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ordered mine a few days ago from shoe healer....hoping they make it to the US okay and fit well edit: a few hours after i posted this, they arrived! a bit more bulbous than i would like them to be....but still nice nonetheless...i aced it with going down half a size since they are monks also had them add a complimentary rubber sole (assumed it would be topy but it wasnt...not sure how i feel about it, but it'll grow on me, better than taps) got all this from...
my AE strands go great with jeans also i've seen the tobacco suede oxfords and chocolate suede oxfords look great with jeans
a shoe salesman asked if i wanted him to fit a rubber sole to my shoe before i buy it....is this what he meant??
no but i'd damn sure wear a cape
what color monkstraps are more essential....brown or black?? or does it really matter... gonna pull the trig on monday...just wondering
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Trying on items of clothing in order to determine your measurements usually does not work well since different manufacturers may make different allowances for shrinkage, vanity sizing, etc. What you need is a tailor's tape to take actual measurements of your neck, arms, waist, inseam, etc. Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy You can still try on suits to get some idea about your size....
is it considered bad taste to go into a store, say brooks brothers, and try on suits/shirts just to get measurements and not purchase anything?? i really need to know my measurements, i know i'm a very slim guy and most OTR things dont fit me, so i'd like to know my size so i can purchase on B&S...
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