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another pic of reverse indigo print and navy mesh woven trousers:
Navy butteros again? Again and again and again!
Dark Stantons after one year of wear and one wash.
Navy butteros - love the color. For reference, I ordered a 43 and I'm 44 in Margiela GATs, US 10.5 in a sneaker; the 42 in the Buttero didn't fit.
Reverse indigo print, courtesy of @atcolv who proxy'ed it for me.
I've known corporate finance to trip people up - depending on where you're in school, it might not be the pushover you expect.
Palm Springs, Provincetown, and Pride.
I just have to say that I wish I lived in a colder climate if only so I could wear this. TS(s) is so good.
The Scott and Charles might work best if you're able to wear it as outwear. Maybe even unbuttoned...
Haven't tried Tellason, but love my SKs. Great for for me and I'm a small waist/big thighs.
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