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PM sent on 1st bag
1. Navy Blazer (Phineas) 2. Charcoal SB Suit (phineas) 3.Light/Med/Dark blue wash jeans (Uniqlo) 4.Navy Silk Knit 5.White cutaway collar FC shirt 6.Blue BC cutaway collar shirt 7.Brown Suede Boots (C & J Tetbury) 8.Cap toe semi brogues in walnut ( C&J and AE) 9.Navy overcoat 10. Khaki Trench ...a nice fedora for honorable mention..
I find myself only liking ocbd when the collar unbuttoned and underneath a sweater... My 2 ¢
Not exactly the most elegant of shoes....i treat my black friars like a redhead stepchild... (.shouldve just invested something better
i love paisley... but I CANT STAND Robert Graham
Often, when traveling the streets of new york, do i find myself in a position of discomfort at the sight of my fellow man. Not in an elitist kind of way, just a bit surprised. I think alot of us were one of those guys at SOME point in time. Eventually we found our way ( i know i'm still quite uneducated in the world of fashion and the technicalities of it all), but i have a great eye and sense of style that makes ordinary things in my closet spectacular. I think alot of...
the alligators are beautiful but never in my life have i even seen a stingray skin shoe before and now i cannot rest until i have a pair on my feet. the thought to have an exotic hide on my feet like that never even crossed my mind. congrats on those
i wear my strand quite often. it is a very versatile shoe ( I can pair it with a navy suit or with a pair of jeans) It is sturdy and the leather is great. Out of my ferragamos, C&J, Loake, i get the most compliments on my Strands and people stare at my feet on the street. i would buy a matching pair if i could find them cheap
Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan9 I have no experience in the area, but an ill fitting suit to a sales position at a high end department store doesn't sound like a great idea....dont suppose you have the funds to spring for a well fitting suit in a more conservative color? Then again, last time I went to nordstrom a guy in a huge pinstripe suit suggested that my friend buy orange pumas because they would "look fresh with a tracksuit"....
Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR I have no idea what position you are a candidate for. I have no experience in applying for the retail end of things. I would say not looking sloppy and fit trumps colour so long as the things that fit are appropriate. This is to say that well fitting jeans do not trump an ill fitting suit. You may be getting close with the khaki. What is the material? I would say you are lucky that the interview is Friday and in the...
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