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How much time elapsed between onset of symptoms and returning to normal? How did you use the wraps, seen a few different recommendations
For those of us who don't venture into the casual male side of SF, what's the objection to dark trees?
Nishino is the better sushi choice
Anyone have experience with patellar tendonitis? Posted a while back: after a set of dead lifts 7 weeks ago, knee started hurting hours later, pain only seems to be under knee cap and in the patellar tendon at the base and top of knee; joint feels fine. Tries rest + ice/heat and then saw a doc (surgeon for the local baseball team) who said 99% chance it's patellar tendonitis, proscribed meloxicam, which I've been taking for a week. Week over week I think the knee is...
There must be more to Chicago than deep dish pizza, Barack Obama, the Cubs, and the Sears Tower?Although if you can take a photo of Obama eating a slice of pizza while wearing a Cubs hat at the top of the Sears tower that'd be cool
Ssense still stocks him. Ecole has bits and pieces
Why is this supposed to be a special snowflake?
In store only stock sucks
5 ziiiiiiip!
Hmmm...I've found the Dries men collection less interesting than the women's. Also, the fit on a lot of Dries stuff just seems weird unless you're 6'1 and 140lbs. Geller for me is much more approachable and wearable but there's an evolving point of view that I find compelling as well. Fabric, fit, and details are stand outs for Geller (except for knits which are oddly consistently uninteresting)
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