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On a size 30: Web store waist: 16 Actual: 15.5 Web store thigh: 11.5 Actual: 10
Yes. Will measure later
Web store measurements are way off in the standard jean. Ordered the 30, no way it's an 11.5 inch thigh. I'm a 31 TTS and probably need the 32.
Rogue Territory Stanton Stealth wash.
I hope never to associate with someone who ties their laces asymmetrically. Let us banish them to orthotic footwear and flip-flops forever.
Any recommendations for an online source for wall mounted clocks? Prefer analog, but maybe there's something tasteful that's digital?
Ordered on Th, but still no email confirmation. Typical?
Considering a pair of JE denim. Their waist sizing is typically off by two, E.g, tagged 29 is a 31. Love the cut, but as a true 31 I find that their size 30 is the only pair that fit in the thighs for me. Because a 30 is a 32 waist, I'm wondering whether I can just have the waist tailored? I've, done that with pants but never denim. Any issues altering the waist with denim?
That's not a reason to go to the ER. You're ruining it for the rest of us. Go to urgent care or, better yet, an Ortho.Also, I'd wait at least 48 hours before seeking diagnostics; if it was broke, you'd know. Ice. Don't lift.
Where do we get the Charly tees?
New Posts  All Forums: