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Uh, have you seen the photos from Fok's phone? It's not just kunk
Thanks! For $70, it's an easy keeper. I was hoping for something a bit boxier, actually. But the fabric is a nice blend.
Thoughts on fit? The $70 sweater from MrP. Worried it's too tight through the chest. Size medium. Updated with new pic
Esemplare sizing is off by one, at least; XXL is really just XL or L. But NMWA thread will have guidance, ask there.
For what it's worth, as someone who's bought from NMWA, I don't browse the site and wish there were more knits. Between IM, Schneider, S&C, and all the other brands who do knits seasonally, as a customer, I already feel like there's almost too much choice.
@Synthese what size did you take in the ts(s) jacket? Debating whether I can make a 38 work.
Ferdinand trousers look great, hoping for a color other than navy
@LA Guy is that a master piece bag in the scooter pic?
Come at me skynet
#1 is NY sucks thread
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