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Still have a weird elbow ache, swear it's from DB benching/incline DB benching. No idea what I'm doing wrong form-wise. I feel it right on the back of my elbow, like where the tricep attaches. Any ideas?
Isn't this like 99% of gyms? I've only seen two people squat more than me at my gym.
fo rill.How long should I stick to SPBR before going onto something else if I'm interested in packing on mass? I'm running this for my entire bulk/cut cycle but might switch to somethin else if its better for dem aesthetics
This is fucking gold you guys [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Then there's this guy: [[SPOILER]] I'm dying
Wow I'm cringing so hard
3 plate squat felt amazing, 2 plate bench and 3 plate deadlift are coming up for me. Almost all my goals are in terms of plates, xBW or hundreds.
So yer saying I'm like 40 lbs overweight
You're applying to R2 or something? Or you just getting to your apps?I'm applying next fall.
I think it's pretty safe to say that how long I have been lifting means absolutely nothing, considering how much of an ass I made out of myself "cutting" and sacrificing all the gainz to "stay lean".
Not my 1rm, just totaling whatever I'm lifting at. I'm guessing I could probably 1rm around 350 but I've never tried.Besides I'm not that strong/big so IDK why that'd even be surprising.
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