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Yes, it's a good fit. Medium was too small on me.
Burgundy crewneck, typically a medium, but I sized up to a large
Happen to have thigh measurement?
This is obviously a filter, but is the color of the Chelseas tan? Or the walnut?
You are my Geller, NMWA, and JE size nemesis. Let me know 😊
Also, what's the verdict on the stretch raw denim? Lots of skepticism among the fanboys when they first came out. Curious who bought and how they're wearing
If the previous season Escobars are a looser fit in the thigh - whoever picked up the medium from FWRD, let me know if they dont work out. Thighs on the current medium look leggings on me.
Im a 10.5 with a wide foot and 43 Buttero is.perfect
The jacket looks great. You guys are starting to sound like the MC crowd obsessing over millimeters. He obviously is happy, so let him be happy with his purchase.
If I already have a couple Richard jackets, am I going to get bored with a zip blazer added to my closet? Who's got a zip.blazer and how often are you wearing it?
New Posts  All Forums: