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Hoping the bathing suit doesn't have pockets - hate how suits look when they get wet and have pockets, everything just sags.
peffect timing for the thread to be featured on the front page
Having been through shoulder surgery twice and knee surgery once, the stupid movements make a difference. Don't condemn everything on the basis of what you don't understand. Hint: When a baseball pitcher with a $100 million contract gets a rotator cuff tear, how does he rehab? Money's figured this stuff out, more or less.
Schneider bomber/cardigan thing, courtesy of B&S and @inmamy
margiela trousers Thoughts on fit? Debating having the leg let out a bit.
Wtf is a relaunch?
Who bought the clover? How'd you size? @Benesyed, you must have bought at least two...
Interesting, what you describe sounds good, the photo (on my phone) makes the shoes look glossy, which was the basis for my comment. Beat up sounds great, carry on.
I enjoy Miran's posts quite a bit more than some other (non-banned) posters.How will c4est get his secret Santa gift?
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