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Love EG but IMO their wool and wool blends are not their strong suit. Never really found any of them comfortable to the touch, but I get some people won't mind, especially if you wear a lot of wool (its too hot here for that anyways).
Just got a pair of CPs in from End without duties or brokerage fees from Fedex - delivery to USA. There was a hold up in customs, so I wonder if they waived the brokerage fee... was totally expecting at least that.
I just gotta say this season looks amazing - best since SS13 which IMO was the best ever.
Is it bad that I think a major repair from NNY is an upgrade from the original? You should ask them to do something cool.... Hit the DS fabrics or something for a cool patch.
Any ideas how this seasons shop coats fit? obviously shorter, but the measurements I've seen shown them quite a bit narrower in the chest than last SS (where I ended up sizing down). Also, anyone know if the chester is being done in olive? Looks great in khaki in indigo&cotton's fit, would be even better in olive IMO.
Reddit.com/r/churning if you really want to geek out on CCs
XL blazers and L/XL in shirts/coats depending on fit preference/style and which season it's from. IMO EG works great for us heavier guys. The minimalist/sleek looks of a lot of contemporary brands don't, but EG isn't in that camp.
If you live in cali or anywhere else people wear vans a lot, just get the vans. All slip ons are just considered vans here.
Hmmm I found the dungaree cloth to be rather rough on the skin. Had to sell my 19c shirt from SS14 because it was too uncomfortable for me.
I got some 45 achilles black LE (grained leather) on the cheap from norse store when their sale started. Anyone know what kind of leather these are? Really nice and soft. Feel like I should of gone with my instincts and sized up to 46 though.
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