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Since I'm feeling nice today, here's a 20% code I got: SUQ2014MADIQ . It's one use only though, so be quick!
Where my 54s at??
Someone posted about Gant having it on sale @285 a week or so ago, but they were sold out in my size. Yesterday, I accidentally revisited the page thanks to Google Chrome auto fill and, lo and behold, my size was in stock! Still one Large left for anyone interested.
Let me know if you find another pair in 11EEE!
Got mine. It's a little small for my big corn-fed head, so I might be willing to sell at cost. PM if interested Thanks Nate!
Any shoe tree recs for 11 EEE barrie? I just got my first pair of shell Aldens and was under the impression that Alden offers lasted shoe trees... after a quick search, I appear mistaken. It's taking a lot of will power not to wear these guys yet!
I saw those rick boots. That price was insane-- would of been crazy not to kop if they are your size
Sweet deal! Bummed I missed out
Next one has to be all black
Are prices on the website reflective of the 30% off?
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