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One step forward with the diet, two steps back?
Sardines are cheap, good protein, and portable. Easy snack/lunch
Which JE tank?
From what I've been told at Barneys, Geller Seconds sells like fire in LA. Stores typically re-direct whatever Geller (either seconds or mainline) they have to LA, especially at sale season.
Keep in mind that depending on the season, an XL on SNS might be either an XS or an XXXXXXL
Other than Neighbour did any stockists pickup the Aramis shirt in indigo (short sleeve, but not button down)
Looking for a grey laced boot. Prefer something like a side-zip. Not a chukka. Not something you'd pull on to go chop firewood. Suede is OK. Margiela, Heschung, Buttero all have let me down. Help.
Yes, Occulta is a big fatty. Stop eating, fatty, and hit the gym. Try lifting weights. Ask benes for advice.
@conceptual 4est can you clarify waist measurement for Schneider crystal trousers? The measurements seem really big, maybe I'm not appreciating the elasticized waist.
Rod Lavers > Stan Smiths > CPs
New Posts  All Forums: