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No Groiled sucks. That said, if you can write something good maybe any publicity is good publicity - get more people interested in the brand, would be nice
That's awesome Only thing more consistent is Synth hair
Blogs are a terrible way to communicate. Just put it in an email don't make me come to your website to see if anything new is there
Living the American dream. Also - what's with the people (individuals, not stores) on groiled with 100s of sales? That's an astonishing level of purchasing- feels even dirtier than Dan Bilzerian's house on a Monday morning
Opposite experience: I have type 3 and type 2. In type 3 I'm a size 30 and type 2 I had to size up to 32. Black is much strechier than the washed
Do you hate everything?
Dan Bilzerian
Don't do it. Sell your earth tones
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