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Which sneaker?
If you don't mind posting a fit pic, that's be helpful to see. Also - who picked up the Burhead from last season? Thoughts? I know there were people who were skeptical about the knit portion, wondering if those of you who bought them are wearing them still?
Size 7 of the Amor fits you? Wacky. Aren't you normally a 32/48?
Thanks, everyone. Those of you with floor radiant heating, how has that worked out?
Who's stocking the denim? Saw a pair in grey
Check Ervell, he did a pair this season, nylon, called something like an athletic short. Might still be available marked down on his website
The lower case version is much easier to find.
Who's got a link to FW '15? Quick!
In contract on a home, inspection uncovered a few issues that I'd appreciate perspective on from those of you who might have experience. Home was built in 1923 and is ~2900 sq feet, including a finished basement. 1) There is asbestos lining the pipes connected to the boiler. The pipes are exposed in the boiler room. But, the rest of the basement is finished and there's no visible pipes or asbestos otherwise. I'm looking up asbestos contractors now, but I'm curious if...
And MMM is copying someone as well and charging 8x the price. Morality?
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