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...finally suits in B&S in my size...and the price tags they come with put me back in my corner.... ...just when i thought i was having a great day... awesome suits though
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf they are waterproof and fit reasonably well. they do, however, feel unmistakeably thin and cheap. i have one that acts as a placeholder until i get something nicer. sigh. i really would like a Mackintosh... but that 54.99 is just staring me in my face...
Price Drops!!
DROPS!! Still no takers huh??
i was just in francos about 3 hours ago talking to ron about Chukkas they are a definite must on my pick-up list...something in a dark brown suede
me myself personally if it were me and she had the audacity to part her lips with such foolishness I would point to the front door until she walks around topless, in high heels, and cootie cat panties all day per your request tell her to kick a nice way
Barker Black
More importantly...who makes clothing for salvatore ferragamo?? there was this red suit jacket i saw in the window of their store in nyc.... i couldn't stop looking at was rather strange...a coral red color and strange looking material
FFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE POOOOOOOOST but yeah only time i've checked out hugo boss was at the outlets...and it wasn't very impressive
all the Nightmare on Elm Streets...except the remake poltergeist 1-3 amityville horror the exorcist (had me losing sleep for days when i was younger) Bram Stoker's Dracula
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