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Just got a NMWA gift cert for my birthday. Thanks for offering that as an option, makes it easy for me to let people in my life who have limited access to stuff feel good about getting me a gift they know I'll like.
If you picked up the flight bomber in large and are having second thought, let me know
So after 4 months of wear my Type 3 denim has started to develop rips in the seat. Too many squats? Kinda disappointed for $300 denim to rip so quick. I love them still. Probably get it patched up, Hedi charges $500 for his. Assuming this is a side effect of the washing process.
The jacket is a safe choice, so it's the pants I'm debating. Nothing like them, which means it's an opportunity, but the sizing has me uncertain. I'm a 31 waist and the idea of a 32 with a 13 inch thigh seems crazy. Waist sizing of the 32 seems big for me, typically a 29 or 30 in denim, which I realize stretches, often to 32". Who else has decided on the pants?
Yes. The tradeoffs are more than just financial. If I work on AWS then I'm building software to power millions of computers on the world's most heavily used cloud. The learning, impact, and opportunities for growth are incredibly valuable to career growth, assuming someone is mature enough to value that. But, because it's a large institution, there will be resistance to newness, process that can feel stifling, and I'm not going to become a millionaire overnight (although...
Type 3 is the best type.
Yeah, but then you're stuck working at FB. Which sucks. "Move fast with stable infra." It's a bunch of children playing dress up as engineers.
Ah, I should've said "which is less than total compensation" at a place like Goldman - at least, my offer from Goldman 10 years ago was more total compensation than what I was getting from the software companies. At the time, Goldman was offering $100k + 100% of salary as bonus potential, which pushed them ahead of what Amazon, Google, Apple, etc were offering. Sounds like that's changed since then - if nothing else, the software companies are offering more at this point,...
You bought the denim, right? Also, outerwear should fit you.
Starting salary (not including bonus, benefits, stock) for a kid out of college at the large software companies (MSFT, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc) is $100k. Which is still less than starting salary at a place like Goldman.
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