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Hmmm...I'm more.interested in details.for.fall preorders. What can we expect?
Are sale items returnable to Ssense for refund? Debating sizing on a few items and would rather pay retail to figure out sizing than be stuck with something marked down that doesn't fit. Know they have a sale starting soon, so need to act.
I emailed them too: They have type 2 in 3 year fade. Not sure about their black denim cut
It'll make you happier wearing it knowing that it's Geller, not Velveta Sheen. If you ever decide to sell, it'll hold more value than Vulva Sheen. Pay money for what you'll be excited to wear.
Yeah that's what I'm wondering about too. Ssense model is wearing a 50, but he's 6'2 with a 37" chest. I know a 48 is too small on me, but can't tell whether I should go for a 50 or 52 - I'm 6, 170
Which Richard jacket should I buy?
I squat 2x per week. I was nervous the Rogues would be too tight, but they loosened up nicely. Rogue also makes a straight leg fit called the Stanton. Geller denim's never fit me until the type 3 - which you should buy if you don't have a pair.
Jeans are rogue territory SK cut, I'm a 31 waist and these are a 29. About 1 year of wear
25% off type 3 5 year fade at acrimony. Full size run, you guys are sleeping...bought mine full price and worth every dollar
Grana or Wolf vs Goat, size up one for both
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