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VcU is pumping a bit of revenue into the city......and hipsters. More beer, donuts, beards, bikes, and artisinal *insert food product* than you can shake a stick at. If by good pizza you must mean Belmont.
yes Good ol Richmond
Also would like to mention my hatred for this new anti fedora campaign pushed by the likes of the pinterest using buzzfeed reading sort. It being said a guy isa douche for wearing a fedora, or someone to avoid in dating hahaha. Unless of course you are attending one of those good awful Gatsby themed parties in a fedora from your local thrift shop with prom-esque waistcoats and red polyester ties. God I hate my generation. I need another cigar
THIS. The "church culture", menswear taking backseat to streetwea for young black men, unless in a university setting ala Howard with guys peacocking in loud bow ties and loafers. As stated in a recent thread I don't even wear my bow ties anymore in fear of being lumped into this category. Before I joined SF I considered my dad to be well dressed.he grew up in the 50_70's area in nyc, so exposure helped him out, but of course styles changed racially around the 70's.I often...
So glad I lit up this cigar.You've given me some great reading material! Don't know how I missed those threads but thanks AC! And just another thought,I feel media is a driving force in how cultures dress (musicians, the Steve Harvey collection *chuckle*) People take direction by what is fed to them.I also know many women who style men or for magazines and their idea of what looks good is different from ours. I must admit that before I joined SF several years ago, I wore...
Not to add race into the mix, but as a black guy I've found myself hating bow ties (mostly because of the nation of Islam comments I would receive as jokes) but also because of many other young black males who consider themselves well dressed are adorned in considerably loud ones. Maybe im too concerned with perception and being placed into the "hip black guy who wears a suit and bow tie category", but as a result I have many beautiful Domenico Spano and Charvet bow ties...
Greetings Just wondering anyone has tried to create and pitch any menswear accessories before? Have you ever reached out to any SF affiliates with ideas or potential collaborations and did they ever come into fruition? I have been working on a few things but worry that they may already resemble existing items but with a different function. Been working on hand rolled PS's but still perfecting my sewing skills before working with any quality fabrics. Also been doing...
Yes to shoe trees. Saphir for polish and cream. You can get dark brown or neutral
What you have coming out for SS
Have a quick question.I'm sort of a loose fit (just a smidge, maybe 1/8")in my new Rey double monks.They are 8 1/2 uk. Can I drop down another size on the ron last? Looking to pull trigger on string loafers
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