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The renvention narrative isn't new but feels like there's interest on SF in Abasi, yet it never quite materializes into a sustianable discussion
But I don't have a sister, MrP
Might be worth asking in the Geller thread, they're a hobbit-ish bunch@OccultaVexillum
For preorders, speak up in the NMWA thread and tell them you're intersted
Ordered Thinner in Burgundy but thinking more about the beige/camel. Ugh
Who makes nice trousers nowadays? Not CM. I know it's weird cause we're in between seasons but hoping to find a simple black trouser that I can wear year round (winter, for me, doesn't drop below 40F). Used to be Ervell was a good source, but all i see are nylon track pants. Didn't see anything from Schneider this season, everything was too slim in the thigh. Dries? Acne? Margiela? Gimme some direction.
Don't think that's true at all. Especially not in S&D. If anything there's an antislim fit sentiment - the days of thumbs for BoO or sizing down 3 for denim are generally long gone.
I have the blue black from fw15. Will post tag
4 months after knee surgery hit 95lbs on squat for 3x12. Feel halfway human again. Stay safe RHET
Same bomber as @Francks
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