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Denim restock?
Did the movie ever explain what the role is of the Resistance? Why does it exist? the New Republic, which is implied as the de facto galactic government and presumably has a fleet of ships (rather than just 12 x wings) should be fighting the First Order?
Where's that denim restock?
Oh the slippery slope of reductionism
Want the Human, but only wore my Stark 2x this "winter." How's the weight compare to the stark?
So wouldn't sizing up to 43 have been better? I wear 43 in CPs and a 43 in the side zips was too narrow for me. 43.5 was only 1mm wider; not sure I want to try sizing up to 44.
Sample sale?
Don't think the SLP boots work here, maybe something more rugged
@sebastian mcfox That's a great looking suit.
@flowcharts Geller stuff looks good on you
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