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Noticed Marcus on The Profit wearing some birdshits lol [[SPOILER]] On the real,anyone know what the cheapest proxy to US for Yahoo Japan for a ~$100 item is?
Yeah they are an awesome store. Same day delivery to LA is now available too. There is always at least a 10% code. I used 'tulip' before, but yesterday I placed an order with code 'candy' for 10% off (item was already on sale, too). There is a 15% off code for use with the iPhone app that's been around forever, but I couldn't get it to work yesterday. I also appreciate their EG styling... Generally much different from other stores.
mm reups were weak. Mm sneakers only had 1 size each in ugly colorways. The blacks and other more neutral colorways didn't seem to actually get a restock, just stayed at sold out (unless someone was extremely quick)
jesus fucking christ i just went ham at mr p
big reups on mr porter, including full size run in our legacy suede zips @ 138 USD. Most stuff isnt final sale, even @ 80% off.
Looks great! I'd probably take the sleeves up a little bit, but otherwise looks like a really good OTR fit...definitely better than the model's fit.
does the corner usually do another drop or code? Any guesses on when?
Have these in used like new condition size XL. Looking for the same in L. Willing to trade, sell, and/or buy.
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