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Is there another Inis linen tunic MTO planned?
100 years away, at least. When you're doing undergraduate CS, neural networks sounds awesome until you take the class and realize it's just a cool name for a really shitty statistical system.The idea you describe has gotten some traction recently, people writing about a post industrial society, but it's not going to happen for a long time, if ever. It's also a very Western biased perspective.I'm having knee surgery on Friday, gonna be a while before robots replace the...
Well, I don't begrudge their right to make money. I just cringe at their claims to care about neighborhood diversity. I also worry about what's happening in the major cities and how you have to make $100k just to live. I don't have an alternative, so I'll shut the fuck up, but as a parent I don't want to push my kids to STEM just so they can live without worrying paycheck to paycheck. World needs poets, teachers, baristas, and every other profession that isn't a guaranteed...
Ha. Our landlords are kicking us out and raising the rent from $3500 to $4200 for a 3 bedroom. The crazy thing is that they'll get it, although I would take enormous delight if they don't. We bought a house instead;, at these interest rates our mortgage payments for an equivalent house are less than what they're asking in rent.
School nurse? She has no clue. Go see a physical therapist who works with athletes. Buy a copy of supple leopard, too.
Wow, did East Dane get a full size run? Only 42 left.
But they are cheaper than both MMM and Buttero. Are you saying they're not an alternative because you don't like the design?
I have a better plan: Buy something, mark it up 250%, and then put it on sale slowly. Have sales coincide with major holidays. Have a mobile app that provides access to "exclusives"
Might as well just have everything on sale all the time. Slippery slope to that first mover "advantage"
I'm a 48 and took a 50 in last spring's Richard
New Posts  All Forums: