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Drunk or bad auto correct?
That's awesome
I'm with you. I was just reacting to some of the sentiments expressed in the thread, about consistency and opinion over time, not you personally. Nothing but respect.
Aren't you the same guy who confessed to not washing your hands before eating when you're in the country? But when you're in the city you bathe in hand sanitizer!Everyone's a hypocrite if you pay attention long enough!!!
Are the zip pocket trousers the same wool/cotton blend as this season's Peel?
No need for drastic measures. Just get a storage locker and a butler like the rest of us.
Anyone seen these in a small?
Peel are fantastic. Top block on the first pair seem like they'll be too tight for you
Because it shows the process differences between MTM and Zara? I never venture into CM, for me it's nice to see. Things can just be fun without having a point. Feynman used to like looking at rainbows...because they were beautiful.
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