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@accordion - thoughts on the lam cardigan? what color did you get?
I find the Schneider shirts are very easy to move between different looks - you can style them to look clean or, as in my previous photo, in a layered look (like with the cardi I was wearing in the pic from this weekend).
Schneider again? Again and again and again (plus Sage de Cret trousers)
Schneider botanical For those curious about sizing, I'm 6, 165 and a 5 is a perfect fit.
^ biased
Check out Blue Owl:http://blueowl.us/designer/reigning-champ/
Cardigan: http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/cardigan_cod39468149rb.html [I'm a 38 and sized up to 40]Shoes: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/tanino-low-sneaker-navy-calf-4444.htmlPants: http://www.patrikervell.com/product/detail/pass/2466 [Dove Grey]Button-down Shirt: WvG, no longer made
Awesome jacquard knit White Mountaineering sweater. 100% wool, so it'll keep you warm. Construction is top-notch and the design is killer, what you'd expect from WM. Bought this at the end of last season, but, unfortunately, it just doesn't get cold enough where I live to wear this. Tagged size 2, nice slouchy fit on a 48 (I'm 6, 165 and it fits well, not overly tight) Measurements Back lenght: 27 Chest circumference: 40 Sleeve: 33 Retail was $600
It's a proper slim fit. Check the pics, not painted on.
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