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Almost new suit, worn less than 5 times. I listed everything I could think of, but let me know if you want any additional measurements / pictures.Jacket 2 button SB notch lapelHigh arm holesSolid Navyside ventsWidth at shoulders - 18 inchesLength from top of collar - 31.5 inchesSleeve - 25.5 inchesBespoke, but would be a 40RPants Flat front no cuffsTab (3 point) closureInseam - 30.5 inches with another 2.5 inches to let out.Width at hem - 8 1/4 inchesFront rise - 10.5...
I've been enjoying ASW every day for years now. Take care of yourself, Will.
I avoid power clashing; however, I am frequently power wagging. 1. \tpower wagging \t A term coined by NBC's 30 Rock. It's when you shake your index finger at someone to make a point to whatever you're saying. Liz - "You're looking out for us, right? Pounding on desks and doing whatever this called." (she's shaking her index finger) Jack - "Power wagging." http://www.urbandictionary.com/defin...ower%20wagging
25$ price drop
Almost new. I think I may have worn it once. T&A uses a slightly thicker interlining which, similar to Drakes, creates a beautiful knot. 57" long 3.75" wide Handmade light navy / dark blue 50$ shipped (down from 75)
SOLD Almost new suit, worn maybe 3-4 times. I listed everything I could think of, but let me know if you want any additional measurements / pictures. Jacket 2 button SB side vents Width at shoulders 18 inches Length 31.5 inches Sleeve 25.5 inches Bespoke, but would be a 40R Pants Flat front no cuffs Inseam 31 inches Width at hem 8 inches Front rise 10.5 inches Back rise 16 inches Waist 33.5 inches. would be called a 32 in a store. Soft shoulder. Almost no...
SOLD This tie is new, never worn, handmade bespoke from Drakes London. Solid navy cashmere in a custom length 160cm (63 inches) and made with a medium weight interlining which creates a beautiful knot. 9.5cm wide (3.75 inches). Ordered from Drakes, they are 125 pounds per tie (about 195 US dollars) http://www.drakes-london.com/bespoke-services/ 75 USD
via http://welldressed.blogg.se/index.html I like the length of that DB. Somewhere between car coat and top coat.
+1 on Chinatown. To Catch a Thief
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos ...credit to Will from ASW. "Speaking of bespoke, father and son now also produce an entrely hand-made trouser called the Antonio, using vintage cloth from the family's stocks, for $1,500 a pair. That is about double the current price for a bespoke trouser with the usual 17% hand-work." Perhaps Will meant to say 71%?
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