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is it considered bad taste to go into a store, say brooks brothers, and try on suits/shirts just to get measurements and not purchase anything?? i really need to know my measurements, i know i'm a very slim guy and most OTR things dont fit me, so i'd like to know my size so i can purchase on B&S...
bahhhh wish you had put that golden/amber robert talbott pocket square on here
Quote: Originally Posted by UserNameToronto Where would be another place to get a similar coat, but slimmer? ^^^^^^
i got WILD EXCITED just now... until i glanced to the left....and saw the date....
that deep red paisley pattern on the inside of the jacket made me flip out for a second i love paisley... is it truuuuuuuue?!?! I DO I DO I DOOO-OOOOOOOHHHH
Quote: Originally Posted by silvestrosrl You would add our company (Silvestro): www.calzoleriasilvestro.com. Thanks you have some amazing shoes on your site the Stivaletto Svevo and the Boccaccio are my favorites
Quote: Originally Posted by osc Try Richard @ Shoe Healer. Awesome service and its 1gbp cheaper hahahaha fuck it i guess i can stomach not having free shoe trees
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff uhh.. sorry. but those are fake. if youre going to pay that much amount of money why not just spend a couple of more hundred and get a peace of mind you got the real thing from the store. ^^^^ but i dont think people should snap on him. it was a dumb move, but damn thats 600 dollars.. if anything, report the transaction to ebay... and yeah next time do a little more investigating before you make...
still waiting for them to email me back about stock on the loake blackfriars in brown... havent been able to find them cheaper than 125 gbp so dont think i can do a price match...
thinking of doing the brown calf double monks now and maybe getting a pair of black suede single monks later.... i dunno
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