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no doubt to be honest, if i had the extra 100 dollars and change to put up, i would've gotten a different double monk but the blackfriars are nice for their price range....a nice starter monkstrap i'm sure i'll be upgrading eventually
Quote: Originally Posted by Publius Those look like the shoes I wore today. AE Strand balmorals? yup! in Walnut...i love them, very sturdy shoe and look great
ordered mine a few days ago from shoe healer....hoping they make it to the US okay and fit well edit: a few hours after i posted this, they arrived! a bit more bulbous than i would like them to be....but still nice nonetheless...i aced it with going down half a size since they are monks also had them add a complimentary rubber sole (assumed it would be topy but it wasnt...not sure how i feel about it, but it'll grow on me, better than taps) got all this from...
my AE strands go great with jeans also i've seen the tobacco suede oxfords and chocolate suede oxfords look great with jeans
a shoe salesman asked if i wanted him to fit a rubber sole to my shoe before i buy it....is this what he meant??
no but i'd damn sure wear a cape
what color monkstraps are more essential....brown or black?? or does it really matter... gonna pull the trig on monday...just wondering
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