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Thanks everyone for the perspective
Good advice, thank youHere's what it looks like visually:the space in between the dark blue line and the light blue line represents positive earnings. So, in general, it’s been positive. But, then in July 2015 the performance started to tank. There was another rebound and then things went down again. The point at which the line dips into the light blue is when the stock sale happened (the -$12k). What I don’t understand yet is whether these dips correspond to overall...
Thanks for the advice. In general, the advisor's done a good job, everything else under management is significantly up.The realized loss was an aberration - seemingly - and I'm just trying to educate myself better on whether it's indicative of poor management? Or just a natural part of an IRA where you take a loss in order to move the money into a better future investment?If it was an obvious explanation, I'd want to figure it out myself.
I have an IRA that has the following characteristics: 1) Unrealized gain of 7% YTD 2) Realized loss of $12,000 YTD 3) Previous year realized gain of $3,000 It's a small amount of money that's being managed on my behalf by an advisor. These numbers seem strange to me and I'm trying to figure out whether the advisor is doing a good job. The $12k loss seems weird, it was from a sale of a bunch of different assets. For an IRA, how should I be thinking of evaluating the...
Not now and not for several months. Just buy it now and enjoy it
Wife swap?
You can proxy via Courier Moose
Better keep that Schneider neat and maybe you'll catch T Swift's eye on those RI sands
Should we talk you out of your girl?
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