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ETA for MTO flannels?
What's the tagged size?
Alpaca coat, what Greg is wearing, is old news. Not current seasons. But, still so good.
Re: denim Any other changes to the fit? I'm a 31, athletic and my experience was the following, with the Obsidian: 29: couldn't button top button, legs too tight 30: perfect except waist too big 31: too big everywhere Love the denim, especially the new color. Wish the sizing was a bit different.
Is the FW12 and FW13 grey mélange identical in color? The FW13 seems to be a lighter grey, but I can't tell from stock photos.
^ MTO flannels, is what I meant. Tees are supposed to be restocked, I think.
Excited for flannels and tees restock!
Interesting - a few items at the Corner that are on sale have fluctuated in their sale pricing over the past few days: for example, $72 -> $85 -> $98, the current price; significant change. Never noticed that before.
So entitled.
New Posts  All Forums: