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That love letter should be addresses not to RG, but to the people in this thread and the various stockists. Gotta buy RG at full price so the stockists can keep ordering. I'm certain RG would gladly put a full size run in every store. But that's up to us, not him.
The grey flight pants from NMWA will look awesome with the rust bomber. You guys think this is the end of FW '15 drops for Geller? Shocking, if true. I thought there was so much good stuff and accessible stuff in the collection.
Here's another pic.
Our Legacy doesn't get a lot of love around here, but this knit cardigan is an example of punching above your weight: awesome, open-weave knit in a navy yarn. Perfect piece for autumn layering. Nice slouchy fit for 50 or a large 48. Asking $135 shipped CONUS.
Suggestions for resources to learn more about lighting? LED vs incandescent? How to decide which temp is right for which conditions? Soft vs white?
I'm a 48 generally but take a 50 in the Richard
Interesting comment from Frances May on Insta - sounds like the fisherman is in stock but not online, only have s and M left. Wonder why it's not online.
The type 2 denim has been up for a while, since the spring, it's not new.
Seems like stuff is still trickling in. Haven't seen anything at Toto, for example; and a SA told me they're still carrying Geller. Will NMWA and Bus stop be the only people carrying rust?
Which stockist picked up the Emile in olive? Also, what about that sweater from a couple pages back that the actor guy was wearing?
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