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Richards haven't sold well recently. Last few seasons it was easy to find them at 50% (Ssense, East Dane, etc)
I think everyone has at least one I like mine
Anyone have a link to current collar style? Want something other than button down for fall flannels
Type 2 in black, type 3 in 5 year fade...looking forward to having slate hanging next to them.
If the sweatshirt touches your skin that's an automatic 25% reduction if you try to resell it. So I wear a garbage bag underneath to avoid any skin contact.
Pink plaid almost gone at Maas, only 46 left Good buy from them.
It might be a non zero factor in long term death, but more studies are needed.
As for Amazon last I checked average retention for engineering jobs was less than 2 years. Bezos treats people just like any other commodity. That said, there are people who love it. And if you've been there 10+ years you've made some good money on the stock. Salaries are capped at $160k which is nothing special for engineering jobs if you cane from a good CS program and can get shit done
As someone who worked through a tech major at a top 5 CS program, works for a large tech company, and has a team of people - from both industry and university - I can say that statement is not generally true.
It's always sale season somewhere
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