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agreed. not saying people should go around threatening to sue. just saying that if you get a smelly jacket with no tags, don't fret, you will get your money back.
I bought a final sale jacket from Gant once that came clearly used, complete with a NYC Chipotle receipt in one of the pockets (no lie). They refunded no questions ask. Sorry if I implied you'd need to take legal action or some shit for UM to pay you back... I'm sure they will refund. Yes stores can do final sale in Cali.... But everyone will refund if you whisper the magic words of 'give me my money back or I will sue you in California small claims court.' And always buy...
Uhhh the men's lemaire stuff seems relatively boring TBH, but there are several pieces I'm gonna get my chick from the women's side.
In California there is no such thing as final sale. Just call them and if they don't refund, call your CC and they will. Consumer protection FTW.
highly recommend these tee's http://store.americanapparel.net/linen-blend-pocket-tee_rsalb400
So I bought a pair of white CP Achilles lows and a pair of white W+H low tops... The W+H are so much better quality. I cannot understand the CP hype. Honestly the CP leather sucks in comparison.... I couldn't even put them in the same bracket.
I had been looking so long for this.
expect a bill in the mail from UPS.
Don't size down unless your feet are narrow or you like tight shoes.
their whole website is an inventory error
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