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Yes, but exclusivity and mystery only are meaningful if you actually make enough money to stay in business.
Wish one of the major online shops would pickup Peir, would makes it so much easier to try stuff out.
@gdl203, which heschungs in that pic?
Isn't this the one that @pelicans is selling? Maybe just ask him?
Buttero + Geller trousers (from two seasons ago) - the navy Buttero is turning out be quite versatile.
Anyone who's looking for the Poa in Storm, Neighbor has gotten a V back in stock.
Anyone know of a stockiest that has the FW standard pant in heathered charcoal? Interested, but the web shop's photos don't give me enough detail to decide.
Has anyone tried the Schneider Seeds long hem shirt? How long is the hem? What about Buckhorn trousers? Anyone have first-hand experience?
another pic of reverse indigo print and navy mesh woven trousers:
Navy butteros again? Again and again and again!
New Posts  All Forums: