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ordered mine today (Strand) think i made a stupid move on my part, in that i didnt go try them on in a store first...but whatever...im confident they will fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Hang less with her.....unless you want some boo-tay! that + looking at your avatar made me bust out laughing
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck Grosgrain! Yea, not super fitted, and it also has a waistcoat padding the inside where on earth did you get that suit jacket/waistcoat i've never seen a waistcoat with buttons positioned like those before. AMAZING
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe I generally dislike pleats, but now you've got me curious what the difference is between all of these things. What's a "scissor pleat"? Can we have a photo guide? ^^^
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Mephistos are great shoes. Extremely well made and very comfortable but they seem to pride themselves on being ugly. These fit the bill perfectly. HAHAHAAHAHHA on another note. know of any good thrift stores in RVA to pick up nice shoes, besides those two in carytown?
will take used. looking for something similar to the Edward Green Gresham.
or something close to it. preferably cheaper than the retail price of 295 open to similar tan brogued oxfords as well... edit: kill it....got em already
yeah im thinking the Allen Edmond Strand is my best bet....now to find them on sale...hmmmm lol these Paul Stuarts are the color i love the most, but the walnut AE's will do
those Allen Edmonds are great actually. i've been getting alot of nods towards the brogue styled shoes so far. but yes i would really prefer something a bit lighter than the walnut. glad i'm on track lol
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Your question is pretty vague, but to the extent I understand it, I would recommend something like the shoes in the link below. A couple of clarifications -- First, lace-up shoes generally don't work equally well with suits and jeans. Something in a full brogue such as the one linked is about as close as you can get to that. Second, there is no such thing as hardwood soles. You're thinking of leather soles that are...
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