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Who picked up the peel trousers from nnwa? How do you like them? Wondering about the fabric/weight, curious about brushed cotton.
For some reason, I like these two Ervell knits, the graphic is kinda nerdy and 80s, and since I work on computers and have nostalgia for 80s video games, I'm oddly attracted...terrible choice? Or, can I make it awesome and nerdy? In general, I don't own anything with a print on it, also part of my hesitation.
https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/maison_margiela/wool-rollneck-sweater/733811 @RegisDB9
If you cook regularly, you need to sharpen your knives, and this is what you need:http://www.edgeproinc.com/Much much easier than trying to use whetstones by hand.
A fashion empire is not built on slim OCBDs and chinos alone?
Damn. People need to read and reread what La Guy wrote. Make a budget. Stick to it. The second part is harder than the first.
If you listen quietly, whenever someone mentions B&M, you can hear Jeff Bezos laughing
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