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its printed, not actual patchwork. Do not recommend.
a few that have a slightly cheaper price tag at final sale, but none anywhere close to this that take returns. That said IMO this was a pretty lame warehouse sale
Yeah I usually hit the sales hard on Gitman, but I like Indigo & Cotton for new stuff just because I like their buys and with free shipping, no sales tax, and prices ~10 bucks cheaper per shirt, its equivalent to most CA retailers at around 15 - 20% off.
Acrimony prices are kinda high... factor in there is no free shipping and (for us CA residents) there is sales tax, and the 20% off brings them to about equal with some other retailers.
glad you liked my shirt it fits like most other Gitmans. Overdye oxfords fit a bit smaller tho (not enough to size differently though)
Dibs on any unclaimed 56's :X
Considering trades/offers for the following XL items. Mainly looking for spring/summer stuff. Would consider trading for Gitman too. FW14 Pineapple Embroidered Chambray, NWT DS. Unknown Season White w/ Navy polka dots Western shirt, fits very slim, you'd need to generally wear EG large for this to fit. 8/10 used condition. FW14 Black Oxford workshirt (Odin NY exclusive). 7.5/10 used condition. Pics to come.
anyone ever been to this? What's the pricing like?
the key collar they have, but I can't seem to find a key collar with buttons for MTO. They have the spub collar with buttons, but that is different.I totally agree that the short ones look silly ( especially on XLs, which I wear). The key collar without buttons seems a little less out of place tho.
I don't think they offer the shorter collar on their MTOs.
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