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Damn these are so sick
My Navy overdye is my slimmest of my many GBV shirts. Its the only overdye I have though
Paid and Unpaid debts in collection that are < $100 do not effect your credit score (at least your Fico score). Of course, Fedex could probably do some bullshit interest to get the total over 100.
Just stopped in there today. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had way more stock than what is online (at least for the Gitman stuff). Picked up the GBV x Unionmade Blackwatch- they had a full size run. I wonder if they will take the eventual additional % coupon in store... also, it blows my mind away how much inventory is crammed in the store.
Thanks for the info. Did you see if they had any our legacy?
If anyone would rather make 25 bucks proxying for me, instead of hundreds flipping the same items on eBay, hit me up
I got a Large navy shawl knit jacket on the way. Got it at a steal but I'm 90% sure it will be too small. Anyone interested in trading an xl or wants to hop in line to buy it before it goes up in B&S for what I got it for (270) if it doesn't fit, pm me.
Not for fatties like me.Do they run in store sales at the same time? Particularly in LA
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