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I had to size up from 48 to 50
Schneider Margiela ETQ
It's ok Geller fam we're all gonna make it slip ons and Velcro for everybody
You have to pay @nahneun $5 for access. Hit him up with the paypal
Did you buy navy or green?
Geller Geller CP
In general, the markup is 100%. No idea about Geller in particular or how that might be vary between segments of the market, e.g., GAP vs SLP. But, in your average retail clothing store the item you see for $50 cost $25 for the retailer, probably more margin if it's a brand that does all the design, make, and sell, like H&M or Zara. Also, obviously, retailers don't make much these days - it's a tough market with lots of competition and consolidation allowing economies of...
6', 170lbs size large
Yup got shipping notice
I'm typically a medium and bought an L think I should've sized down to M
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