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Geller pre order? What'd I miss?
Calf raises with weight
Someone used a camera that wasn't from 2006
Everyone should check the Insta to see a non blurry photo of Fok
I debated buying one. Web store said TTS for work shirt; everything else for me was size up.
If my winters ever got colder than 45 degrees I'd buy that Dicument parka. Maybe I should move
You have really nice stuff but it comes together in a way that's somewhat unremarkable. Jeans is the SF uniform for sure but maybe there's another option out there that you could rock. I dunno if that's Devoa or Rick or EG or Regis or Geller but I think you could pull off a lot and that might be more interesting than variations of MMM/JE denim.
Debating fabric choices for a pair of vintage chairs from the 60s. Thoughts? Sample for the last fabric was smaller than the others but intention is to cover both cushions
If you ended up with the Document pants in size small and they don't work out, hit me up
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