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Looks like Ervell is offering styles on East Dane that aren't on the webshop - banded collar reverse print on the water color. Anyone wearing the mid century shirt in a size large? I'm 6', 170lbs and bought a medium last summer, fit is good, but looks like a typical true-to-size fit. Think I'd like something a bit more relaxed. Wondering how a large would look on me. Here's a medium for comparison:
Site works nicely on Spartan. Ordered Birds of Paradise tee. Those of you who bought the Schneider baseball collar jacket, did you size down? I'm 39" chest, 6', 170lbs - typically, a V in Schneider. There are no IVs left, but there are Vs...
Anyone have any real-life photos of the Coast denim? Website photos seem over-saturated, lending a grey cast to everything. Colors on the website seem odd for a washed indigo, would like to see any real life photos. Thanks!
Anyone have the Stantons in the desert wash? Looking for something lighter and washed for summer; already have the SKs in Indigo. Would like to see photos if you've got them.
Looking for a lighter washed, summer denim (nothing above 14 oz) in straight (but still tapered) fit. I'm 6', 170lbs, size 31 waist. Currently have Rogue Territory SK (Indigo) and Stanton (Black), both size 29. Love both pairs, but want something lighter and washed for summer and with a more relaxed fit. Here's the SK''s: Tried Geller's 5 year wash in a slim straight fit, but fit wasn't quite right and the wash was too close to acid/stonewash. See below. I've looked...
Type 3 denim, 5 year wash, tagged size 32; I'm 6 ft, 170lbs, size 31 waist.
Picked up Geller 5 year denim. My wife takes one look and says the wash reminds her of what everyone wore in rural CA in the 90s. I think awesome, she thinks terrible 90s. Context, I guess.
@Lorcan7 needs some home page love. Great fits. @Francks which Ervell trousers? Nice fit, very Ervell lookbook.
Try current season Ervell.
Moo keepin it classy, watch out ladies of San Francisco.
New Posts  All Forums: