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Only for deep dish pizza
Has anyone had patellar tendonitis? 6 weeks ago i was deadlifting, everything felt great, but then later that night (hours later) my knee started hurting. The pain is entirely focused on the area right beneath the knee cap. It's a very mild discomfort and has gotten better over time but not healed yet. If I move the knee cap around, the entire area feels spongy, compared to the other knee. The joint feels fine; the only time I notice any discomfort is when walking on the...
Good pickup. Been considering that myself
It's a great cardigan. Nothing hype about it. What I don't understand is the people who buy 4 of the.
Did anyone pickup the grey boucle Richard from last season? Thoughts? What about the light grey marled one that East Dane and Ssense had?
@flowcharts the best item I've bought in months thanks to your rakuten skills. Color and fabric are incredible Owe you one.
That'll be a solid choice. I'm regretting missing out on the double print linen still
They stay in their own thread, an incestuous bunch
I'm a 43 typically, but had to size down to a 42 in the Bball Highs.
Martin Robert Common
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