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How's the fit when zipped?
Think it was @accordion
Is RG wearing Richard pants in that photo?
Is the Leder blue/black check button down really gone already in M?
Where can I see an example of the MA1 design?
Mainline two button sportcoat 60% off, size medium: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/margaret-howell-herringbone-two-button-sportcoat-503560872.html Few other items on Barneys Warehouse as well
What's the Steven Alan code?
Nice fit. Try a smaller cuff on the jeans (or have them hemmed).
Who's fun to follow on Insta? Leaving the question open ended intentionally, maybe I'll get surprised.
As discussed ad naseum, Schneider is not necessarily "slim." There are plenty of guys who are built/not slim who wear it well.Your particular problem is silhouette and dressing for your body in a way that doesn't make everything look poorly proportioned, like a child's drawing of a person: Squares, circles, and rectangles.But you know all this already.
New Posts  All Forums: