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used to see it before on some japanese designer stuff. what is it's name? could it be a mottled donegal? it sorta looked like lint to be honest but it was a new item so couldn't actually be.
what about jacquet droz? are their movements any good? what exactly is the history behind the brand? anybody know about this maitre du temps chapter 1? i kinda like the original non round 1. might sell a lot of my collection to buy one though so maybe i'll take a look at the less complicated odd watches.
i am actually using nivea asb w/ kmf shaving cream. interested in the 2 for the smell. although i hear tabac doesn't have tobacco which is a bummer. i sorta want something that can stand alone without cologne even if it doesn't last the whole day.
vacheron constantin has something like a jumping hour regulator or something audemars has the oval shaped watch urwerks, vianey halters and sapraneva moonphases look cool jackpot watch is bad
aqua velva musk or tabac?
dunhill looks better since they're the same watch. i liked the old MUT though with the 3, 6, 9, 12 markers.
i have a rimowa cabin trolley. it's my fav piece of luggage. i pack very light though and i can travel with only that for less than 1 week trips. i also have a briggs and riley set in olive for longer trips. i went with briggs though because they have something other than black.
^maybe like the one in NB's avatar if you want to change your look. i also liked robert downey jr's hair in the ironman movies.
what is universal or unidentifiable to you ohm? how did you attain it? i have never been able to tell a roman suit. although perhaps suit geeks can. also maybe because there are many different roman styles made by different tailors.
,which is quite enough to damn it; the moment a man's known by invariable cut (and tailor's name) it out to be all over with him." I have been redaing his Ian Kelly bio. I ask though is there a silhouette that is universal or unidentifiable today? Do you agree with his principles or do you find them outdated?
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