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Ship date for sweatshirts? @mauro
Farfetch is just a E commerce front end for small shops. Easy to order from.
What's the delivery ETA for the sweatshirts?
What size did you order? What's your waist? I was curious about these, but not sure of sizing.
Aren't buckhorn from f/w '14?
Frances May has a Richard bomber in 48 for 50% off
I'm waiting for Jeff Bezos to buy my mortgage and then service it via Amazon. Otherwise, I might have to try and return it to End, but I don't want to pay shipping + duties
Anyone have a 20% off coupon for my mortgage principal? Sometimes I wonder whether retail would be better for everyone - not just the dudes refreshing this thread 1000x per day - if there were no sales.
Most places haven't received their first shipments yet. Patience, grasshopper. That said, if you like it you should buy it from Notre. That first mover advantage combined with that Schneider sell through. It's like Voltron.
Is this TTS? I know there's some sizing variance with MMM 5 zips
New Posts  All Forums: