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nice milestone for Falcon to go from launch to initial orders to having a large enough customer base for a fit pic contest. jackets are looking great.
@LA GuySeems like slip ons are the least durable and easiest to find substitutes for. What do the Vis ones look like? I'd say Ann...but give us some more details
Minimalist sneakers are boring, there are a bunch of knock off versions at this point anyway. Derbies could be interesting, I'm in the market
Yeah, I think you need to message LA Guy to claim your prize.
Where can I find a pair of white side zips for under $750??
Yeah, there was a dude on there in Europe who was selling a full size run of the burgundy but he never responded to me and took down the listings
@cyc wid it which season bomber
What's this year's Granna tshirt? @notwithit Also: @La Guy when I have my Surface in tablet mode, the search button/magnifiying glass doesn't respond to touch - it work only if you're using a mouse. If I'm in tablet mode, and I touch the icon, nothing happens. Maybe a quirk of the desktop version of the site?
Anyone know where I can pickup the cadet derby from this past SS in burgundy? Not looking for the shine version.
That editorial is so good I looked at it again on my surface, much better than using my phone
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