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Nahneun is insightful. I bet his fits are equally impressive. Anyone have a link, search doesn't seem to find anything...
I sized down to a 4, my usual size is a 5. Posted pics of both earlier in the thread
At best this is naive. There is a double standard grounded in misogyny and that's exactly what he posted
Mais non
You feel insulted, yet you posted something incredibly misogynistic. Maybe think about it next time
Are you Janice?
Nothing to add to the k pop discussion but I have flown Korean Air before and, based on the flight attendants, I assume there are no equal employment laws in Korea
All you guys buying Kiehls are likely wasting money. In general their formulations aren't that good and are expensive for what they are. As has been suggested before check Beautypedia, it'll tell you what provably works and what's a good price/perf ratio. Of course if you're buying Kiehls just so you have Kiehls on the shelf then go for it
No. Size down one for bballs
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