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Suggestions for resources to learn more about lighting? LED vs incandescent? How to decide which temp is right for which conditions? Soft vs white?
I'm a 48 generally but take a 50 in the Richard
Interesting comment from Frances May on Insta - sounds like the fisherman is in stock but not online, only have s and M left. Wonder why it's not online.
The type 2 denim has been up for a while, since the spring, it's not new.
Seems like stuff is still trickling in. Haven't seen anything at Toto, for example; and a SA told me they're still carrying Geller. Will NMWA and Bus stop be the only people carrying rust?
Which stockist picked up the Emile in olive? Also, what about that sweater from a couple pages back that the actor guy was wearing?
There's a 50 in the charcoal.I'm interested to see how everyone styles the rust. I almost bought it, but I don't have the colors to make it work - just throwing it on with black jeans, to me, is too reminiscent of Halloween. The shot of keanswon and RG was awesome, but I don't have pants like that. The grey can work with a lot.
I'm usually a 50 in recent Geller outerwear, but took a 48 in the bomber.
Yes, size up.
Shaft too wide for slp denim?
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