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Just got my news letter. If I was a medium BD, should I go 40 or 41 in the new sizing? Also, for the linen shirts, is short-sleeve an option?
Had several items in my dream box and this morning they're gone. Didn't sell out, just gone from the entire site as best I can tell. Anyone seen this before?
Document trousers!
Those fit large, probably best for a 34 waist. Fabric is nice
Is the selling market over saturated? Paradox of choice? Even though it's seemingly consolidated in grilled, I notice lots of stuff that's cool just sitting there unsold; is grilled basically like Pinterest but with a nominal ability to buy? Everyone is just collecting likes on their stuff for sale, fewer transactions. I wonder if the grilled model of having stuff for sale without a time limit on the sale decreases purchases, all the would be ballers don't actually buy...
Is anyone actually keeping their boots? This is like a real estate flipping thread
Has Yoox recently increased the number of brands that are excluded from additional discount? I feel like I see the exclusion much more frequently
Are those Buttero the Brunello side zips?
That American geography in action
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