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Yes to shoe trees. Saphir for polish and cream. You can get dark brown or neutral
What you have coming out for SS
Have a quick question.I'm sort of a loose fit (just a smidge, maybe 1/8")in my new Rey double monks.They are 8 1/2 uk. Can I drop down another size on the ron last? Looking to pull trigger on string loafers
Sounds great Rick. I don't think any of us would be upset if you posted a sneak peak or two
Just wanted to say I got my blue check sportcoat and sage khakis today which fit well. I did wish they came in contemporary fit but theywill work.the sportcoat fits great(a true 38R) ad's nice quality fabric, looking forward to see what the spring collection holds so I can use my $15 credit. Would also like to note it is nice to call customer service and speak with a real person.they were very friendly and efficient in getting my items exchanged and dispatched.Have...
Was looking to do the same to a pair. Did you re-glaze them or just apply polish? They look good
Waiting on my MTO jodphur boots in museum plum. I want to go on record to say we have members with very wide feet. I have been breaking in my linea maestro double monks and must say the new Rey isn't as small as talked about. I would liken it to being maybe a .5" wider than the C&j 348(which I feel will be exactly like the Vil) just my .2
bump yeah I recieved a reply from Denis about the Vass program and he said there is a 10 pair minimum to do Vass MTO.. so here I am thinking of a group buy. he still didn't say what the options were as far as payment is concerned ( up front or 1/2 and 1/2) but I mean for $600 MTO with lasted shoe trees and a turnaround time of about 2 months....this isn't looking too bad. I just find that alot of people of SF prefer more bulbous lasts and never in colors I care...
What's the deal with MTO options? Is there a catalogue for upper colors or like broguing options? I sent an email using the basic form but just curious if there are other options available
Is Pepe only responding to group MTO requests?
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