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Guess the leather supply issue explains no response from a MTO request made three months ago....was beginning to feel they were more concerned with catering to bloggers rather than returning customers
A pair of Meermin double monks in Dark Brown Naturcalf on the New Rey last, size 8 1/2 E. A bit roomier for me than expected (Probably should've stuck with an 8E). Usually wear a 8E in C&J on the 348 last. Was hoping to just let them grow on me but could use the money so throwing them up for a shot on SF. Also note what appears to be some sort of factory smudge or discoloring on heel of shoe. Just noticed when taking pictures. Just looking to get close to what I paid....
yes they are selling. if you go could you post a contact number for the less fortunate unable to attend?!
anyone do a proxy for the trunk show?! i want those brown jodphurs. just recieved my linea maestro double monks and they were too wide
1951 Bulova "Ashford" 10k gold filled w/ Hadley-Roma Dark Brown Water Snake strap
2nd that on the suit buttons...looking for those flat faced non beveled horn buttons in like a dark green for a suit i'm having made
PM sent on 1st bag
1. Navy Blazer (Phineas) 2. Charcoal SB Suit (phineas) 3.Light/Med/Dark blue wash jeans (Uniqlo) 4.Navy Silk Knit 5.White cutaway collar FC shirt 6.Blue BC cutaway collar shirt 7.Brown Suede Boots (C & J Tetbury) 8.Cap toe semi brogues in walnut ( C&J and AE) 9.Navy overcoat 10. Khaki Trench ...a nice fedora for honorable mention..
I find myself only liking ocbd when the collar unbuttoned and underneath a sweater... My 2 ¢
Not exactly the most elegant of shoes....i treat my black friars like a redhead stepchild... (.shouldve just invested something better
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