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There are people who post with much better closest. Cyc, for example. Why would you want a closet of stuff that's basically the same thing in different colors? Unless you're the guy who has 12 pairs of escobars...and you're in school and 19. In which case you'll eventually learn to be better
Anyone have measurements for type 2 denim? Have type 3 and I love them, considering type 2.
Is it an ad for a depilatory?
Any retailers have the current denim? Looking for the stretch obsidian
Which Schneider trousers? Recent examples seem to be favoring a super skinny cut, like a 31" waist with a 10 thigh; the ones you're wearing look great, nice fit with a mild taper
For Geller, I tend to buy full price and at the start of the season. I love the label. If I don't buy full price, the label goes away. I like the shops that stock Geller (mostly), if I don't buy full price, the shops go away and then the label goes away. The buys are so varied that typically there's only one or two stockists (even including Japan) that have stuff in my size, so if I love something others likely will too and it'll be gone by end of season. I do buy stuff...
I did.
Blazer and jeans is the worst...says the guy wearing denim and a Richard jacket
You're not paying Luxire to teach you how to be a tailor, you're paying them to make you a shirt. It's likely they're actually losing money on you because of the time they have to spend answering your questions. Pay them to make you a great fitting shirt, not to educate you.
New Posts  All Forums: