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@venividivicibjThere's a world of difference between a company that's a billion dollar revenue (or whatever) and someone like MSFT or Apple who have $50 billion in cash in the bank. Sure, over 15 years, these companies may diminish but a recession or a bubble won't put them out of business. Also, don't confuse VC valuation with real revenue when you're trying to draw an analogy to past failures
When you guys talk about "tech", it isn't monolithic. FB, Goog, Microsoft, Apple aren't gonna go anywhere. Amazon, arguably, is a bit at risk if there's another downturn because their ability to scale out AWS requires so much capex. These companies are so intertwined with life world-wide and they have billions in the bank. The companies at risk are the start ups and really it's the second tier startups, the one who won't ever be a billion dollar company (certainly not a...
@cyc wid it one of your best
With the Ipcar callback, Frank enters God-mode. Her stuff is amazing. My kids' favorite book is one of her's, "The cat at night." Holds up to the test of time.
Denoh Geller needs to get the fuck outta my search results.
And yet according to Fok on SF, it's the CM side that drives B&S. Arguably, the guys buying that stuff probably have higher income and more money to spend, like how your average iron man amateur earns $300k in their day job: expensive hobby. But they're also peculiar about how they like to shop. For that crowd browsing Grailed might be like taking your grandfather to a wu-tang show
If I'm a 10.5 in Metcon II and an 11 in flyknits 4 free, how should I inneva wovens? TTS?
Brick bomber makes me happy whenever I wear it.
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