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Hey man not cool don't judge someone by their weight, CS admitted to being a fatty so talk shit to him about that not about being 5'7 195, that's not even that big.
Saw some dude giving some other dude deadlift advice, for like 10 minutes straight. Ended up showing him how to stiff leg deadlift, He wasn't trying to, either lol The guy giving advice then went and did belted 255 squats haha My elbow sort of hurts after DB incline bench/DB shoulder press. Can't tell which lift is causing it as I do them back to back and feel it after. What do?
Depends on how much of a fatass you are IMO
I have a weird body shape so clothes are already an issue for me, IDGAF about clothes I got Oleg to tailor my shit up for me.
195 @ 5'7" isn't big at all. Maybe not skinny, but not big. If I'm DYEL at 190, tacking on another 5 lbs isn't going to be much bigger.I wanna get up to 210-215 by the end of March. My long term goal has always been to hit 200lbs @5'7" with single digit bf. I don't think I'll be able to do it this time around but it'll feel good to look decent at least at 200, my next cycle will prob hit it.
That's why I put clean in quotes. I'll probably force myself to start eventually but haven't needed to yet. Weighed in at 186 this morning, probably because I ate low carb yesterday, so I'm not doing bad at all at this point.Pretty sure TK was kidding about soy protein. That's broscience.
growing a vaginas a small price to pay for gainz
Unsweetened soy milk has a higher protein/carb ratio, plus IMO it tastes better. On lifting days I'll usually go thru a carton at work before lifting.
I'm bulking "clean". Basically gorging myself on low fat string cheese, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, meat, milk, soy milk, frozen greek yogurt, eggs, fruits and veggies. Don't track macros, tho I should, but it seems to be working pretty well because this time around I'm not getting fat like I did last time I tried to bulk.
Finally hit 330 on my squat, no knee issues either! Was a lot easier than last time, hyped on that!
New Posts  All Forums: