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Shipping confirmation. Capitalism saves the day again.
Letter with news today?
Check out eBay, usually pretty easy to find a replacement at a much lower price than retail. If it's an iPhone, I've had Apple stores replace broken stuff even out of warranty.
For the Canadians in Vancouver: Check out Timber Train in Gastown. One of the best espressos I've had in my life (Brazil) and one of the best bags I've bought (Ethiopia). They do their own roasting and it's as good as the roasters I'm familiar with (Handsome, Heart, Ritual). Check it out. That espresso was almost good enough to make me want to cross the border just for another shot. If they'll ship to the US, I'm buying more for myself.
For the Canadians: Was visiting Vancouver last week and had a fantastic Okanagan Pinot. Brought a couple bottles back, but want a case. There's no US distributor. Anyone know whether law allows for Canadian shops to ship wine to the US? I'd assume I'd get hit with duties, but I might be willing to accept that cost.
No, no fades.
Have a pair of black stealth stantons. Been wearing then about 3x per week over the past 8 months. Never washed them or soaked them; they're clean. What is the benefit of a cold wash/soak? Read lots of people doing this to to denim, but not sure why/when they're deciding to do so.
Maybe he's embarrassed about his 3rd nipple. Check your two nipple privilege.
I had the 3sixteen 220s and ultimately didn't like the fit or fabric. Bought a pair of RT stealth Stantons and love them. With wide hips, I'd suggest avoiding SK.
Recently picked this up, but it's the wrong size. Rather than deal with the return, I thought I'd offer it here. Tagged size 36, 1.5" width. It's an awesome belt, great pattern. $56 shipped CONUS. (DHL sucks, so I still have this; trying to return it, but, for now, it's still for sale.)
New Posts  All Forums: