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She likes to run half marathons, so I don't think that'll really work out.
Well, yeah. The principles are obvious, it's the implementation that's interesting. Like, an actual diet and training routine, ideally written by a woman
Trying to find a well written explanation of diet for aesthetics. Friend of mine works out hard, she lifts, and does various circuit-type classes, which includes cardio. She looks fit, but she's not happy with how her stomach looks. She's 5'3 and so has a small stomach area; she's mostly legs and so any stomach fat is apparent. Any recommendations for a correct well written source on diet/cardio?
Kiehl's is rarely a good formulation. Over priced.Check Beautypedia/Cosmetics Cop for science based recommendations
Looking forward to Geller, hoping for the type 3 denim...
Jack Straw is now online. Wonder if they'll start using Farfetch????? Nice to see them online, they stock good brands. www.jstraw.com
There are other nice options on WC. San Diego, Portland, Seattle (although in the city housing costs are sky-rocketing; fastest growing population in the country)
Hand washed my navy mesh trousers in cold and they shrunk half an inch in the waist. No idea whether they'll ever fit again. So be careful with that fabric
Most of the incumbents are well aware of this risk - that's why they all run on-site labs in those countries where there's talent. China is interesting (see Qualcomm and Intel) but I'll assert that the West will continue to win until the other countries trying to compete truly embrace immigrants/engineering talent in the same way. When the MIT kids start talking jobs in China rather than the Valley you know you're fucked. But that's not happening anytime soon.
New Posts  All Forums: