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Geller JE Geller Blanc and Noir
Recs for jacket (bombers, Geller, not bespoke) hangers? Hanger project feels kinda step at $30/per but maybe you're paying for the right thing.
Got a pair of 5 year fades in size 30 that you're not wearing? Hit me up. My pair have finally fallen apart
I've worn mine in fall, spring, and winter. I'd wear it in the 50s wont keep you warm in the real cold
Wow, Ssense is basically giving away Richards
DBSS Geller Projects
Type 2, sized up
What are the f/w colors for the boots? Also, who's tried type 1s? Like the fit feom RG's insta but wondering if I can make them fit. Had to size up to a 32 the in the type 2s. Will type 1 be like leggings? Or will they stretch out nicely? I don't skip leg day
So interesting data point: when I wake up in the morning the knee cap clicks and there is some pain. But after stretching, roller, compression, and some bodyweight exercises (squats, hip, and quad stuff) the pain and clicking go away entirely. Knee doesn't feel 100% don't think it's ready for weight or running but symptoms are largely gone. Although if I push hard on the patellar there is some discomfort/spongy feelingBut then I go to sleep and wake up in the morning back...
Only for deep dish pizza
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