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Anyone seen the fair isle vest in XL being stocked?
anyone have the white summer oxford? Are they see-through at all?
When I say they are comparable, I mean they are around the same price, both made in USA, and generally mesh well with the same styles. I wouldn't choose one over the other just based on brand.
Gitman is way easier to get on sale though. At the same price, I would take EG every time. Something else to consider--- Gitman is easier to wear in a business casual work setting.
Quality is comparable to Gitman (they are the only two shirts I wear 90% of the time), Flathead is better than both. Weight depends on fabric.
Does need supply usually do another sale code? Missed the last one for an item I wanted...
in other words: embrace the dick bib
See @mbaum's write up on finding it. Some stores in US will be getting it in the next couple weeks.
That orange knit is incredible. Definitely this seasons stand out piece, IMO. That said, I personally cant justify getting it out in LA... looks like it will be a dry season for me
I live around a bunch of surenos, that shirt would get me killed
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