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Unfortunately, these didn't work out for me. Retail was $495. Smooth round toe navy leather lace up derby shoe. Features round toe, leather uppers, leather insole, extended white pull tab at the heel, eyelets and black gum rubber outsole. Made in Italy. 100% leather. Size 43, TTS. Unworn, will ship with box, etc. $325 shipped CONUS.
@OccultaVexillum good stuff, nice example of how bigger guys can dress
Too tight in thighs
Inis makes monster trucks?? When will NMWA stock? Would buy.
I'm a 30 in the type 3. Typically wear a 29 or 30 in denim; 31 waist TTS. 32 in the type 3 was too big in the waist. Type 3 is awesome because there is room in the thigh but there is still a nice taper, not a skinny fit, so for someone like me with some muscle I can size for the waist and have the fit work through the leg.
@RedLantern Ask for what the costs are. Labor should be fixed hourly cost, markup for managing subs should be fixed, markup for material should be fixed. Costs should be predictable. There are GCs who will do that. You're in Seattle right? Look around. I've talked to some who will give you the excel spreadsheet with everything and the receipts. You should be able to find someone who will be transparent on costs and do great work.
It's my favorite denim. I have type 3 in the 5 year fade. Fit is perfect for me. Love the wash and weight for summer.
There are people who post with much better closest. Cyc, for example. Why would you want a closet of stuff that's basically the same thing in different colors? Unless you're the guy who has 12 pairs of escobars...and you're in school and 19. In which case you'll eventually learn to be better
Anyone have measurements for type 2 denim? Have type 3 and I love them, considering type 2.
Is it an ad for a depilatory?
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