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Waiting on my MTO jodphur boots in museum plum. I want to go on record to say we have members with very wide feet. I have been breaking in my linea maestro double monks and must say the new Rey isn't as small as talked about. I would liken it to being maybe a .5" wider than the C&j 348(which I feel will be exactly like the Vil) just my .2
bump yeah I recieved a reply from Denis about the Vass program and he said there is a 10 pair minimum to do Vass MTO.. so here I am thinking of a group buy. he still didn't say what the options were as far as payment is concerned ( up front or 1/2 and 1/2) but I mean for $600 MTO with lasted shoe trees and a turnaround time of about 2 months....this isn't looking too bad. I just find that alot of people of SF prefer more bulbous lasts and never in colors I care...
What's the deal with MTO options? Is there a catalogue for upper colors or like broguing options? I sent an email using the basic form but just curious if there are other options available
Is Pepe only responding to group MTO requests?
does Pepe not respond to MTO requests for the new (Vil) chiseled last because it isn't ready? sent a few messages a while back and never received response...
You are looking at a slightly used ( worn 3 times) SuitSupply Grey Miniature Houndstooth suit in 38S in the Napoli fit. Fabric is Vitale Barberis Cononico 100% wool yet feels like it has been blended with cashmere. Functioning/Kissing Buttons, Flat front plain bottom trousers with buttons for braces sewn in. Jacket was taken in slightly (about an 1/8" at the waist). Please see Suit Supply website for any further measurements for Napoli Fit. The pattern is very attractive...
dammit. was it the tranny hand in the background of my photos in the marketplace that gave it away?!?! How can I party all the time if I can't place an order for MTO Jodphurs in burgundy calf
Guess the leather supply issue explains no response from a MTO request made three months ago....was beginning to feel they were more concerned with catering to bloggers rather than returning customers
A pair of Meermin double monks in Dark Brown Naturcalf on the New Rey last, size 8 1/2 E. A bit roomier for me than expected (Probably should've stuck with an 8E). Usually wear a 8E in C&J on the 348 last. Was hoping to just let them grow on me but could use the money so throwing them up for a shot on SF. Also note what appears to be some sort of factory smudge or discoloring on heel of shoe. Just noticed when taking pictures. Just looking to get close to what I paid....
yes they are selling. if you go could you post a contact number for the less fortunate unable to attend?!
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