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Oh.my.god. I'm in need of ties.especially wool, raw silk, ancient madder, neats etc.
Agreed. I'll be turning stones in B&S and hoping to get thrown a few bones in the meantime!
Threads like these really make me wish I never pulled the trigger on thetiebar.com I feel like I don't have any quality ties
The shoe snob/ J.Fitzpatrick is uk based and has nice laces
Not offensive at all. That is what this dialogue is for. I feel like the bow tie thing is a fad for younger black men, in the same way you see younger white guys with gingham checked shirts and a 1.5" black tie. But yes I agree I do feel like I have to be more conservative with my colors lately, and have always wondered if I would be looked at differently if I were white wearing certain items. Who knows. I shouldn't let perception Rob me of my sartorial joy.
Good stuff.I was so hurt when Bill's closed down.I can smell and taste it now.motherf**k
These.They really aren't a wallet buster.and a staple item.and I don't own any loafers. Please give me thy strength oh mighty and glorious Mars
VcU is pumping a bit of revenue into the city......and hipsters. More beer, donuts, beards, bikes, and artisinal *insert food product* than you can shake a stick at. If by good pizza you must mean Belmont.
yes Good ol Richmond
Also would like to mention my hatred for this new anti fedora campaign pushed by the likes of the pinterest using buzzfeed reading sort. It being said a guy isa douche for wearing a fedora, or someone to avoid in dating hahaha. Unless of course you are attending one of those good awful Gatsby themed parties in a fedora from your local thrift shop with prom-esque waistcoats and red polyester ties. God I hate my generation. I need another cigar
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