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Anyone who bought the Esemplare Kamloops in a large and having second thoughts? Let me know.
As far as I know, based on last year, Ion is TTS
I understand the appeal of Schneider, but I think you need to be selective - his cuts aren't universal. Try unbuttoning the bottom button on the cardi - looks short, cuts you in half at the waist. Wish Poa had been cut longer.
Ask Fok. Or just use search - think it's described in RFT
Which SNS? Stark?
Pedaled Rainfrog - if I'm 6, 165 am I a medium or a large?
Because the grailed dude violated SF's rules, trolling for people to move to his system from B&S.
Heschung boots in size 10UK: http://mobile.yoox.com/us/44716731HF/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=44716731HF&sizeId=13 YOOXGIVING for an additional 20% off drops price to $280
Dude in B&S just posted a topless photo of himself in a listing for N&F jeans. A committed seller, for sure.
Anyone pickup a pocket sweater? How'd you size?
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