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For those of us not familiar with Viberg lasts/leathers, what should we look at to get a sense of how this will look?
Margiela button-down, 70% off if you're a size 56: http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/maison_martin_margiela/slim-fit-cotton-poplin-shirt/409363
Toto is. A bit of digging on their site has links for their buy, but no pics yet
speaking as someone who has an engineering job at a large tech firm, these figures probably don't include bonus or stock, it's just salary. Total compensation is higher. Also, there's a significant salary difference between top tier and startup. That said, finance usually does pay more, especially at the higher levels.
Need a suggestion for a shake recipe - something with a yogurt base, looking to keep it low cal, low carb, high protein. Any pointers?
Ha. The J is actually jeroboam (double magnum) - that explains the price.
Figured it out: It was a special release magnum.
Doesn't ring a bell. For a $650 bottle, I'm guessing their price was at least $300. Wish I'd taken a photo, the bottle had an additional identifier, something starting with an I or J, I think.
Looks like they removed product measurements for each item.
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