy blue suit and they looked great- really shiny and nice looking in the pics. The wedding and reception were outside so it seemed appropriate.of course, I spent a good couple of hours shining them with several coats of elbow grease and just a hint of paste a few days before.
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