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Looking for a grey laced boot. Prefer something like a side-zip. Not a chukka. Not something you'd pull on to go chop firewood. Suede is OK. Margiela, Heschung, Buttero all have let me down. Help.
Yes, Occulta is a big fatty. Stop eating, fatty, and hit the gym. Try lifting weights. Ask benes for advice.
@conceptual 4est can you clarify waist measurement for Schneider crystal trousers? The measurements seem really big, maybe I'm not appreciating the elasticized waist.
Rod Lavers > Stan Smiths > CPs
"Rock forever 21, but just turned THIRTY."
Wish there was a different color. Tan just seems so blah.
I had to size .5 and might've needed to size down 1...
Their retail space is expensive real estate and, if you don't mind, they're trying to run a successful business.
Wow, thanks for the generous prize, @conceptual 4est. Prizes aside, this was a lot of fun. The range of styles, I think, shows off what's great about streetwear and the brands stocked by NMWA, lots of flexibility to combine stuff in interesting ways. Great stuff all around.
New Posts  All Forums: