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Same dilemma on the Casper, both colors are great, but wow that fuschia @conceptual 4est do you have any sense of whether sizing is consistent with past seasons? Are the jackets running TTS?
Hot 🔥 Geller CP
Seems on-topic for the thread
Type 1 jeans in off white for $95 at forward- someone was looking for these recently @OccultaVexillum?
RGxCP Colors are great; someone said they don't go with denim but I don't think that's necessarily true
So you're saying the name is purrrfect?
Pulling my stuff from Groiled, it's trained everyone to just expect race-to-the-botton prices; or it's a bunch of Pinterest "collectors." @LA Guy I'd love to see some of the small fixes to B&S you've mentioned that are in the pipeline
Shadow stripe and vintage both look great
Which colors did you have in mind?
New Posts  All Forums: