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Oh man, if I'd taken that job I'd be working in the same building as Moo. Mind blown.EDIT: Never mind, was thinking of Market Square, not Ferry. Duh.
^ so group think
Not seeing denim yet at that many retailers. Looking for type 3
Looking at an item from End, total cost is $110 - should I expect duties if I'm in the USA? I've read that duties aren't collected on items
Patrik Martin Rod
@conceptual 4est The Crystal trousers drop-down doesn't show the full size range, only shows 1 or 2 as options.
The $10k iwatch is expressly designed for China. Apple spent years preparing to sell there and now they're collecting money by the dump truck full. Same place where people spend $5 million on a yacht but never sail.
Needs pics
@cyc wid it jeans are JE?
Paying for something isn't necessarily bad especially if the guidance is good. Got any suggestions?
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