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Who bought the clover? How'd you size? @Benesyed, you must have bought at least two...
Interesting, what you describe sounds good, the photo (on my phone) makes the shoes look glossy, which was the basis for my comment. Beat up sounds great, carry on.
I enjoy Miran's posts quite a bit more than some other (non-banned) posters.How will c4est get his secret Santa gift?
Like everything about this, but maybe consider a different shoe? The upper part is very streetwear, the shoes aren't as much.
Seems easier to just ask @dlester
What doesn't function about the website? Customer service seems seperable.
Ervell is a small business, it's a constant struggle to keep costs low. Understandably, they're trying to keep their people costs low - and for most companies across every industry it's people who are expensive. I've never had issues with the webstore, although not surprised others have - some inefficiency should be expected given the size of Ervell's operation, it's how they deal with problems that's more telling/concerning. I just hope people don't treat the Ervell...
Looks like Notre's got a couple spring items up: http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/robert-geller
Best Benes post ever?
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