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thoughts like these often cross my mind.. and you sometimes feel as though people are undeserving of the material wealth they have acquired.. especially knowing the amount of work you have done with little to show for it the american college system has raped me, leaving me 45k in debt i barely even have a part time job, now moving to NY where after i graduated, couldnt even get a job at Pier 1 with a degree shit may seem grim...and this may sound cliche... but youre...
PRICE DROPS!!! 1)First up are the Salvatore Ferragamo Nigel Jodphur Boots Black Calf 8.5D US They come in original box with dust bags very sleek design. brand new, slight bend near toe of left boot (i'm guessing from being tried on in store), other than that no wear on any other part of the shoes, retail sticker still in tact on the sole SOLD 2) Bally Chamos Wingtip Tassle Loafer in Black Calf 9D US I wore these about 6 times, the fit seems to be a...
same reason VA isn't dressy... i know for me sometimes i want to get dressed up for the hell of it....then i remember where i am...and say to myself "why waste a good outfit?" no matter ones financial status...being well dressed just doesnt happen here....to step out in anything other khakis with a polo and/or a boxy navy suit is looked at as strange unfortunately
it never ever crossed my mind to look at vintage watches i spent 325 on an Emporio Armani about a year ago the next watch i purchase, i'm going vintage
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 All the big banks, consulting firms and some other large corporations have back office staff working through the night. If you're good with powerpoint/word and you prefer this kind of environment to a bar or club, you could get one of these jobs as a presentations/word processing operator. Most of the people who do this in my company are artists or do their own thing during the day. presentations...
pm sent on shipping
Quote: Originally Posted by vettloffah I think at first you should be looking for ANY job, then look for something more fitting to your needs. and do u have any non-NYC experience? the majority of my work experience is in sales. but sales jobs are during the day, so that wouldn't work for me Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug bet he never considered that. What about back of the house restaurant work? Can do...
got a yugoslavian sks a few years back cleaned most of the packing oil off of it, never shot it and it has been sitting in the attic ever since... need to get rid of it impulsive 18 year old birthday purchase....if only I could trade it for a pair of C&J Lowndes
so i'm planning on moving back to new york i'm an actor, so i need to be available to audition during the day what are some ideal nighttime jobs one could inquire about? i would bartend/barback, but i dont have any NYC experience which alot of people seem to want any ideas??... i have a BA degree lol...not sure if that helps any
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B Thats what we like to call around these parts a "Fuck You" outfit
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