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hahaha way too much. have still yet found a way to capitalize on it. perhaps i'll design a pocket square featuring gloves clobbering Buster Douglas for my fall collection?
Sorry for the double post, thinking of bringing this back out, although the jacket color was a bit too close to my skin tone when made.. Suit- MTM Super 110's wool in mid brown Shirt- Luxire OCBD - University Stripe Tie- X Of Pentacles medallion print pocket square- X of Pentacles Shoes ( not shown) - C & J Westbourne on 348 last w/ patina job Shades- warby parker
Little number I threw together when we had a brief period of spring weather Jacket- MTM Shetland Wool Bird's Eye fabric Shirt- Luxire Seersucker Tie- conrad wu Pocket square- X Of Pentacles Trousers- Brisbane Moss Cotton Twill - did the dye job myself Shoes- Crockett & Jones Tetbury
As an update:They responded and apologized but did not own up to the picture being incorrect. They offered to "dye" the trousers for me if I sent them back, which of course is $15-$25. I also noticed that they have since removed that swatch from the website. . Which says to me they know they screwed up, but don't want to pay for it. At least comp me a return label for the inconvenience. I've enjoyed using Luxire previously , so this is frustrating.FYI if any of my...
I think if it were a slight variation, I wouldn't mind. Most of my brisbane moss have been on par in terms of color accuracy. This particular color for whatever reason was just such a stark contrast, which makes me wonder if they provided the wrong picture from the mill. Big difference between Rust and Flaming Cheetos Orange.
@luxire Could your team work on color accuracy for your website. I ordered the Brisbane Moss Red Rust twill, which appears like this on your website Finally received my order and now I'm stuck with a very vivid orange pair of trousers. VERY different from what I thought I was ordering.
very nice touches in adding options to increase pleat depth, as well as provide button choices. Appreciate adding familiar styles that are similar to what I order and can be tweaked. Ditto on search function taking a while to load up (at least on desktop browser) . In attempting to order a pair of shorts, it was a little confusing when editing my own measurements versus the standard. For instance, what is the length of your standard shorts? And is there an additional...
Thanks! I did the patina and shine on them myself. They are carmina plain toe Adelaides on the simpson last. Original color was chestnut
@SpooPoker got my socks today, thanks Spoo that was fast! Missing a pair of bark medium otc and navy medium otc, in guessing you'll send them out when you re-up? Thanks again
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