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I've known corporate finance to trip people up - depending on where you're in school, it might not be the pushover you expect.
Palm Springs, Provincetown, and Pride.
I just have to say that I wish I lived in a colder climate if only so I could wear this. TS(s) is so good.
The Scott and Charles might work best if you're able to wear it as outwear. Maybe even unbuttoned...
Haven't tried Tellason, but love my SKs. Great for for me and I'm a small waist/big thighs.
Selling a Gant Mountain Vest, dark green with a contrasting brown leather collar. Snap-front buttons, with two large external button pockets and two internal zip pockets. In excellent condition, rarely worn. Keeps you warm and looks great, especially with the contrast leather details. Tagged size S, can fit either a small or medium, depending on how you want to wear it and how much you want to layer underneath. P2P: 20.5" Back length (measuring from the top of the...
Incidentally, picked up a pair of Rogue Territory SKs in Indigo. Love the fit, fabric, and how they're wearing two weeks in. Jay and Kevin were really helpful, as always. I was nervous about sizing, I'm a small waist but have larger thighs from lifting, was worried SK would be too slim - they assured me they'd stretch out nicely, which is exactly what happened.
@LA Guy would you mind posting a pic of how they fit sized up? I like the look you're going for, but when I've tried myself to size up in raw denim, inevitably, I end up with something that's too large in the waist.
I happen to agree that the website is an underwhelming introduction to the brand. The values that you focus on in your clothes aren't reflected in the website. As an example of a website that (I think) is trying to attract a similar audience, check out NMWA.
Is this TTS?
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