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I've been considering Geller's black denim trucker jacket, but I only wear denim occasionally. Can't decide if I can wear a black denim jacket with my other pants, which are mostly wool and mostly Geller/Schneider/Ervell. Not much work wear or stuff similar in fabric or texture to a denim jacket. But I've irrationally got my heart set on the Geller jacket. I looked at some of Ervell's jackets, but not sure I like the technical fabrics. ToJ MA-1 in suiting wool??
RG-03Acrimony has 28 and 30
Prepare to have your feet washed by your future father in law
I'm a 31 waist (TTS) (6', 170lbs) and these are a 30. Earlier in the thread, I posted photos of me wearing the 32, which was too large in the waist.They're amazing.
Spring '15, type 3 denim, 5 year wash
Sorry for the confusion: @OccultaVexillum pointed out that I'd posted in the wrong thread.As for ACID, this is what I meant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACID
Thanks, I'm an idiot.
Weird, posted in the Geller thread last night, but the post is gone. Deleted? Not durable? Where's my ACID, Styleforum????
There will be a new thread on Style Zeitgeist.
Interesting that there was no dairy in Rock's diet. Macros are pretty good for fat-free Greek yogurt. Man must really like cod or be lactose intolerant
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