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Anyone have real life photo of marled silver, either mittens or beanie?
Are these polarized?
Updated with more photos - it's been worn, but rarely; stored in a zipped sweater bag since I bought it last season. Condition is excellent.
The ToJ thread is a microcosm of various kinds of internet hysteria, not a discussion on quality. If you want a discussion on quality, try MC, Nephew.
Considering the charcoal standard pants in heathered charcoal or the formal pant in charcoal (with wool membrane? wtf). Anyone pick either of those up? Trying to get a sense of what the differences will be, other than fabric/color. Website photos aren't that helpful.
With January around the corner, I'm really excited to see NMWA's spring stock. Looking forward to picking up some of the brands I missed out on this past year: Niche, Esemplare, in particular. I expect there'll be some new stuff that will be stocked, which will surprise me (like SdC) and I'll love. Can't wait. And thanks to everyone at NMWA for making clothing so much fun.
Atrium NYC
Anyone have a real life photo of the marled silver beanie or mitten?
Where'd you pickup the first pair of boots from? Been looking for a pair like that
Blue Static or Black Lake?
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