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Wow I'd have to size up two sizes just to get a half inch more rise. I'll have to measure my other pants to see if this is an issue of not having enough rise or the waist being too tight. Strongly thinking it's the former. I don't think I'd have a problem wearing these with longer shirts that cover it up.
I know that. I was referring to Petite New Standards. New Standard top, Petite Standard legs.
RHET brethren, I am having a jeans problem. I have a big ass (and not in the "I have a big ass but not really" kind of way that a lot of guys post about). I bought some APC New Standards, sized down a size to accommodate stretching out. Completely unwashed. Legs fit great but really tight on my ass. Also, they don't seem to come up far enough, as my ass crack is constantly sticking out when I sit down. This is exacerbated by the fact that my shirts are starting to...
Just for protein, or for RFL?Greek yogurt and eggs are my primary sources of protein right now. I also drink a lot of milk and am gonna try to eat more meat (heh).
3x/wk, I'm in the gym about 45 mins to an hour depending on the day, sometimes a little more if I chill in the sauna or do other stuff.
It's per lb lbm.
Ate a ton of pizza this morning, thought I waited long enough before lifting but totally didn't. Had to rest extra long between sets on box squat, spent the time watching like every single person in the gym have absolutely shit form. Was pretty funny. Didn't puke either so it was a good day.
Why do people like using belts or any kind of gear for that matter when squatting? I've never felt the urge, but I've never used one so IDK.
If you really wanna do RFL, I found these things make it bearable:1. Cook all your food at once for the week. Then you don't have an excuse to eat McDonald's because you don't have any chicken prepped.2. Use those spice packets on your chicken. A lot of them. Throw in some Frank's and/or Sriracha, maybe some onions and jalopenos in there.3. Drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks. Maybe do EC. Definitely take your fish oil/vitamins daily. Your energy level can...
RFL blows, but I have tactics for making it better. I was on something similar for a pretty long time (because I kept drinking and fucking it up on the weekends). Eventually when I start cutting for summer I'll probably just do RFL for two weeks for a head start then normal cutting procedure.
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