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Does NMWA offer gift certificates? Didn't see anything on the website.
Discusses just a page or two back, try search
Yeah, I agree about the neck. The model on the Ervell site must have a skinny neck. That said, just trying it on a few times has made the neck relax a bit. Can't wait to wear it. If it wasn't 90 degrees here, I'd be wearing it today.
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Somehow comfy has recently become the adjective to validate terrible clothing choices
I bought a medium and I'm typically a medium. 6, 170
This is Styleforum, not ComfyForum.
Sizing on Lightning Bolt if I'm a 31, between sizes; size up or down?
@Severisth bomber is current season. Check Ervell website for more pics. It's advertised as gray, but there's some purple tone to the color
Ervell x3 Geller:
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