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Nice to see someone with stuff that's more than six months old, Geller outerwear especially look great as they wear
What pants are these? https://*****************/listings/1498988
Guys come on there is nothing novel about 1TB of ram it's not the 80s. There are plenty of machines with that much ram you just don't see it at best buy
@ChetB if those Lemaire trousers are a 48 and don't work out let me know - tried to buy them from two different shops but didn't happen
Amdhal's law is still true
I want to pre order an epic Schneider cardi for FW '17
Speaking of Yoox noticed that they're using photos from the original retailer on some mmm stuff that just showed up.  nice change from the robo photos
Dries navy cash/wool cardi, size large, for $150:
People who have access to Yoooooox but not to a full range of Margiela stockists.
Matches has a lemaire ribbed rollneck on sale + additional 20% not sure if your size is available though
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