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Try the ToJ thread.
You really need to post this in MC.
If you want something that actually works, check Beautypedia/Cosmetics Cop. It's free and includes products for men in their evaluations.
Who makes it?
For those who've been curious about current season sizing of the pocket sweaters, see below shitty photo: I'm 6, 170lbs. Ordered a medium. As you can see, the length of both the sleeve and the body are longer than previous seasons. Not overly fitted, which has been my experience with past seasons. Adding a better pic:
White Mountaineering Geller
Old stark is anything before 2011. You don't have an old stark.
Will do. Thanks for the advice.
About 11% body fat.Typically, when I do single arm DB rows, I'll use 60lb dbs. About 140lbs on lat pulldown. 3 sets of 8 - 12 reps.Don't usually do pullups.My upper back has good definition, but it's the lower area, especially on the left side, beneath the scapula where I've become aware of a significant difference between right and left. Serratus seems to have good definition as well, on both left and right.
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