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Don't do it. Sell your earth tones
No need to defend your purchase I've got a gray bomber myself. In his case he was making a choice and ochre was the right answer
You can wrap it around your neck when it's not in use
No - the question is about influence not just whether you can ship something via ups. East Dane just wants your money, they're just following trends. There are others who are trying to create the trends. Both need to be online.
There are a million anonymous gray bombers buy ochre
Bro, please
Nordic superpower for sureI was suggesting Toto wanted influence and - wrongly perhaps - assumed they needed 8500 sq ft in NYC to get it. Ultimately it may just be evidence that Toto wasn't doing anything noteworthy as a retailer. And that's fine - maybe you can even make some money just selling clothes - but it gets risky when you're not content and seek more
It's hard to have any cred if your sphere of influence is limited to the same town where "Sleepless in Seattle" was filmed
All you need is a white pillow case, a white sheet, and a pair of scissors
Looks great
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