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4 months after knee surgery hit 95lbs on squat for 3x12. Feel halfway human again. Stay safe RHET
Same bomber as @Francks
Sebastian bomber in charcoal Lounge pants
Favorite purchase from NMWA in 2015 Other stuff bought from lesser stores
It'll go great next to your bunny jacket, which I'm sure would like some company
I think first orders are still two weeks out. I'll post pics of grey when I get mine
Sorry bro, I know you love the knits
In terms of Schneider, love the outerwear and shirting. Been a while since a knit has really caught me eye. Has everyone else started making better knits? Or have his knits been so good for so long that it's hard to do anything really special? In contrast, all the nostalgia for the Merino seems like there was room for improvement in the outerwear. Maybe this season is peak outerwear?
Was debating sizing up, but worried about the shoulders. I'm typically in between a 48/50. Looser is great, but hard to tell if a VI would be goofy on me
6, 165, need 18" in shoulders and 22" chest, ordered the Thinner in V.
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