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Oak Kake sold
Selling some hoodies Villain Burgundy Size 4/XL - $130 Villain Charcoal Size 4/XL - $130 Villain Sage Size 4/XL - $130 Kake Oak Size 3/L - $OLD Lightly worn and cold washed/hang dried a few times. No stains, rips, tears, flaws, etc. Located in los angeles - pickup or add for paypal fees + ship. OFFERS WELCOME. Over 130 feedback on gr@iled.
I have those guccis and they are all rubber. That said, I'm not wearing $200 slides to get destroyed at the beach.
Update - the JE's wouldnt go up past my calfs
Yeah the purl is smaller. I have like 10 cotton curve tanks I layer and wear all the time. I get them in 5/XXL and length is perfect with a little room in the body. Purl is a good bit shorter and tighter - makes me look like a sausage casing. Going to have to send back - would def. recommend sizing up on this for a loose fit, unfortunately I am already at the biggest size.
Yes will update on fit of the cast 2 vs R&B once I get them. My experience is that R&B are inconsistent in fit. I have 3 pairs of black fit 1 in a 34, but they seem to fit similar to 36 in the current season washes that I tried. The nice thing about the R&B is I paid less than 2/3 of the cost of JE retail for all 3 combined lol.
Yeah I sized the same as my rag and bone which are too small and dont stay stretched, so actually banking on them staying stretched.Couple inches too short. I am a very broad guy though and I tried a XXL, but it is shorter than my last year OS pocket tees in XL. That boxy of a T in that drapey of a fabric just didn't look good on me given it barely went past my belt line.
Copped springs off xhibition. Hope they fit - measurements seem a hair bigger than rag and bone fit 1 which is my current go to denim. First JE denim, but if they fit good, I gotta cop the doha too. Got the purl grey tshirt in today. Fabric is amazing... fit of the tee, not so much. Gonna have to wait for the curve tank. Very disappointed in the shirt sizing as I have all the OS pocket tees from last ss
Yes the anti expo and LS curve were far too sheer for me to wear unlayered so I returned them. Just copped the standard curve that dropped today hoping it is better. It is a great color - hoping this one has thicker fabric.
life's too short to wear anything but boost
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