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What's line 4?
Is that a Niche shirt? Looks great.
Measurements make this look like it's best for a medium, p2p and shoulder seem a bit small for a large. What do you think? TTS? Or best for a 48?
What are the considerations when choosing between goat and lamb?
How are you guys deciding between the Chelsea, jodhpur, and side zip? See lots of people buying the cropped jodhpurs, not much else. Drawbacks to the other models?
Any more pics of the snowvershirt?
What color and what cut? SK? Stanton?
Haha. Kicking him when he's down.
Ugh. Go find a wrist doc and get an MRI. That's step 1. Had a similar issue, needed to wear a brace for 10 days and a cortisone shot. But stop sucking around with a chiro, you're just wasting time. MRI will point you in the right direction
I spent seven months with a wrist injury until I found a PT who would dry needle the muscles in my forearm and then the pain went away in a week. Not a doc, but if there's pain in your wrist and you've got a clean MRI, look at your forearm. Supple Leopard has a bunch of useful techniques too.But man find a PT in SF who's been trained in dry needle. NFL uses that shit all the time and it works
New Posts  All Forums: