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Most of the incumbents are well aware of this risk - that's why they all run on-site labs in those countries where there's talent. China is interesting (see Qualcomm and Intel) but I'll assert that the West will continue to win until the other countries trying to compete truly embrace immigrants/engineering talent in the same way. When the MIT kids start talking jobs in China rather than the Valley you know you're fucked. But that's not happening anytime soon.
For those of us not familiar with Viberg lasts/leathers, what should we look at to get a sense of how this will look?
Margiela button-down, 70% off if you're a size 56: http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/maison_martin_margiela/slim-fit-cotton-poplin-shirt/409363
Toto is. A bit of digging on their site has links for their buy, but no pics yet
speaking as someone who has an engineering job at a large tech firm, these figures probably don't include bonus or stock, it's just salary. Total compensation is higher. Also, there's a significant salary difference between top tier and startup. That said, finance usually does pay more, especially at the higher levels.
Need a suggestion for a shake recipe - something with a yogurt base, looking to keep it low cal, low carb, high protein. Any pointers?
Ha. The J is actually jeroboam (double magnum) - that explains the price.
Figured it out: It was a special release magnum.
Doesn't ring a bell. For a $650 bottle, I'm guessing their price was at least $300. Wish I'd taken a photo, the bottle had an additional identifier, something starting with an I or J, I think.
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