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hey...sometimes the batcave gets lonely....and i find myself on the doorstep of SF i like the idea of learning about a subject which i thought i knew and practiced on a daily basis only to find out i hadn't touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my fellow man congregating to share tips/ideas/sheer love of style...in the words of Robert Kelly "I Don't See Nothin' Wrong" and its always reassuring to see i'm not the only one swiping the good ol magnet strip
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont Isn't that usually tilapia? I can not stand that fish. not ALWAYS, but generally yes and tilapia can be nice depending on how you prepare it i've been enjoying mahi mahi alot more lately
The Ego is such a barracade in the progression of humanity..... a shame you can't even enjoy being yourself agreed if you think it will hinder you, play along with their ego driven heirarchy and dress down. never shit at your dinner table
when in NY- Chinatown for swimming in the tank fresh fish when in VA- local asian market
Quote: Originally Posted by TintinATL Went to a SteinMart for the first (and likely last) time this afternoon. The place is drearier than a Marshalls. there was a display with an homage to the man and several copies of "Dressing the Man." i can't find that book anywhere....time to bust a trip to stein mart
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e Double breasted trench coats trend to be far more stylish, flattering and elegant v.s. single breasted ones.. They are the original. Aquascutum makes the best ones IMO. i have a wool trench made by them that is AMAZING, my uncle gave it to me (vintage) Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist And maybe some shoe rubbers like totes or swims. i've been looking for some...
was going to a tailor not far from francos on lakeside ave...but he died anyone tried the one on bellvue? pardon me i'm only familiar with those on the northside of town
PM sent on AS jodphurs
no doubt to be honest, if i had the extra 100 dollars and change to put up, i would've gotten a different double monk but the blackfriars are nice for their price range....a nice starter monkstrap i'm sure i'll be upgrading eventually
Quote: Originally Posted by Publius Those look like the shoes I wore today. AE Strand balmorals? yup! in Walnut...i love them, very sturdy shoe and look great
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