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I've kinda given up on Ervell. No one seems to stock his stuff this season, other than Nordstrom. The sizing is wonky. Even with the 30% I didn't see anything that excited me enough to roll the dice
Most of the webstores seem to have 32" waist models in a 48.
The only person I've seen suggest cutting the straps was nicelynice. But hopefully sanity prevailed. They're awesome. Love my bomber
Bought a pair of Escobar in grey duo, size medium. I'm 6, 165, 31" waist, don't skip leg day, and they were painted on. Way too tight in the thigh, but waist was good. Should I try large?
How'd you size on the tweed trousers? If I'm a small on last season's SdC, would I be a small in the tweed? 6', 165
Sized wrong on the sweatshirt. If you want a medium in burgundy PM me. I'll throw in 2 day shipping. Sucks.
Good pickup on the RG
My Taninos are starting to squeak after about a year of use. How do I quiet them up?
I think Fok, our resident style maven, has jeans made entirely out of diamonds, too. And a pair of JNCO. Take that Rihanna.
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