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I'm always looking for XXL jackets if you have any that are too big for you
I think they are unisex... in store they had some in the men's section, but I remember they had Mens and Womens sizes given on the package.
I have very large love handles that don't play well with the drape lol
Got a lam cardigan in 7 from Forward, but planning on sending back since they offer free returns. I'll pass it along for what I paid to my door ($208) + shipping & pp fees if anyone is interested.
lmao did any of yall end up buying anything there?
Well if someone ends up proxying, i'd be down to chip in as well for an item or two.
When is that taking place?
looks like everything is just marked down 25%, no code needed.
awesome, great piece at a great price!
which were you able to grab?
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