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The boots are crafted by Hedi's elves in a Parisian dungeon . Worn by hype beasts everywhere.
What's your height and weight? I'm 6' 170, medium BD was a good fit on me, thought 41 would be ideal.
If anyone who bought the double print linen is having second thoughts, let me know and I'll buy your spot
Interesting. Perhaps this season runs TTS. I'm a 48 and in the past that's been too small in the Richard unless you want it skin tight. And you don't
if you are a 48.then you'll want to buy a 50
What is, your size
Did you pickup the boucle? Have a photo, I was debating it, would love to see a real life photo
Now an extra 60% off in a 48
Margiela x Converse highs on yoox almost a fsr
Navy hides the sweat stains better
New Posts  All Forums: