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SS '15 welt pocket zip blazer
Works fine for me. Some Geller stuff still in stock.
Are these TTS?
Yes, absolutely. There's a bunch of ultra wealthy, celebs, etc who will buy without blinking. There was a profile a while back in Vogue or whatever and a bunch of the celebs interviewed all listed MrP as their favorite shopping site. Good PR, too.It's an interesting idea : How do you market to both the top 1% and the guy eating ramen to save for SLP? The latter helps you move inventory at sales time, but it's the former that sustains your business.
I never wear suits, but seeing the one Greg is wearing makes me wish i did
Yes, it's a good fit. Medium was too small on me.
Burgundy crewneck, typically a medium, but I sized up to a large
Happen to have thigh measurement?
This is obviously a filter, but is the color of the Chelseas tan? Or the walnut?
You are my Geller, NMWA, and JE size nemesis. Let me know 😊
New Posts  All Forums: