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When can I trade my money for your goods? Does everything still need to go to the photographer?
IPhone pic??
...and now is the moment when this thread has outlived its usefulness.
Should I buy the puffer vest? Photo sucks, but maybe there's something special in person.
Nordstrom already has stuff.The Ervell website very deliberately updated their list of retailers a few months back for FW.Patience grasshopper.
As far as the 1% goes, the difference between someone making a 350k (last I checked that's what WSJ said was bottom of 1%) and the upper percentages of the 1% is huge. At 350k, you're working for your money; the top strata of the 1% are pulling in lots of money from investments and accumulated wealth.
Very accurate. That's why people talk about the "PayPal mafia"; there are a bunch of different closed ecosystems in tech and VC, ex -Google, ex-MSFT, Sand Hill rd, etc; people tend to stay within their pond because everyone already knows each other at the leadership/funding/founder level. Easier to risk money and more likely to be successful if everyone already knows each other.
SS '15 Richard FW '13 Lounge pant courtesy of @tonio028
That's a terrible name for sunglassses
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