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Think it would look better with a more structured work wear type boot, those look too sleek
Hmmm...not sure paint splatter works unless you're planning on painting
Damn white suede is 🔥 Nice buy @RegisDB9
Yes, Peel. Looks like Dark, same makeup as M&S
EMAIL THE BOUTIQUE http://www.stephanschneider.be/collection/fragments-of-a-home/
Deliciously deconstructed
Buttero look great @el Bert Why is the Buttero boot selection at the usual retailers so boring
In case anyone is wondering I think Thinner is tts, I'm usually a V, tried a VI but too big in shoulders and chest
The Thinner would be perfect with an interior chest.pocket and either slightly more room in the sleeve or lining other than wool, hard to fit stuff underneath
Schneider Lemaire Margiela RGxCP
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