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Yeah I just got a pair of walnut Leeds seconds for 160 shipped to my door. No visible problems... You can't get a deal like that anywhere else.
Yes it is difficult, but the right tailor can do it... but a tailor of that skill is typically pretty pricey. You want it brought up from the shoulder, not the sleeve.
Check your e-mail for ebay codes... I just noticed I had a $20 off $100+ for their 20th b-day. Not sure what the criteria is for getting a code but that's one of the best ebay promos I've ever gotten.
any idea how those Gant shirts fit? I've only bought rugger before...
That difference between Blucher and Derby blew my mind. Can't believe I didn't know that before...
If you have a tracking number that says delivered to his address, you will win every time (against paypal disputes, not CC chargebacks). BTW if the tracking number says delivered, USPS won't payout on insurance so it would of been no help.
Looking for size Large spread collars....
wow where'd you find that?
To be complete, it's based on whatever the seller claims it is worth.Anyone have experience ordering Wings + Horns official site to the US? Do they lower value?
Yeah I misinterpreted. Also spoke too soon, apparently agender is trans. IDK that, I've never me an agender person before. That said, the extra section on Corner is fucking stupid, but whatever.
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