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Had a similar injury a while back. In my case, it was actually piriformis. Lots of stretching; hot bath and heat helped too. Got several massages from a physical therapist, which helped as well.Took about a month to heal.
At 6, 180 I found the V too tight/cropped.
Fit question: here's a photo of me in a medium BD. note that the collar button is pulling a bit. Otherwise, fit is perfect. Wondering if the collar button pulling because the neck measurement is too small for me?
^ careful on sizing, most of those seem to be in the cropped side, from the fit pics I've seen, especially in taller dudes
Olive + Grey.
I was doing concentration curls and my arms were locked. Good safety tip, though.
Hurt my wrist 2nd week of Jan, likely from dumbell curls. Negative xray, sports doc says soft tissue injuries can take 10 - 16 weeks! I'm at 12 and losing my mind. Weird thing is that there's just minor discomfort in the wrist, doesn't feel normal, but doesn't hurt, no sharp pain. All the irritation is localized to a small spot, size of a push pin near the anterior, where the wrist connects to my hand. If however I try to do a push up or a lift with the wrist supinated...
Any suggestions for routines at home with minimal gear investment? Working like crazy lately, only been lifting 2x at the gym. Would like some suggestions on what I can buy to supplement (or minimize loss) at home. Small house and young kids, so I won't be buying a bench and rack for home. But dumb bells or a kettle bell or whatever would work. Help!
"You haven't made flowers on me in nearly three weeks."
Miran and Hirsh within minutes. Coincidence or conspiracy?
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