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^^^ really wish I could pull off the combi vest
^^^ really wish I could pull off the combi vest
Anyone seen the fair isle vest in XL being stocked?
anyone have the white summer oxford? Are they see-through at all?
When I say they are comparable, I mean they are around the same price, both made in USA, and generally mesh well with the same styles. I wouldn't choose one over the other just based on brand.
Gitman is way easier to get on sale though. At the same price, I would take EG every time. Something else to consider--- Gitman is easier to wear in a business casual work setting.
Quality is comparable to Gitman (they are the only two shirts I wear 90% of the time), Flathead is better than both. Weight depends on fabric.
Does need supply usually do another sale code? Missed the last one for an item I wanted...
in other words: embrace the dick bib
See @mbaum's write up on finding it. Some stores in US will be getting it in the next couple weeks.
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