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Not on sale.$375 at M&S
How are the Peel trousers in Wine? Got a real life photo?Here's a natural light photo of the Peel in dark, these are very much a lightweight trouser
They're talking about Canada, not the USA. Not sure if there any benefits, really.
Sorry for the dumb question but what are these?
Yes no returns
Peel trousers in dark, size 4, my usual size; wool/cotton blend, fabric is incredible. Even though the fabric is a wool/cotton blend, it's a light and flowing fabric; it's more of.a spring/summer weight. Note that the inseam on these is quite long I'm 6' and these pool at my ankles. Need to get them hemmed. Master shirt, cash/wool blend, size IV, sized down from my typical size V (earlier in the thread I posted photos of me in the V, which was way too big - don't agree...
Wasn't that the SF pre order style?
It's cool how those Margiela people were able to make a plant grow out of leather What will they think of next
YOOX up to 60% off certain designers (MMM, Jil); separate from the previous 25% off promo
Who needs the Sales alert thread when you've got @OccultaVexillum with deals Ordered the pink plaid from M&S - code givethanks for 25% Geller, limited to certain brands
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