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Post more pics
Anyone try on the type 1 3 year fade that Nomad stocks? Or see it in person? Trying to figure out my size. Seems like there's some variation according to wash: I'm a 30 in type 3 5 year fade, but a 32 in type 2 black, couldn't get the 30 on.
Picked up the RGxCP black leather boots from FWRD's sale. Sending them back, leather is surprisingly plasticky, don't like the contrast sole. Bummer.
I sized down 1 on bball highs
Frances May
Other than NMWA, MrP, and Ssense anyone have Master Piece backpacks on sale?
Not true. Ordering from End US will incur duties over $800
I just bought a monarchy, free shipping and free returns (will be sending Prince Ginger back across the channel)
Or, using language from MrP "upgrade your casual capsule" with some sneaks that are good in theory but hard to pull off in real life
New Posts  All Forums: