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I posted a pic earlier in the thread. Seemed TTS, but maybe - for reference I'm 6, 170
It's so cool to actually see the clothes modeled - see whether something in your head actually looks good. Thanks @conceptual 4est and @willy cheesesteak. Gotta say that the Eo To To trucker looks amazing, nice job @Lorcan7 wish I had the wardrobe to make it work. Suzusan scarf in @Parker's fit looks great, too. Manlegs in @Synthese fit are excellent as well, very conceptual; Synth has a great eye - I wonder if it'll be a new maker for NMWA?
Will there be more picnic shirts for summer?
@King Calder is that the grey ombre plaid from the sale? Bought the blue in a 4 and I'm roughly same size as you, but if you bought a 3 looks like I might have sized wrong. How tall are you?
Save your money
Sepp Blatter?
Absolutely. They're practically a collector's item. Also, if they're previous season, you can mark them as vintage.
Really? For Geller, their USD prices are identical to other retailers.
what measurements are you looking for?
For the OS wool Lambeth bomber is it TTS? Or size up one? Looking to buy a gift for someone who's usually a 40.
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