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More generally, who is stocking Peir Wu this fall? Also - if anyone has Snowpant in 46, lemme know.
Anyone pickup the Nils chukka? How'd you size? Also: sage de cret trousers - anyone pickup a pair? How's S/M/L correspond to waist sizes?
For those with Butteros, if I'm a 44 in Margiela GATs, what am I looking at for the Butteros? 43?
With the pre orders is there any way to batch other items? For example, if I pre order a shirt and want a couple tees, can I order together to pay shipping only once?
Schneider alpaca-blend shawl collar cardigan. Beautiful grey color: interwoven shades of grey wool create a subtle gradient. Fabric, as always with Schneider, is top-notch; incredibly soft, not all itchy. Tagged size 5. P2P: 21 Back length: 26 Excellent condition - no obvious signs of wear. Drop to $155 shipped CONUS.
I can't wait to see the new ads that are targeted toward us sports buffs.
It says I'm a sports addict. Which is astonishingly wrong.
@gdl203 Is that the Schneider quilted crewneck in the Bonastre photos? Those photos are almost as much an add for the Schneider piece as the leather.
Saw a car today that I couldn't identify. It was parked in the garage of a house that was easily $2 million. All I could see was the logo, on the rear of the car, it appeared to be a pair of upswept bird wings with two words beneath it. The rear of the car was rectangular. Car was a two seater, couldn't tell whether it was convertible. Looked new, not vintage. Wasn't Ferrari, Lambo, Vette, Porsche, etc. Any thoughts?
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