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Standard jeans are only full size, 30 or 32.
Over time, how much will the standard jeans stretch? Tried a 32, which fits me, but wouldn't want it to stretch the way raws do or it'll end up baggy in all the wrong places.
Thanks, I'll give the 34 a try.
How's the sizing on Anderson's belt? If I'm a 31, should I be looking for a 32 or 34? Generally, 90cm works for me.
Interesting. Is it a retailer exclusive"
Lost in all this sale talk is the upcoming popover drop. And something else? Can't wait.
I don't see Olive as a color option for the standard jean?
All the dudes in concept's vid look like they're 6'4. They grow them big up there.
Jealous of who ever picked up the summer berry. Why don't I see any fit pics? Looks like great fabric for summer.
Ordered the red, white, brown flannel If the plumfetti is available in your size, go for it. One of the best shirts Mauro's made.
New Posts  All Forums: