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What was stock like on the shoes/boots? Most their clothes are unwearable in LA lol
Might have to check it out. Have you by chance seen any shirting in the red/green/yellow madras at Mohawk or anywhere around LA?
Damn missed the cherry blossom seersucker gitman bro in XL at gilt :/ sounds too small to size down
Not customs, just 'brokerage fees'
when they do restocks, they often create a new product page. I'm guessing they have different manufacturers for most batches, and the profit maximizing solutions have variance too (they may use different fabric, be able to cheaply offer the inside neck detail due to machine setup, etc.) So they decide to split them to a new page. There are like a million different dry t-shirts on the site, for example.
there is material missing from the top of the sole's rubber where it meets the leather, as if someone sliced a layer off with a razor blade. I agree that it isn't a big defect but if the price is fairly common it still might be worth returning.
Got these black leather w/ textile side panel Our Legacy Off Courts from Yoox for about $100. I \rReally like them but there is a decent sized defect on one of the shoes (the one to the viewers left in the pic) .... Doesn't seem to effect the construction, and I really like them otherwise. Do you think the deal is good enough to keep or can these be had around that price point on a regular basis?
how do you get 25 off? Edit: never mind, figured it out. Thanks for the tip
Anyone know how eastdane handles partial returns on sales like these?
because their stuff is the only stuff actually in stock
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