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Cardigan: http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/cardigan_cod39468149rb.html [I'm a 38 and sized up to 40]Shoes: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/tanino-low-sneaker-navy-calf-4444.htmlPants: http://www.patrikervell.com/product/detail/pass/2466 [Dove Grey]Button-down Shirt: WvG, no longer made
Awesome jacquard knit White Mountaineering sweater. 100% wool, so it'll keep you warm. Construction is top-notch and the design is killer, what you'd expect from WM. Bought this at the end of last season, but, unfortunately, it just doesn't get cold enough where I live to wear this. Tagged size 2, nice slouchy fit on a 48 (I'm 6, 165 and it fits well, not overly tight) Measurements Back lenght: 27 Chest circumference: 40 Sleeve: 33 Retail was $600 Asking for $210...
It's a proper slim fit. Check the pics, not painted on.
Those who've bought the thermals, anyone sized up? I'm 6, 165, usually a medium, but don't like slim knits. Debating whether a large will work for me.
Anyone who bought the Esemplare Kamloops in a large and having second thoughts? Let me know.
As far as I know, based on last year, Ion is TTS
I understand the appeal of Schneider, but I think you need to be selective - his cuts aren't universal. Try unbuttoning the bottom button on the cardi - looks short, cuts you in half at the waist. Wish Poa had been cut longer.
Ask Fok. Or just use search - think it's described in RFT
Which SNS? Stark?
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