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No, no fades.
Have a pair of black stealth stantons. Been wearing then about 3x per week over the past 8 months. Never washed them or soaked them; they're clean. What is the benefit of a cold wash/soak? Read lots of people doing this to to denim, but not sure why/when they're deciding to do so.
Maybe he's embarrassed about his 3rd nipple. Check your two nipple privilege.
I had the 3sixteen 220s and ultimately didn't like the fit or fabric. Bought a pair of RT stealth Stantons and love them. With wide hips, I'd suggest avoiding SK.
Recently picked this up, but it's the wrong size. Rather than deal with the return, I thought I'd offer it here. Tagged size 36, 1.5" width. It's an awesome belt, great pattern. $56 shipped CONUS. (DHL sucks, so I still have this; trying to return it, but, for now, it's still for sale.)
Instagram that immediately.
Selling a Hardy Amies leather/wool belt in an awesome pattern. Size is 85CM, probably best for a size 30 waist or smaller. Worn only a few times, so in excellent condition. Price drop! Asking $41 shipped, CONUS.
This is how I feel about each and every moo post:
Olive t, size medium:
How about everyone post some fit pics? Sounds like WvG is taking steps, no need to relitigate this discussion.
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