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Newsletter day!
@skitlets, how'd you size on the collar shirt? i'm usually a 20.5 P2P, but that's a size S according to the measurements. I'm 6", 170, 39"; usually, a medium. Also: anyone see the quilted zip-up jacket in person? Liking both colors...
Which email address do we send our order to? Styleforumarket or Styleforum.financial?
Don't forget to use your Gap card for 99% off!
Everyone who voted for #5 might as well just shop at the Gap.
6! 5 color pattern is more common. Wish I had better pics for #1 - 4.
Spring product in March.
Have the people been notified yet for the Geller items on the previous page?
Any restock on tees?
Unless it's SNS, right?
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