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Btw, if you're looking for a specific piece just email Geller. I've always gotten a response, super helpful. Check the website for the address.
Fair warning to anyone considering removing the care tag on the tee: Be careful how you cut, otherwise the seam may tear as well. Love the olive and grey colors, been wearing mine every day.
You're in my head? Whoa.
Grey tee shirt:
Mauro might.
Are pants TTS?
Fit is the same.
Love the tees. Care tag kinda bugs, I'll probably cut it off. Don't sleep on these.
Had a similar injury a while back. In my case, it was actually piriformis. Lots of stretching; hot bath and heat helped too. Got several massages from a physical therapist, which helped as well.Took about a month to heal.
At 6, 180 I found the V too tight/cropped.
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