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Valued like unicorns, just ask the princes on Sand Hill.
Well, let's hope the rest of us can do better than the Bay. It's a low bar.
For whatever reason, there's a tendency (generalizing) for people who work on computers to have that job consume a significant part of their identity. (Hopefully, this will change as the tech companies attempt to diversify.) Companies like this because it means they'll get a kid in his or her 20s and all they want to do is work: because work is identity. It's a hard job, unquestionably, and there are a lot of very bright people working in the industry. And, that industry...
Nah, Microsoft is the wrong demographic for Toto. Amazon and the other Seattle-based software companies or companies with offices (Google, Facebook, etc) are a much better fit: younger, more likely to be single with high income, and already live/work in the neighborhood. Microsoft demo is much older (mid-30s, families); in addition, Microsoft employees are overwhelmingly concentrated on the east side (Bellevue, Redmond, etc) where it's easy enough to just go into Nordstrom...
The women's section of the Seattle store seems to do well, lots of people. Men's however is usually a ghost town. Just me and DLester keeping it going (and all the college kids with expense accounts). Moving to New York, they're also going to be competing with the entrenched retailers, like Barneys, who will sell the same brands. Hard to see this as a likely success.
Despite the tough retail environment, Totokaelo opens a second store in NYC Clothing Retailer Totokaelo Has High Hopes for Manhattan http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/10/fashion/clothing-retailer-totokaelo-has-high-hopes-for-manhattan-fashion-week.html 60% of their sales are online, according to the article. NYC certainly has the money and clientele, but lots of competition too. And the rents not cheap.
You can't workout without AC?
How's the fit when zipped?
Think it was @accordion
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