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Karl hates ugly people,"so depressing": http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/magazine/the-jet-set-life-of-karl-lagerfelds-favorite-male-model-for-now.html?
Totally agree. But you've said that a million times. You're not going to change anyone's mind - so what's the point?
Less whining about SZ, no one cares that you got your feelings hurt. Seriously, feels like you two tag-team about SZ almost as often as Bene talks about buying another Schneider whatever that won't fit well.
Yeah, MH is nice - don't like the selection this year.I guess I'm just disinterested in a single store that sells a seemingly infinite number of variations on the same exact workwear style.
All the people excited about union made and I just don't understand how anyone can get so excited about 1000 different versions of a henley, which is seemingly all they sell. (Other than the bucket hats and overpriced Beams+.)
That Jil Sander experience: Order the same sweater in two different colors, size up one to allow for wacky Jil fit, only to discover that one sweater is still a size too small. Sizing isn't consistent among colors???
What are you using to add weight?
My SdC trousers are my favorite pickup of 2014. As for brands, NMWA should just keep surprising us - Niche, SdC, Esemplare - all brands that have added great variety to my wardrobe. I'd be skeptical of the feedback for minute variations on what you already carry - Henry Ford has a relevant quote here, I think.
While back someone said only exercise to develop calf was weighted jump rope? That working out?
Anyone have a real life photo of the jade pocket sweater? East Dane makes it look kinda fluorescent, while Web store looks darker.
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