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Size down one
Ervell has no value anymore on the secondary market. Lots of great stuff for cheap now
KVA knit, it's awesome but runs a size small so best for 46
He's got a new place now since the flour dust was killing him
Sedona is worth a trip.Also whatever Chris Bianco is up to, if you don't mind standing in line Anyone know of another stockist for these? Had a pair in 48 in stock last night both at Toto and Matches and somehow both sold out this morning.
Extra 10% off sale at Barneys
Additional 25% off MHL and mainline MH at NeedSupply Picked up the pocket cardigan for $100
You can spend an infinite amount of money on any hobby
De Bonne is an interesting suggestion Like the idea of more preorders for Geller Schneider and Leder Not sure whether Kapital is really that different than other Japanese brands you already carry. Also the yen appreciation makes that stuff much more expensive compared to just a few years ago.
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