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Speaking of slim: are these as skinny as they look on the model? Serious taper is not what I want https://m.eastdane.com/actions/productDetailPageAction.action?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=1540210089
Picked up a beautiful KVA knit, tagged 48, but fits more like a 46, expectations were so high, but it just doesn't fit; fix your fucking sizing
Whichever current season trouser that has a button fly and elastic on the waist: fit is super slim. I'm usually a 4 (31 waist), but a 4 in these were painted on in the thighs; tried the 5 but it was huge. No good.
Thanks, what's weird is that they're new on the website, too. Maybe they were in store only originally
What is this surprise http://www.blueandcream.com/product/RGF6-13.html SS '17? @keanswon
Just bought a couch with a mohair/velvet fabric blend. Uhoh
Bro, It's Seattle
Regression to the mean...and the mean has coalesced around a few themes.
It means you're rich but you watched that documentary about the environment that Leo Decap produced on Netflix that one timeMocking aside what's great about Tesla is that because of the software the car gets better over time, right now no other manufacturer comes close
Peel is the name of the model, right? Dark was the M&S make up.My mistake.Haven't seen 100% wool.There is the two make ups at M&S, the 100% brushed cotton at NMWA, Mr Paris has a 100% cotton version (think I saw this make up at a Japanese stockist too)Haven't seen 100% wool before
New Posts  All Forums: