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Yep... when a US customer recieves an international delivery, it's not just customs they are charged, but all couriers that aren't 'nationalized' (ie not usps, royal mail, canadian post, etc.) will generally hit them with a brokerage fee for anything valued over 200, even if it is made in USA and is custom exempt. They pay 3rd parties in customs to get the items through quicker than the standard customs, though I am skeptical it is actually faster. Under 200 is typically...
Nevermind, they offered them for 190 shipped... couldn't say no to that. At that price I feel like I'd wear them more too.
something more angular would look better.... think square aviators (maybe Ray Ban Caravans as a cheaper option)
30% off everything at http://www.gentrynyc.com/ with code MDAY30
Not sure at all - I am actually right on the border between 11.5/12, I've never been able to fit in any size 11.5 sneakers. I wear 13 in Nikes, 12 in converse and 12 in Vans (13 in a couple models), 11.5E in Alden Barrie and 11EEE in Allen Edmonds 5 last. Based on the sizing recs, I decided 12 would probably be best. I think I just have weirdly shaped feet- wide at the ball, narrow heel, and relatively low volume.I agree with your second point though- I am going to ask for...
[[SPOILER]] Honestly I'm just a little iffy on sizing. I'm an 11.5 on the brannock, right on the border of D and E width. I figured there was a high chance of returning them if they are too narrow, so that's why I'm still thinking about it.... I am sure they'd be final sale. I heard Wings and Horns aren't as narrow so that's why I was thinking about just shelling out more for those. Also I'm unsure if Rooney helps avoid customs/duties.
JFC, God must be on Fok's side in the war against the white achilles. Rooney noticed the last pair in my size has a defect on the lettering (spoiler below). They offered me a further discount to 250 shipped.... what do you guys think? I am leaning towards getting a refund and getting some W+Hs instead, but I'm wondering if it'd be easy to just strip off all the letters all together. [[SPOILER]]
Anyone been hit by customs on wingsandhorns.com shipping to the US? Look at some made-in-italy sneakers.
Hmmm think there is a chance of them price matching a sold out tres bien item? I feel like the difficulty of trying to price match tbs is that I'd have to explain the 20% vat reduction + a coupon code...
Damn that's whats up. Were they still in stock in your size (or at all) when you price matched? Thats pretty cool of them.
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