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Thanks for the sizing advice. Picked up the 32 in the tan suede as well.If anyone knows where I might find the floral one above in 32, let me know! Realize it's late in the season, but hoping.
Caridgan sold out at Neighbour already. Interesting, I'm still in the fence about it.
Is the fit as over sized as pics suggest? 6'2 dude wearing a V with room.
Awesome. Looking forward to seeing the white, might be a nice alternative to CP.
What about buttero lows?
When I did it, I was 6', 31, 165. I'd lose bookings to guys who were either 6'+, 32 - 34, and closer to 180 or 6'+, 30 - 32, and closer to 155, depending on the client.
On the internet, everyone is a model.
Unfortunately, short of saying "Send me an email so I can buy this outside of EBay" I can't seem to get the dude to figure out my super clever hints. Oh well.
Unless they're mining email, how would they know?
Is there any risk of trying to negotiate an eBay item, purchasing outside of eBay, ask for a lower price to avoid eBay fees? I'd use PP, get an invoice from the seller. Wondering if he'll accept a lower price to save $200 in eBay fees. Not sure what the risks are, in terms of buyer/seller protections between PP alone and eBay + PP.
New Posts  All Forums: