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The world is a complicated, competitive place. The "wealth" of so many developing countries is their poor, it's places like India where a college educated person will gladly work in a call center. Software is eating the economy. The gap continues to widen between people with desirable skills who can find a high paying job anywhere and those who have to compete for minimum wage
I didn't want a short sweater, I tried the 48 and I'm 6, 170
I tried one on but decided against it
@spacepope is wearing the 32 in the pants and 38 in the jacket? Are those your typical sizes? Jacket seems to fit TTS, can't tell for the pants - could you have sized down?
Lol, what. They've canceled it three times.
HP sees the future crashing toward them and decides to stick their head in the sand. HP's got no cloud, so they're fucked.
I sized up, no stretch, and I've washed mine a ton. Sized up to a large, I'm 6, 170
Shouldn't you be filling your house with furniture instead?
Same struggle... @conceptual 4est, you're wearing a medium in the photos? Are you usually a small or medium?
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