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Denim is Geller
Brand new pair of Story et Fall Grey Suede side zips, size 43. I sized wrong, unfortunately. Never worn, only tried on. Includes all original packaging.
Damn. My feet are too wide. Putting them on B&S
Looking forward to spring drops! Walked in to my closet and realized need trousers. Bummed I missed out on Document trousers from FW. Excited to see what's available from Schneider, Niche, Document, etc
@flowcharts Great fit with the Geller trousers
If only there was a way to find things on the Internet
Sime nice shirting in VI at working title marked down
Nah. Check out waywt. Geller/Schneider aren't a dominant look. The Schneider hype has subsided a bit too. There are periods of SF uniform but people tend to stick to what's familiar, it's like a bunch of people hanging out at a big party but largely keeping to the crew they arrived with
New Posts  All Forums: