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Hey There, This is for a size 38R unworn Austin Reed CUT suit in Matte Blue. Asking $275 shipped in CONUS. Vents and breast pocket have been opened, had trouser buttons sewn into inner waist, but decided i'd rather purchase something else and just looking to get close to breaking even with this. 100% Wool with diamond jacquard Viscose lining in sky blue. Pick stitching on lapels, slanted pockets, and non-functioning buttons. Color is pretty accurate. I would call it a...
Exactly what I've been looking for.subscribed
I have an odd RTP request. I'm looking to transition to new York and a career in menswear. Have an unpaid apprenticeship offer for MTM suiting willing to train me part time, but need something paid in the industry to sustain myself. Any degrees of separation between the owners of No Man Walks Alone, Epaulet, The Armoury, or any affiliates located in new york? Also will post pics but I have some T-bar resin rose cufflinks in assorted colors that didn't move in my etsy...
Beautiful combo. Who makes that tie? Nice burgundy Donegal
Hahaha it was much tighter than I expected. at least when first putting on the boot. In retrospect I should've gone Park or New Rey. I sized up .5 in the Vil
yes the plum would be lovely as a cap toe Balmoral. Thanks. This was at the end of the Golden age when Meermin pretty much gave you free reign in terms of options. I sketched out the brogue pattern idea for the throat and tongue edge of the boot
I'm not sure if they source from the same tannery or not. Doubt it.
Meermin MTO jodhpur from last year plum museum calf. Dainite sole. Green calf lining.Vil last
Thanks Rick. Ahh when i was posting from my phone it appeared to be more of a midnight blue. Like a shade or two lighter than navy, as opposed to having a charcoal tint.
@spiermackay Got a response to the MTO inquiry. I wish I were in Toronto so I could lay eyes and hands on everything. Would you have any fabrics similar in color? I know real life vs computer can vary.
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