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This is Styleforum, not ComfyForum.
Sizing on Lightning Bolt if I'm a 31, between sizes; size up or down?
@Severisth bomber is current season. Check Ervell website for more pics. It's advertised as gray, but there's some purple tone to the color
Ervell x3 Geller:
Short sleeve sweatshirt. In my head, I wanted the fit to be nerdy and oversized; this is a medium and I'm wondering whether a large would've been better, but it's sold out
Will post sweatshirt later
Bought the flight jacket, band collar reverse print watercolor mid century shirt, and short sleeve sweatshirt. Will post pics tomorrow
One step forward with the diet, two steps back?
Sardines are cheap, good protein, and portable. Easy snack/lunch
Which JE tank?
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