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Flannels look good.
PBR saves the day, even in a dust storm. Even better, the taste of PBR is unaffected by the dust, so you can just keep on drinking.
Recommend this phrase as @dieworkwear's new Match.com profile summary
Some dude on there is asking $360 for a sample sweatshirt he paid $80 for, think he bought it from @jwalterweather No one buy it
Post a pic when you get them. Been considering
TS(S) is great. Scarves all the time in SF, lol "summer"
They're lost in the @conceptual 4est
Current stockists? NMWA Suspension Point Notre H Lorenzo Other shop Ssense Wrong weather Opening Ceremony Steven Alan Fwrd (no current season stuff yet)
In terms of trousers this season, what's good?
Geller Ddugoff Martin ETQ
New Posts  All Forums: