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2nd that on the suit buttons...looking for those flat faced non beveled horn buttons in like a dark green for a suit i'm having made
PM sent on 1st bag
1. Navy Blazer (Phineas) 2. Charcoal SB Suit (phineas) 3.Light/Med/Dark blue wash jeans (Uniqlo) 4.Navy Silk Knit 5.White cutaway collar FC shirt 6.Blue BC cutaway collar shirt 7.Brown Suede Boots (C & J Tetbury) 8.Cap toe semi brogues in walnut ( C&J and AE) 9.Navy overcoat 10. Khaki Trench ...a nice fedora for honorable mention..
I find myself only liking ocbd when the collar unbuttoned and underneath a sweater... My 2 ¢
Not exactly the most elegant of shoes....i treat my black friars like a redhead stepchild... (.shouldve just invested something better
i love paisley... but I CANT STAND Robert Graham
Often, when traveling the streets of new york, do i find myself in a position of discomfort at the sight of my fellow man. Not in an elitist kind of way, just a bit surprised. I think alot of us were one of those guys at SOME point in time. Eventually we found our way ( i know i'm still quite uneducated in the world of fashion and the technicalities of it all), but i have a great eye and sense of style that makes ordinary things in my closet spectacular. I think alot of...
the alligators are beautiful but never in my life have i even seen a stingray skin shoe before and now i cannot rest until i have a pair on my feet. the thought to have an exotic hide on my feet like that never even crossed my mind. congrats on those
i wear my strand quite often. it is a very versatile shoe ( I can pair it with a navy suit or with a pair of jeans) It is sturdy and the leather is great. Out of my ferragamos, C&J, Loake, i get the most compliments on my Strands and people stare at my feet on the street. i would buy a matching pair if i could find them cheap
Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan9 I have no experience in the area, but an ill fitting suit to a sales position at a high end department store doesn't sound like a great idea....dont suppose you have the funds to spring for a well fitting suit in a more conservative color? Then again, last time I went to nordstrom a guy in a huge pinstripe suit suggested that my friend buy orange pumas because they would "look fresh with a tracksuit"....
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