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If I'm a 5 in Schneider shirts, would I be a 5 in memory? I'm 6, 170 - wondering how to size since Kyle is 5'9 and a 4 - size 5 or 6?
This thread reminds me of AW14, lots of people quick to complain, based off the SP pre order, and then when the stuff dropped everyone's tripping over themselves to pull their wallets out. Guarantee a few of the people above are just echoing the group think. Wait and see.
Anyone on the west coast (not SoCal) with a merino care to comment on how much use you got from it? It was 50 degrees today where I live. Nov/Dec can be colder, but I don't want to buy this thing for the one week of 30 degree weather we get. Although, man, that jade is beautiful. @cyc wid it
This past season, when I bought stuff from NMWA, there was always another piece that was more intersting to me than your Geller stuff: basically, there were better examples of what you were offering from Geller elsewhere in the store.The zip blazer and the Richard are iconic Geller pieces, but how many Geller fans are intersted in these? How many people in this thread need another Richard or zip blazer? So, that leaves your non-Geller fan as a potential buyer. From the...
In 12 minutes, Brady scored more points against the league's best defense than had been scored against them in the eight previous 4th quarters combined. That's why he's got 4 rings.Kearse catch was a fluke. Otherwise, Pats win.
The conversation about leather, jackets, chinos, jeans, and fishtail parkas - Mauro, know your customers well.
Best Benes fit ever?
I keep hearing that tapering is easy. Could you explain more about why that's easy? Seems like it throw off the silhouette for something that's not cut to already have a taper.You seem to imply that tapering the thigh, above the knee, is more difficult - why's that?
Uh, have you seen the photos from Fok's phone? It's not just kunk
Thanks! For $70, it's an easy keeper. I was hoping for something a bit boxier, actually. But the fabric is a nice blend.
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