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@LA Guy would you mind posting a pic of how they fit sized up? I like the look you're going for, but when I've tried myself to size up in raw denim, inevitably, I end up with something that's too large in the waist.
I happen to agree that the website is an underwhelming introduction to the brand. The values that you focus on in your clothes aren't reflected in the website. As an example of a website that (I think) is trying to attract a similar audience, check out NMWA.
Is this TTS?
More generally, who is stocking Peir Wu this fall? Also - if anyone has Snowpant in 46, lemme know.
Anyone pickup the Nils chukka? How'd you size? Also: sage de cret trousers - anyone pickup a pair? How's S/M/L correspond to waist sizes?
For those with Butteros, if I'm a 44 in Margiela GATs, what am I looking at for the Butteros? 43?
With the pre orders is there any way to batch other items? For example, if I pre order a shirt and want a couple tees, can I order together to pay shipping only once?
Schneider alpaca-blend shawl collar cardigan. Beautiful grey color: interwoven shades of grey wool create a subtle gradient. Fabric, as always with Schneider, is top-notch; incredibly soft, not all itchy. Tagged size 5. P2P: 21 Back length: 26 Excellent condition - no obvious signs of wear. Drop to $155 shipped CONUS.
I can't wait to see the new ads that are targeted toward us sports buffs.
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