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MTO flannel is at the post office, can't wait to see it in person!
Are any of the Lunettes polarized? After wearing polarized sunglasses for years, hard to switch.
The US retail model is deceptive, it's trained you, like a junkie looking for a hit, to expect sales because you think you're saving money: the reality is they're marking up by 3x to retail price so that they can still make money from you at sake time. Mauro's model is totally different and, as a consumer, I like it much better; no ridiculous markup, but no "sale." GDL had a nice post about this recently.
What would the construction time be on orders placed today?
Last time, I think it was 88%, but not certain. Shockingly, the average Gilt/JCP customer is probably going to say "$100 for sneakers? That's crazy!" and pass. Gilt != SF.
^ They've had CP before. Nothing new.
Thanks for the update. I wasn't being critical, I was just asking for an update. Looking forward to receiving mine.
ETA for MTO flannels?
What's the tagged size?
Alpaca coat, what Greg is wearing, is old news. Not current seasons. But, still so good.
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