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Their boots for the State Police are pretty sick (new MTO order??)
They did- that was an obvious repair job as part of the re-crafting process...not quite as good as new but nice to have it fixed.
I think they smell great! but then again...I am kind of twisted so YMMV.Seriously, they didnt see a shoe tree that often and I spent many long days traveling in them and smell was never an issue.
About 3 1/2 years- see here: that link has Amlai posting his boots as well as his patina inspired me so long ago...)
Thank you Namor- Hope Folsom is treating you well these days...!Well- resoling is part of the recrafting process so I was counting on that...I do tend to blow thru boots and shoes pretty quick if they are my "go-to" shoes...I havent had to dress up very much working from home so these boots got most of the work the past few years...Thanks!Thanks!
So...I sent my #8 Indy's back for recrafting- I think they did a really good job. Cleaning up (and repairing) the boots nicely without losing the character of age and use. The current color is really cool- almost woodgrain-like here is a before and after: BEFORE: AFTER: In contrast to much newer #8
Killing time in the Denver airport... I am generally not in favor of speed hooks- but they do come in handy in airport security lines
Mondays are good days for Black:
Black (shell) Monday.... a few scuffs from being out and about already today...
Thats the power of Elbow grease...I wonder if Mac gasped in horror a bit when he saw those boots I might have gone longer than 17 wears without applying wax.
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