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Not really a sale per se, but barneyswarehouse.com now accepts returns (though there is a $10 return fee)
For those like myself that didn't notice, the code is not active until Friday after midnight PST.
I have a new XL grey kake that will be going back to Union LA this weekend. Was $249 after tax and shipping. If you want it for that + pp fees and shipping, PM me before I take it back.
Looking for an XL LS Curve tee in Oak... let me know if anyone has an extra
I prefer the W+H over CP by far. Actually just picked up the eastdane exclusive grey nubuck low tops using the 30% off code.
Damn was really hoping those safari shorts would have wider legs. XXL has 11" opening... not really what I call oversized.
Have size 12 moonrock slip-ons with 1 short wear (like new) - looking to trade for 11 or 11.5. Will consider all colorways and condition + throw in cash if new condition.
Are the washed mercers tshirts oversized compared to the standard ones? Steven alan is selling them as oversized but the measurements seem smaller than the typical ones on je.co
can anyone rec some sunglasses that go well with the JE style?
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