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Mr Porter drops to 70% are live...gogogogogo
There's mission workshop as well
Lemaire cashmere, $220, size 2
Did anyone pickup the Peel trousers in Wine from Maas? What's the fabric like?
Geller type 2
Debating the elasticized wool pants. I'm a 31 waist usually a 48 or 46, depending on the brand/style, e.g., 4 in Schneider. I'm a 48 in other regular waist Lemaire trouser. But because these are both elasticized and pleated wondering if I'd be a 46 or 48. I'm 6', 170lbs.
I.e., The SLP thread
Size up one for both Geller
I'm a 30 in type 3 and 32 in type 2
For several months now
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