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Saw an exhibition of Kehinde Wiley's work. Interesting to see Timberland, BBC, and other streetwear brands so prominently and intentionally identified as such as part of the work, a streetwear uniform (not all the painting but some). I wonder if those brands will have any meaning over time for future viewers or if others understood there was a streetwear uniform in Wiley's works....kinda like how Annie Leibovitz's work doesn't hold unless you know that her portraits are...
Sage de Cret has a better version of a bomber in a pattern like that. Check NMWA
How do you become a self sufficient adult without learning how to cook is beyond me. Cooks Illustrated is another reliable source for recipes that are simple to execute.
Would buy GellerBaby, so my kids will be flyer than their parents.
That's a bit much. I am in tech. No one gives a shit about what you wear. If you're smart it comes through. And "smart and gets shit done" is what matters, regardless of what you're wearing. I have plenty of college kids for engineering interviews who wear suits as well as dudes in dad jeans and oversized shirts. If you're smart you get hired, this is true at Goog, Amazon, Tweeter, MSFT, FB and everywhere else that matters. Maybe MySpace or Dropbox or Instacart is picky...
Older NMWA purchases Geller Buttero
All size small, though. Yeah, Schneider is definitely more accessible than in the past. Bee at $450 is ridiculous, but two years ago I bet someone would've paid that. I think in general prices are lower and stuff sits longer on secondary markets unless it's hyped. There is just so much more to choose from now, easy to buy and get immediate delivery from places like MrP, or proxy from Japan - so much competition form your dollars and attention unless you're looking for a...
Geller 5 year fade Sneaks c4est hates
@coolron @baltimoron You guys bought the Leder waxed trousers right? How's the fit for you? I have a medium, but I'm a 31" waist and there's at least an inch of extra space in the waist. But the trousers are so stiff from the waxed cotton that it's hard for me to tell whether they'll fit well once they get broken in. What size did you guys buy and how's the fit?
It's nice to see something from Coppens that's not tech fabric.
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