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Had a "tear" in my pronator teres, 6 weeks of regular PT (stretching and small muscle exercises) did nothing. 3 Graston treatments had me back to 95% in 1.5 weeks
No coffee? The other parts are understandable, I guess, but that's weird
Patrick Robert Martin
Yeah, clearly the brand is struggling, if you look at the falling number of stockists and the small collection size seems clear. Although Nordstrom stocks PE (online only) so maybe it's not all bad
Shitty situation for sure. But the cost of calling even from Europe must be less than $900
Keep emailing. Can you call?
Charge back
I'm a little skeptical of linen - wondering how well it drape. Silk seems interesting, but durability?
Master piece Persol DBSS Ervell Stans
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