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Hmmm...I'll give them some credit for Undercover and Junya. The latter in particular stands out nicely from the sea of navy and black Acne/APC/Wings that seem to cover half the floor. Also, as a Geller fan, it's always nice to find a store that's consistently stocking him. But in general they're selling safe stuff that will actually sell at retail. And the Seattle money, especially the Amazon crowd, isn't particularly imaginative.
It doesn't help that their sound system is perpetually stuck on 11. And the tastes of their staff tend to run toward the hype.
Were you in there today? White Margielas with no laces?
Looking for a proxy from Canada to the US - let me know!
Anyone in Canada able to proxy something for me? I'm in the US.
Yeah, the fit is fine unzipped. Just when it's zipped up, it's kinda tight through the back and limited arm movement. It is a bomber, but having second thoughts. Wish I'd tried the large.
Anyone looking for this season's bomber in a medium? Debating sizing up to a large, but only have a few days left to return the medium, trying to avoid the hassle/rush.
Is that a jacked guy wearing Schneider? Don't tell Teger.
Really excited that Amazon is finally selling Robert Gellar!!!
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