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Real real has a pair of tencel flight pants $100 with code, pristine condition, size 50
I'm about your size, bit taller and I got a V. There's a pic somewhere in this thread, it's the right size for meNot sure a VI would work, but no first hand experience
Wow charcoal sold out fast in M/L. Nice work, Paul Any chance for a re stock?
Geller W+H Margiela Buttero ...not happy with the boots, starting to prefer lighter colored footwear.
Looking forward to document...
From Rakuten: That's a serious rise.
Sebastian flight pants, size 50 and 52, BNWT (50% off): http://item.rakuten.co.jp/2fantastic/10004110/ Sprayed crew neck, 48, BNWT, 30%: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/2fantastic/10004418/
Ehhh...seems like lazy reductionism, arguing that nothing new is interesting because it might superficially resemble something that came before.Maybe wait to condemn until there's more than just a small photo
Taken out of context this statement has the potential to describe so many things that are fantastic, which I'm sure is how it was intended
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