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That's awesome Only thing more consistent is Synth hair
Blogs are a terrible way to communicate. Just put it in an email don't make me come to your website to see if anything new is there
Living the American dream. Also - what's with the people (individuals, not stores) on groiled with 100s of sales? That's an astonishing level of purchasing- feels even dirtier than Dan Bilzerian's house on a Monday morning
Opposite experience: I have type 3 and type 2. In type 3 I'm a size 30 and type 2 I had to size up to 32. Black is much strechier than the washed
Do you hate everything?
Dan Bilzerian
Don't do it. Sell your earth tones
No need to defend your purchase I've got a gray bomber myself. In his case he was making a choice and ochre was the right answer
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