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@jwalterweather some dude is selling that sample sweatshirt you sold recently for $250 on grilled. Didn't you list it for $80? Please no one buy it
Last fall's Richard in 46, $90 http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/select7tokyo/item/b40395/
Check the wolfvsgoat thread - range of tees dropping for summer
Sebastian Flight pants fit big, right? Seem to remember that the 48 had a 34 waist
Who's got a pair of type 2? Thinking about the black. Type 1s don't fit and type 3 is a great fit with some room in the thigh. Is type 2 the goldilocks fit? Kinda wish inseam was a bit longer.
I thought dock pants were fairly TTS for a 48 and I don't skip leg day
Cool. How do you like them when they're on? Debating picking up a pair
Everyone who didn't get a code should take all their JE stuff and set it on fire. That'll teach them.
Geller DBSS Ervell ETQ
New Posts  All Forums: