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^ ugh. Already too short.
FW '13 knit shirt jack and SS '14 standard pant in grey.
Next time, Buy two, run in a Mirror config. With Windows or Linux, there are built-in options for resiliency to disk failure. Not sure about Mac.
I was interested in the jacquard as well. wonder if MTO would be an option if there's sufficient interest. anyone got a link to the pics of the jacquard as a reminder?
There's a quote attributed to Max Planck, paraphrasing: You'll never change what someone believes, you just have to wait for the current generation to die out and hope the next generation will grow up without the same biases.
Go see a physical therapist or masseuse who works with athletes.There are injuries that time will not fix on its own.
There's a Jil knit I want to buy. Totokaleo had it in a 48, my usual size, but it was so small I couldn't get it on. Went back and asked to try on a 50, but that was too small as well. They didn't have a 52. Mr Porter had it in a 52, but in a different color than what I want, but it was too big, not even "slouchy" SF approved, just huge on me, shoulders and length. So, now I'm totally confused: Either I can't wear Jil knits, which at 6', 165 seems odd or the sales guy...
What's the fit like on the knits?
For grinder, see refurbished Baratza.
Yes, but exclusivity and mystery only are meaningful if you actually make enough money to stay in business.
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