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So you're saying the name is purrrfect?
Pulling my stuff from Groiled, it's trained everyone to just expect race-to-the-botton prices; or it's a bunch of Pinterest "collectors." @LA Guy I'd love to see some of the small fixes to B&S you've mentioned that are in the pipeline
Shadow stripe and vintage both look great
Which colors did you have in mind?
Tulip and iphone15 work for 10% or 15% off additionally
https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/designers/robert-geller Ssense has fall stuff Edit: post 10000 in the thread. What do I win?
Not necessarily true. I expect more retailers to move toward pre orders: for the customers, it's a chance to buy unique make ups, stuff that won't be available elsewhere; for the retailer it's guaranteed sales, even if you (like NMWA) offer discounts and partial up front payment If you believe that everything is substitutable then pre orders have no benefit. But if there's something special a pre order may be the only way to get it. And most retailers will make only safe...
Klingon Qhdehissibdhsbzh Racer - MrVulcan sells them
If he lived in Dubai, it wouldn't be a free vacuum, it'd be 3 series BMW, driven once and discarded like compostable flatware
Thinner in burgundy from NMWA pre order. Color is perfect Last photo has most accurate color
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