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I had the 3sixteen 220s and ultimately didn't like the fit or fabric. Bought a pair of RT stealth Stantons and love them. With wide hips, I'd suggest avoiding SK.
Recently picked this up, but it's the wrong size. Rather than deal with the return, I thought I'd offer it here. Tagged size 36, 1.5" width. It's an awesome belt, great pattern. $56 shipped CONUS. (DHL sucks, so I still have this; trying to return it, but, for now, it's still for sale.)
Instagram that immediately.
Selling a Hardy Amies leather/wool belt in an awesome pattern. Size is 85CM, probably best for a size 30 waist or smaller. Worn only a few times, so in excellent condition. Price drop! Asking $41 shipped, CONUS.
This is how I feel about each and every moo post:
Olive t, size medium:
How about everyone post some fit pics? Sounds like WvG is taking steps, no need to relitigate this discussion.
Cool. Chambrays and popovers. Send out the pics.
Despite Citizens United, I wonder if the decision makers at each of these companies would consider ethics if it came time to decide your fate. Corporations are not people; it's ok to be selfish. Pick company A. Recruiters go though stuff like this all the time, they'll replace you quickly enough. It might be better, however, if you quit before even starting. That's less disruptive. Don't tell them where you're going; just be vague, but direct that you decided to accept...
Anyone pickup the mid century shirt?
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