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So, for Schneider, are people sizing up for the Garden shirt? If I'm a 5 in the Botanical, should I be a 6 in the Garden?
Are the garden shirts TTS? I'm typically a 5 in Schneider, but my impression is that you're usually buying a size smaller than me.
Really wish the pocket bags weren't so big on the pants.
Karl hates ugly people,"so depressing": http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/magazine/the-jet-set-life-of-karl-lagerfelds-favorite-male-model-for-now.html?
Totally agree. But you've said that a million times. You're not going to change anyone's mind - so what's the point?
Less whining about SZ, no one cares that you got your feelings hurt. Seriously, feels like you two tag-team about SZ almost as often as Bene talks about buying another Schneider whatever that won't fit well.
Yeah, MH is nice - don't like the selection this year.I guess I'm just disinterested in a single store that sells a seemingly infinite number of variations on the same exact workwear style.
All the people excited about union made and I just don't understand how anyone can get so excited about 1000 different versions of a henley, which is seemingly all they sell. (Other than the bucket hats and overpriced Beams+.)
That Jil Sander experience: Order the same sweater in two different colors, size up one to allow for wacky Jil fit, only to discover that one sweater is still a size too small. Sizing isn't consistent among colors???
What are you using to add weight?
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