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Blue Static or Black Lake?
Please please fix the website so that stuff that's out of stock doesn't show up as available when you filter by size
^ fwiw, I've had the same uncertainty. Using IE, on Windows 8.1 and a Lumia 830, if that matters.
^ having gone through something similar after a knee surgery and two shoulder surgeries, the best advice I'd offer is just to be consistent. Forget about the weight. Just get your body - and brain - used to exercise and the muscle and mental memory will eventually kick in, it'll feel great again, even if you're not hitting 255 on bench.
Weird seeing Nordstrom men's shoes selling Margiela, Givenchy, and CPs mixed in with Ecco and Cole Haan. Quite a few Margiela sneaks, marked down 30%. Some young kid with his girl friend dropped $750 on an ugly pair of men's Jimmy Choo highs. The Nordstrom SA was almost giggling with excitement to check them out. Also weird: On the clothing sale rack, seeing Junya, Lanvin, and Neil Barret in full size runs marked down 50%. Nordstrom is gunning for a piece of that Barneys'...
DBSS MA-1, size 2 http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/574914009340/
Anyone pickup a pocket sweater care to post a pic, comment on size/length?
Been debating the Buckhorn for a while. Hard to find any model pics. @accordion any other thoughts on them?
Socks look good. For the short sleeve tees, are all of them curved hems?
If you've got a 5, there's a known problem with batteries in certain serial number ranges. Check Apple's website. It's a free replacement, if your phone qualifies.
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