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Why is this supposed to be a special snowflake?
In store only stock sucks
5 ziiiiiiip!
Hmmm...I've found the Dries men collection less interesting than the women's. Also, the fit on a lot of Dries stuff just seems weird unless you're 6'1 and 140lbs. Geller for me is much more approachable and wearable but there's an evolving point of view that I find compelling as well. Fabric, fit, and details are stand outs for Geller (except for knits which are oddly consistently uninteresting)
Sure others have used clasps. Just like lots of people use zippers or buttons, but it's not a detail in isolation - it's the combination of details.
It's solid. How many ways can you make a black bomber stand out? The metal clasps are a detail only Geller would come up with. Fabric is great. See how Nomad styles it. The price is the price, but I don't see a reason this wouldn't be prices differently than the Sebastian from last season, for example
@gdl203 were you at the show?
Awesome! Can't wait to receive mine (burgundy)
One of you NYC dudes should sneak in and periscope it
Bumping this - is there a live stream? Show starts in 1.5 hrs
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