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I can understand that. So, perhaps, the problem isn't GATs per se but rather the color..maybe checkout some of the blue/black/grey colorways. White is tough.
Just a thought, but I don't think the white GATs work in your fits. Just seem so out of place. Usually, I like what you put together and then see the GATs and it just jars with the rest.
Yeah, thigh and waist didn't fit me on the 30. Thigh is good on 32, waist is like .5 inches big on 32, but I can still wear them fine without a belt.
I posted measurements on the 30 a couple pages back with differences compared to web store.Note that since I posted website updated their measurements.
I'm a 31 and needed a 32 in the SS14 standard jean; 30 didn't button.
Veekta, is that the lavender? Here's the raspberry in AD small; I'm typically a BD medium, but wanted to try AD - for reference, 6', 165lbs. Didn't have a chance to iron yet.
Shipping confirmation. Capitalism saves the day again.
Letter with news today?
Check out eBay, usually pretty easy to find a replacement at a much lower price than retail. If it's an iPhone, I've had Apple stores replace broken stuff even out of warranty.
For the Canadians in Vancouver: Check out Timber Train in Gastown. One of the best espressos I've had in my life (Brazil) and one of the best bags I've bought (Ethiopia). They do their own roasting and it's as good as the roasters I'm familiar with (Handsome, Heart, Ritual). Check it out. That espresso was almost good enough to make me want to cross the border just for another shot. If they'll ship to the US, I'm buying more for myself.
New Posts  All Forums: