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It's remarkably hard to make something new and have it appear similar and coherent - maybe identical- to something else, but be totally different in detail. Collection is great.
^ not enough references to pulses/lentils to be authentic
Mountains in the sun.
Ha! That's fair, although the stark is from '11; does that make it vintage in internet time? I actually don't wear it that much, but like our Comrade-in-Chief there are days when I don't want to think about what to wear and I reach for it. GATs are GATs. Denim is Rogue Territory SK, thanks to the guys from Blue Owl.
F/W '15 show today
Which one? The olive? Or grey?
So, for Schneider, are people sizing up for the Garden shirt? If I'm a 5 in the Botanical, should I be a 6 in the Garden?
Are the garden shirts TTS? I'm typically a 5 in Schneider, but my impression is that you're usually buying a size smaller than me.
Really wish the pocket bags weren't so big on the pants.
New Posts  All Forums: