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Hey man thanks for the rec, I think I can cut the loin in half and it'll work for that recipe. I'll probably not get to it until this weekend, though. I gotta buy charcoal anyways and start getting ready for summer grilling. If we're throwing cook book recs out I'd highly recommend Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan (Amazon). It's the fucking bible of Italian cooking, I lived out of this book for a couple months when I first got it haha. A lot of...
Yeah it's a smaller one though I'd probably have to cut this loin in half to fit it, it's one of those tiny Weber charcoal ones you set on the ground at tailgates.
I started cutting while on this posture prog. Fuck it, I can make strength gains later, don't wanna be chubby for summer and gotta get this posture shit corrected once and for all. Started EC today and on creatine, keeping protein generally high to minimize muscle loss. Target goal is 15 lbs. Started tracking cals, too, which I never really did. Hip flexors are fucking tight, even after rolling and stretching multiple times a day. I still can't figure out why I'm...
I think bosu balls have their place in training of people who are deconditioned and need to develop some stability/balance but 95% of the time people are using it in stupid ways.
Cable wood chops, pull through, saxon side bends, supine bridge, planks
Alright let's get off tanning wat about this albuterol shit I've been reading about
Nobody really showed how it's "one of those 'bad things that you shouldn't do"" we all already knew comparative risk goes up but that says nothing about how safe or dangerous it is. Also appealing to popularity on this is stupid, instead of posting on RHET shouldn't you be eating right now to stoke your metabolic fire brah?I have no problem with eating whatever I want and not tracking my micros but I don't want cancer fuck me right?
Does not help, a "significant increase in risk" means nothing if the absolute level of risk is minimal.For example, the world wide incident rates for malignant melanoma are 15.8 per 100,000 in the US for men. If tanning in a bed "significantly increases the risk" by doubling, that's still just like 30 out of 100,000, or a 1/10,000 chance.
How does albuterol compare to clen in terms of fat burning/cutting effectiveness? Shorter half life but less risks, can't find anything really definitive. Also, aside from the bitching from jarude about how his face looks like a raisin, nobody really explained how safe beds are just for a moderate tan. Opinions?
Fucking lovehandles man. Look so bad from behind, yet my stomach is still way leaner in comparison
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