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used to watch "Vision of Love" everytime i caught it on TV when i was coming up....hypnotized for like 4 minutes straight
X-Post from Mens Clothing... Salvatore Ferragamo Nigel Jodphur Boots Black Calf 8.5D US They come in original box with dust bags very sleek design. brand new, slight bend near toe of left boot (i'm guessing from being tried on in store), other than that no wear on any other part of the shoes, retail sticker still in tact on the sole Retailed for $758 SOLD
can i get a tracking #??
price Drops!!
"You know you done fucked up right?"
Owww Owwwww
he looks like a pre-teen, lighten up a little lol
its wool...not steel...all fabric has some kind of give over the years even such wool strung together tighter than 8 virgins in a pinto, is bound loosen up a bit depending on how often the garment is worn and laundered Sincerely, -The Black Bruce Wayne-
i give money to hard working motherfuckers AKA i tip extra, i'd give 5 dollars to some fresh green card recipient handing out paper towels at a trendy sushi bar before i gave it to someone on the street i like to see effort, i like to see people trying, and doing hard work myself, can appreciate another doing the same the rich share with one another(or so it seems) the poor are taken sympothy upon and those left in the middle are always somehow forgotten
thoughts like these often cross my mind.. and you sometimes feel as though people are undeserving of the material wealth they have acquired.. especially knowing the amount of work you have done with little to show for it the american college system has raped me, leaving me 45k in debt i barely even have a part time job, now moving to NY where after i graduated, couldnt even get a job at Pier 1 with a degree shit may seem grim...and this may sound cliche... but youre...
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