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Should I pickup the zip creepers? Don't have anything like that, just not sure if I'm feeling the zip and ripple sole
Regular collar, finished hems
Whoever was looking for sunglasses, RealReal has two pairs. There's even a 20% off coupon if you're like dbear. Looked up measurements on blackbird 135/48
Tired of waiting for the denim restock. Marty Margiela and Robbie Geller allow me to exchange my dollars for goods, no problem. We'll see when/if the JE denim restocks - maybe there'll be something still interesting to me
@conceptual 4est for the ts(s) jacket is the blue the same blue as the previous run?
Off the rack? Or MTM?Looks great
Is there anything this season that people are excited for? Not much has grabbed my attention, although this past FW had awesome outerwear
Generally people don't like it when you post links to your own blog
And SvB used to be Miran. Miracles do happen.
Had a "tear" in my pronator teres, 6 weeks of regular PT (stretching and small muscle exercises) did nothing. 3 Graston treatments had me back to 95% in 1.5 weeks
New Posts  All Forums: