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How does JE denim fit compared to Acne Ace or Max? I know a lot of people in this thread have to own both
Have you tried the oversized pullover hoodie? Is it the same fit but just with the zip?
My 67/33 blend wang T fits really big - I wear an L but width and wise it is bigger than my XXL JE tees though much shorter. These are made to drape though so its a good look IMO. The fabric on these is amazing, if not a little delicate. I also have one that isa 70/30 blend that fits a full size smaller.
yeah I was going to post that unknown sale too. Ordered the last pair of XL JE mesh shorts for 58 shipped last night. Also got my oak kake in and first JE hoodie I'd say is worth the price. I returned both the black and grey kakes because they were too boring looking. The color on this is outsanding and just what I was looking for - kinda reminds of a bit lighter dark dust from RO. Gonna live in this thing this FW. Tried XL and L and am keeping the L. like the slightly...
anyone seen a black size L oversize cutoff pocket tee anywhere?
anyone able to comment on the fit of the mercer half zip vs oversized cropped hoodie? Same fit or is the mercer slimmer/shorter? Thanks
Anyone know anywhere in LA stocking the safari shorts? Looking to try on in person
MrP restocks are where the real deals are at.
Also curious - I think it is just the oversized cropped hoodie w/ paneling, but would like someone to confirm...
are measurements for safari shorts accurate on the site?
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