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On Groiled, it's a race to the bottom - everyone will wait you out
Exactly my experience. I no longer sell on broiled.
She doesn't park her car in Harvard yard anymore
Next time, you should just stand there and demand an answer. What could possibly go wrong? (I ran into Nat Port when she was hot shit and a Harvard student but I didn't have my contacts in so I thought she was a girl from a bar. It was akward when I realized.)
I'm a similar size, tried a 42, which was too small - caveat I have a wide foot
Those are TTS. The leather sucks though
Wow. Awesome boots
Beautiful pair of Buttero backzip black boot. Tagged size is 43, but Buttero runs a half size large - these will fit a 43 - 44, depending on whether you want to use an insole or not. These are similar in style to the iconic Carpe Diem S21M Backzips. I just picked these up from the cobbler and they've had a new heel protector put on and been conditioned. They're in excellent shape, years of life left. Retail was $1000. Will ship 2day FedEx for free
And during polite conversation
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