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I squat 2x per week. I was nervous the Rogues would be too tight, but they loosened up nicely. Rogue also makes a straight leg fit called the Stanton. Geller denim's never fit me until the type 3 - which you should buy if you don't have a pair.
Jeans are rogue territory SK cut, I'm a 31 waist and these are a 29. About 1 year of wear
25% off type 3 5 year fade at acrimony. Full size run, you guys are sleeping...bought mine full price and worth every dollar
Grana or Wolf vs Goat, size up one for both
Geller trucker in a 50 - I'm typically a 48, but this seems to fit slim. With the 50, I can't fit much more than a t-shirt underneath. Thoughts? Go with this? Or try to size up to a 52 (which seems crazy)? I think I was hoping to wear it with more than just a t-shirt, but no idea what a 52 might look like on me.
How to size the polos if you're typically an AD medium in a dress shirt?
Online? Can't find it. Or a particular store stock it?
What are the options for those who are late to the party? Were these all MTO?
I'm a 48 typically and have a 50 on its way from NMWA. Excited. Will post pics / thoughts once I have it, likely Thursday
Sitka went downhill after it moved out of that strip mall on Eastlake. Also, the weekend crowd sucks, Bellevue bros.
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