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Bumping this - is there a live stream? Show starts in 1.5 hrs
Can someone remind me on the ETA for completion of the Thinner pre orders? August? September?
Wrong thread
Hunt for Red October?
Acrimony has them
Farfetch had them at $270 when their private sale started.
Is the Robert shirt TTS? I seem to remember someone here saying it runs small. Looking at NMWA, the 48 seems to have a 17" shoulder, but the 50 is only .3 larger.
Teens used Pokémon Go app to lure robbery victims, police say - www.usatoday.com http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2016/07/10/four-suspects-arrested-string-pokemon-go-related-armed-robberies/86922474/?campaign_id=A100&campaign_type=Email
He's very concerned about the length of his denim
Avatars on the site should be unique. There's a guy in the JE thread with the same avatar as Shoreman, there've been a few wtf moments until I remember to check the actual name
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