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Thanks fellas!!
Eidos shepherd's check and gunclub check SC kops!
speaking of making them... Does anyone know the process for how they are designed/created? are they typically screen printed? and who sources the fabrics for them? say in a wool/silk blend
I actually only stripped and dyed the broguing. The remainder of the shoe that you see is the original color, chestnut. And yes this was a gmto. I think I'll be satisfied once I can stretch them to fit. Actually did something similar to my carminas. No before pics but they were a light tan. A little fiebings dye and some elbow grease have me these
I stripped the broguing and dyed it mahogany then applied my saphir regimen
Just received my st James II knockoffs the other day. Would say the Elton last is on par with C&J 348 in terms of shape. The fit is very very tight, but hopefully a little wear and stretching will break them in. I think it's safe to say these will be my last pair of meermins. Officially switching to Carmina. Quality , design, and service is superior. Certainly don't mind paying double for that at this point
I wish the swim shorts were in stock in 32
I emailed them a few weeks ago and they said the expected ship date was the 2nd half of November....still no shipping email..a week into December...gotta love Meermin
I was thinking of taking some reno mat to it but I'm scared to ruin the the shoe
I'm not one to bitch about QC if I think I can fix it.....but my vegano calf/suede bals arrived and upon inspection I found blots of dye between the toe area and sole. Not sure renovateur can fix this. What would you do?
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