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The other concern about shrinking is that the fabric won't shrink in just one spot, right? It's like the people who just do situps all day and wonder why they don't have abs. Seems risky to try and shrink just for the length.
By "washing" do you mean wash on warm/hot and dry? Not clear how washing, especially on cold setting, will change the fabric.
Anyone interested in this belt in a size 32 or size 36 (TTS in my experience) Barney's Seattle has both for $109; they'll ship CONUS for $12.
Where's that from?
Not polarized.
I can understand that. So, perhaps, the problem isn't GATs per se but rather the color..maybe checkout some of the blue/black/grey colorways. White is tough.
Just a thought, but I don't think the white GATs work in your fits. Just seem so out of place. Usually, I like what you put together and then see the GATs and it just jars with the rest.
Yeah, thigh and waist didn't fit me on the 30. Thigh is good on 32, waist is like .5 inches big on 32, but I can still wear them fine without a belt.
I posted measurements on the 30 a couple pages back with differences compared to web store.Note that since I posted website updated their measurements.
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