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Sized wrong on the sweatshirt. If you want a medium in burgundy PM me. I'll throw in 2 day shipping. Sucks.
Good pickup on the RG
My Taninos are starting to squeak after about a year of use. How do I quiet them up?
I think Fok, our resident style maven, has jeans made entirely out of diamonds, too. And a pair of JNCO. Take that Rihanna.
Jeans made entirely of diamonds
Was looking forward to these for months. But will pass based on price and odd stretch/raw fabric. Colors are strong, but other factors outweigh that positive.
The Geller brick bomber needs something closer in color. It's too contrasty with indigo or black denim. The photos of Geller wearing it usually showed a Richard pant or something closer in color to brick. I think it's a tough piece to style right. Maybe try grey denim?
Have a pair of BNWT Escobar Duos in size medium, but I need large. Anyone out there interested in a trade?
@El Argentino if that was a real spoiler you posted on the last page and didn't tag go fix it. lame.
New Posts  All Forums: