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Thanks, I agree. Wish the Richard was closer to $400 than $500, but that's MiJ, I guess.
Richard blazer in a 48 - wondering if I should size up. I can button it ok, but definitely can't fit more than a tee shirt underneath. Sleeves are OK, wouldn't want them much longer, but would like the body slightly longer. I'm 6', 170lbs.
Is the tee crew neck? Or scoop? Silk blend right?
Trying to workout while traveling is tough. Lifts are down 15% in the hotel's shitty gym. No sleep and no calories.
Geller posted a photo of his new baby daughter on Instagram last night. Despite all the perception of glamour and affluence, I imagine it's a hard industry to have a family, especially if you're on your own.
Why would alcohol be any different? It's just calories (and carbs with beer).
@baltimoron how'd you size the Heschungs?
Does your phone lack auto correct?
Try again.
Also, his user name is the name of an alleged killer. Unless, you are, in fact, OJ Simpson, in which case carry on.
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