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I've just bought a pair of Ferragamo ivory loafers. What kind of belt can I wear with this ? An ivory belt seems hard to find. I've been going through ebay but I don't really know what to shop for apart from ivory color which is hard to find. I've found a Johnston and Murphy but it's suede. I have a spare Zegna buckle lying around maybe somebody knows where I can order a belt without the buckle and put this one on.
He really is a great seller. Just picked up 3 Borrellis, 1 Finamore and 1 Kiton. Amazing shirts and very honest seller.
Just received my items from Lawman. Quick shipping, smooth transaction. Recommended seller.
The EU56 is gone. I took it.
I would be interested in 46 (eu 56)
Amazing watch at a great price.
Quote: Originally Posted by stylefan2 For Steak, Gibby's is very good. I have gone there a couple of times on business. I agree Schwartz is great for Montreal smoked meat. I have also been to Cafe Fereira for seafood which was fantastic. I am going in a couple of days and I am trying Cafe Europa which I was told is fantastic as well. i hope this helps. David I don't really like Gibby's, you can find much better for the price. Moishe's is...
I am a Montrealer. Times Supper Club is awful. You should try F Bar, Brasserie-T!, le Hangar, Schwartz, le Local, Tapeo (not downtown though) and Ferreira. If you need more info on what you should do in Montreal, pm me.
Homemade burger with Kobe beef, a little slice of pan-seared foie gras and some onions that were caramelized in port. The bread makes a big difference. Instead of buttering the bread, just get what's in the pan and put the bread in the oven for a few minutes.
Bought for Isaia ties from PocketCircle. He shipped quickly and the ties are amazing. Highly recommended seller.
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