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I know. Never saw Star Trek as a kid. The intent is correct even if the exact wording is not.
The comments section of every website ever will make you want to renounce your humanity. Star Trek nerds, what's that saying about the bar, "A more wretched hive of scum and villainy you'll not find." That's the internet.
Anyone size up on the Mercer? If I'm 6, 170 and workout, debating between M and L. Hate stuff that fits too tight. I'm a M in the crew neck
Related to LA Guy's point about commerce and kopping threads, it was interesting to read in Vanity Fair's "100 best dressed list" (or similar title) how many of the male celebrities listed Mr Porter as their favorite store. That's your customer: The people who aren't price sensitive and want the ease of purchasing that MrP offers. I'm surprised that more of the traditional dept stores don't simply copy MrP both for website and brand selection
Discussion is easy - see Facebook and Twitter for two examples, one real time the other more reactive. The pieces are already in existence just need to be glued together...like most things tech.
As for the future of things, i expect people will create forum-like experiences through the dominant social platforms, maybe even real time and maybe not even permanent. Search for Visvim and part of the results is a way to interact with/aggregate all the other people who have recently searched for Visvim.
Yes, but clothing being almost entirely visual lends itself to superficial replacement by Insta/Tumblr more easily than most categories. Far more car enthusiasts care about non visual details like the engine or stats than people who care about clothes care about construction. It's that level of detail in the other categories that sustain their forums; arguably, those all are categories where the visual element is second at, or at least intrinsically supported by other...
Try the Ervell thread.
They're hobbyists/nerds. They argue about random esoteric shit to make it interesting. It's like the star wars nerds arguing about whether a star destroyer can blow up the star trek enterprise in one shot. Or whether Dr Spock can defeat Moth Tarkin with a 2" light saber. Same idea, different vocabulary.
Bottom half needs a different top half
New Posts  All Forums: