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The $10k iwatch is expressly designed for China. Apple spent years preparing to sell there and now they're collecting money by the dump truck full. Same place where people spend $5 million on a yacht but never sail.
Needs pics
@cyc wid it jeans are JE?
Paying for something isn't necessarily bad especially if the guidance is good. Got any suggestions?
She likes to run half marathons, so I don't think that'll really work out.
Well, yeah. The principles are obvious, it's the implementation that's interesting. Like, an actual diet and training routine, ideally written by a woman
Trying to find a well written explanation of diet for aesthetics. Friend of mine works out hard, she lifts, and does various circuit-type classes, which includes cardio. She looks fit, but she's not happy with how her stomach looks. She's 5'3 and so has a small stomach area; she's mostly legs and so any stomach fat is apparent. Any recommendations for a correct well written source on diet/cardio?
Kiehl's is rarely a good formulation. Over priced.Check Beautypedia/Cosmetics Cop for science based recommendations
Looking forward to Geller, hoping for the type 3 denim...
Jack Straw is now online. Wonder if they'll start using Farfetch????? Nice to see them online, they stock good brands. www.jstraw.com
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