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Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR I have no idea what position you are a candidate for. I have no experience in applying for the retail end of things. I would say not looking sloppy and fit trumps colour so long as the things that fit are appropriate. This is to say that well fitting jeans do not trump an ill fitting suit. You may be getting close with the khaki. What is the material? I would say you are lucky that the interview is Friday and in the...
i have an interview @ Saks the end of the week... the only suits i have are as follows a custom Barneys grey sharkskin handed down from my father ( 38R. a size too big for me) a custom navy blue 3 pc suit with like small red and white pin stripes ( 38R.also a size big) and two suit seperates that make up a khaki colored suit ( fits me best) is it too unorthodox to wear the khaki to the interview? the blue looks rather sloppy as the sleeves are too...
Price Drop i realized the 200 was too close to the retail offers so now this should be a good deal
Quote: Originally Posted by tonup277 are these US8 or US8.5? what size is marked on the shoes? tks! says size 8....they were listed as a UK8 which usually equals US9 in this case....they fit like a small US 8.5 or a US8 i'm a true US9D and there was barely any room in the toebox whatsoever so thats why i listed as 8/8.5 because it would fit either comfortably
hey there we have here a pair of brand new Alfred Sargent Jodphurs in Rich Tan (a pretty dark tan, closer to brown really) in a US8/8.5 I bought these from walneal, but unfortunately they didnt fit, there are no creases or anything on them from trying on and they come with the box I really just want to break even with these so i can put the money towards a different purchase i paid 200 and i'm asking SOLD i am using walneal's pic's with permission
...finally suits in B&S in my size...and the price tags they come with put me back in my corner.... ...just when i thought i was having a great day... awesome suits though
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf they are waterproof and fit reasonably well. they do, however, feel unmistakeably thin and cheap. i have one that acts as a placeholder until i get something nicer. sigh. i really would like a Mackintosh... but that 54.99 is just staring me in my face...
Price Drops!!
DROPS!! Still no takers huh??
i was just in francos about 3 hours ago talking to ron about Chukkas they are a definite must on my pick-up list...something in a dark brown suede
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