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GMAT is solely for b-school. GRE is for any grad level program, Master's on up, though some b-schools are starting to accept it in place of the GMAT as well.
In my state you don't even have to go to law school to become a lawyer.
Anyone else take the GMAT here? I'm 3.5 weeks out and stressing super hard over it.
For a week I keep going like I never took off. The extra suffering you have to go through is your punishment for being lazy.
Anyone ever do fencing here? I just found out we've got a fencing society here and sounds weird/fun. Wonder how much of a workout it'd be.
The angle's really misleading, I was leaning back. I just needed to get my ass down. What's wrong with a wider stance?
Well I think I resolved my deadlift issues. Asked a guy to film me to check my form (felt like a douche doing it when the gym was packed haha) and resolved it on that very set. I chalked, but I also dropped my ass down and prioritized my glutes more. I think I had my ass way too high which was making it too difficult. I could tell on my first set I hit my lower back really hard so that was probably the main problem. Grip exercises have probably been helping, too. I'm...
Why 10g? Are you loading it or something?I'm increasing my banana/apple intake for more potassium to see if that helps improve my recovery time. I've really liked going to the gym every day or every other day, so I'm going to see if I can keep up with that without training while fatigued.Went to a rooftop reception with all the local bigwigs in finance. Had a great time. Dudes that were hosting it that invited me were the people I was trying to get an internship/job...
I agree with this. There is a mechanical impingement that prevents further mobility.Besides, you shouldn't be bending your ankles that much when you squat.
Knee feels normal again. No idea what happened, just a mild ache and was clicking a bit. I've had problems with that knee since I was a kid, mostly mild shit, so I'm wondering if I tweaked it weird or something. Might go back tomorrow, just so fucking motivated lately, not sure if going daily's a good idea or not haha.
New Posts  All Forums: