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Sebastian flight pants, size 50 and 52, BNWT (50% off): http://item.rakuten.co.jp/2fantastic/10004110/ Sprayed crew neck, 48, BNWT, 30%: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/2fantastic/10004418/
Ehhh...seems like lazy reductionism, arguing that nothing new is interesting because it might superficially resemble something that came before.Maybe wait to condemn until there's more than just a small photo
Taken out of context this statement has the potential to describe so many things that are fantastic, which I'm sure is how it was intended
@willy cheesesteak nice fits with the AF1s, good examples that you don't always need shell cordovan or whatever for tailored stuff
@Noctone is right on with the side zip opening. Decided not to keep the pair I picked up. Works great with larger hem, like Geller type 3 denims, but too large for Geller type 2 or, for example a pair of Margiela trousers. See below. Also, on the pair I had, the YKK zips seem cheap, very difficult to close.
Good write up on Geller http://journal.styleforum.net/styleforums-favorite-brands/
Anyone have a current list of stockists?
Looks great! What boots are you wearing?Ugh, and size small already sold out
I find it fascinating that you actually know foot fetishists. How does that happen? Are they people you just "run into" in daily life? Are they everywhere? Has anyone alerted Trump?
Everything looks nice, PF stuff is great, but the Geller boots seem out of place with the cuffed denim and work wear tops.
New Posts  All Forums: