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Other than NMWA, MrP, and Ssense anyone have Master Piece backpacks on sale?
Not true. Ordering from End US will incur duties over $800
I just bought a monarchy, free shipping and free returns (will be sending Prince Ginger back across the channel)
Or, using language from MrP "upgrade your casual capsule" with some sneaks that are good in theory but hard to pull off in real life
The popping will be your medial epicondyle.
Noticed Haven has half sizes for denim. Haven't seen that elsewhere. Anyone know if that's special for Haven? Or will other stockists start doing that?
Geller JE Geller Blanc and Noir
Recs for jacket (bombers, Geller, not bespoke) hangers? Hanger project feels kinda step at $30/per but maybe you're paying for the right thing.
Got a pair of 5 year fades in size 30 that you're not wearing? Hit me up. My pair have finally fallen apart
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