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Rose/grey two-tone arrived today. It's great, there's a neat detail where the dividing like between the two colors is curved front-to-back, rather than horizontal. Tried to post a fit pc, but the mobile site "Upload from my device" doesn't seem to like Windows Phone. Will post later.
If I'm in SF for a night, staying at the Westin on Powell, where's the one place I should try to eat? I tend to like simple stuff, without pretension, just done well.
Dip dye pants 😠 What size was it? 46? Rose two tone 😄
Any ETA on when new stuff goes live today?
I'm a true 31, bought a 46. For reference, 6 ft and 165.
Someone who's a 48 should grab the Engineer pant. My favorite purchase of 2013 (and the year's not even over); worth full retail.
Interesting. I'd be willing to tradeoff the size of the house for a place in a good neighborhood; I grew up in Boston/NYC, so I'm used to sharing public spaces. We live in a city now, intentionally avoiding the burbs. In other words, don't need a backyard, but having 3 bedrooms and 2k square feet would be acceptable. The other tricky part is that I'd prefer to avoid a long commute, I hate driving. Anything more than 20 minutes in a car will melt my brain. And, ideally,...
So, there's a couple companies in the Bay Area who've asked me to interview. One company is downtown, the other in a nearby suburb. How do I get an accurate sense of the cost of living in SF vs the burbs? I live in a large city currently, no income tax, and have dual incomes (with two young kids). Feels like SF real estate is just crazy (and so are the areas nearby), unless you've already cashed out in an IPO. Even if my wife and I found comparable salaries (or even...
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