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De Bonne is an interesting suggestion Like the idea of more preorders for Geller Schneider and Leder Not sure whether Kapital is really that different than other Japanese brands you already carry. Also the yen appreciation makes that stuff much more expensive compared to just a few years ago.
@Fuuma says it's over
Emil is TTS
I size up for Richard
TTS on the plaid; I've posted a few pics wearing it
Grailed is designed to maximize the volume of sales - not the price per sale - so that the owners maximize their profit;
You guys are acting like arbitrage was only "discovered" recently
And were you able to?
Speaking of slim: are these as skinny as they look on the model? Serious taper is not what I want
Picked up a beautiful KVA knit, tagged 48, but fits more like a 46, expectations were so high, but it just doesn't fit; fix your fucking sizing
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