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Hope this is not the case, or else I'm fxxked..
Any idea of when the brown suedevegano balmoral gmtofrom July will be completed?
Little dye project I did a few months ago. Forgot to take before pictures but started out with tan. After few coats of Feibings Oxblood and Mahogany dye. Renov and wax. Started with oxblood for base color. Blended with mahogany few coats later and detailed on broguing
Renovateur and saphir neutral cream wax should take care of the scuffs
I placed it on July 27. Very true about stretching the shoe, but hoping to avoid that.EDIT: Rain only comes in D, EE, and EEE.....so I'll have to see how this plays out...
Fuck I may be in trouble. Requested D width in my gmto but probably should've said "E"Too late? Its on the rain last so hopefully will be okay..
Pulled the trigger on the Balmoral/Suede Boot GMTO....I specified in order comments for d width. Should I shoot them an email to make sure they confirm the width? Now comes the waiting game...
Are these prices the same for an individual MTO?
Any interest in doing a GMTO for a captoe balmoral boot on the Simpson last in like a medium Brown calf? I'm down for dainite or double leather soles
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