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Does the waist of the Escobars hold up? Or stretch out quickly?
What's the durability like on the escobars? How do they hold up over time?
That's the diffusion line. Mainline will become "Elliott LA", they're dropping the "John" and adding "LA." AKA "ELA."
Schneider season again (last season Schneider from NMWA)
Most of it is stuff we've seen before. Nothing that's going to change your perspective on style if you're familiar with Schneider. I do think the sand and camel coat and shirt are a nice variation from the usual colors G2 looks terrible on the model at Maas.
So, how about that denim...
How are the zips on the side zips? Good quality?
That's an interesting idea. Clearly, there's success with that model with other brands, like Schneider. But, Geller still feels somewhat niche to me. Is there enough interest where a retailer could succeed with a pre-order or group MTO? I know every season with Geller I inevitably miss out on items that I'd like to buy (last season's Ferdinand trouser, for example; this season, it'll probably be the rust bomber or the fisherman knit or the emile).
That love letter should be addresses not to RG, but to the people in this thread and the various stockists. Gotta buy RG at full price so the stockists can keep ordering. I'm certain RG would gladly put a full size run in every store. But that's up to us, not him.
The grey flight pants from NMWA will look awesome with the rust bomber. You guys think this is the end of FW '15 drops for Geller? Shocking, if true. I thought there was so much good stuff and accessible stuff in the collection.
New Posts  All Forums: