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That suede is fantastic as is the whole color range
What is the objection to black trousers @Fuuma
Orange is Geller
Not allowed in the US without changing the label There are rules against European depravity on our alcohol Tried to order a case of a German Riesling with a naked cherub on the label, importer had to alter the label to remove the "nudity" before they could sell it
Hmm...I think you're about my size and I'm a size 4 in the Peel
@Synthese is your fitspo
Your friend?
Really hit and miss, imo. Pricing is getting silly after 2010, which was quite good, but that seems to have been a one off.Adelsheim is consistently good.
Yeah, exactly. The ability to walk into someone's office and use a whiteboard to work through a problem is incredibly valuable and impossible to replicate.Software is both a creative and collaborative process, ideas building on each other. Insights don't arrive on time for the 10am conference call, which reminds me I have to go talk to someone...
Margaret Martin Robert
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