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For me, the type 3 denim was a perfect fit. Better than anything else I'd tried. 31" waist and don't skip leg day, so most denim is either skin tight or huge, but the type 3 was perfect fit after a few wears. Wish the inseam was a bit longer than 32.
Nomad has the denim. Still disappointed in how my pair of the 5 year wash is falling apart after a few months of wear. Hopefully the fabric and washing process has changed for fall.
Notwithit elevating the thinking in this thread out of sight. A nice break from the usual level of discourse.
Also looking for a proxy for Coppens. Looking for the black wool lux joggers in medium. Let me know if anyone can help out. Thanks
I'm into those as well. Hoping Totokaelo picks them up, so I can try them on. Still disappointed I missed out on the Ferdinand pant from last season.
Seems to be a lot of variance in MMM. I've bought a pair from this fall but returned because the leather was awful.
Moving on....is there an ETA for the denim? Given recent pricing, will be interesting to see how these are priced.
So are your posts
@OccultaVexillum still happy with the isaora court short?
Is there a zip blazer for this season?
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