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Sure, but a lot of hiring screens are in the 3.2-3.5 range. It also matters if you're going to go to b-school or grad school down the line.
Wish I could get myself to wake up early enough to do this shit. Whenever I try lifting in the morning (or doing anything) I just end up not doing it, haha.I did this but still did poorly in class. As long as your grades aren't suffering then go for it, but you're only in school once, you'll never be able to change your GPA after you graduate, so make sure it's high!Probably going to that gym I talked about earlier when I'm in NY. Fucking $30 for a one time use, such...
My gym is down to one 2.5lb plate. One. I told them about it, they better get more, I'm sick of plating up 10 lbs and making faster gain.
I don't think so. Last install I went on was 12-14 hour days, just enough time to grab meals before bed. I'm planning on getting out there some time probably in the spring, though, just for vacation.
Still looking for a gym around White Plains, NY for this coming weekend. It's not looking promising. EDIT: Looks like there's a New York Sports Club in White Plains. Any opinions, anyone? I'm going to call tomorrow to see if I can just pay per use while I'm there.
Got drunk last night instead of going to the gym. Hungover all morning, ate some hangover food, napped all day, then hit it up with a headache and tired as fuck. Couldn't find 2.5lb plates anywhere so I just plated up 10 instead of 5 every time I would've needed them. Which resulted in hitting one of my long term goals, a three plate squat. Wasn't even that tough, I'm fucking hyped to start the journey to 2xBW finally. I think this SPBR shit is finally paying off. I...
Since we're talking about Klokov
Damn, that sucks. I never wanna go back to iTunes, gross.Ever since starting SPBR a couple weeks ago I haven't missed a lifting sesh. I've been just writing my lifts down on random sheets of paper, though, because I haven't set up a notebook yet. Every time I end up spreading all of my shit out on a bench in the locker room to figure out what I gotta do that day, lol. Everyone probably thinks I'm an asshole, I should get on that this weekend.I'm going to be in White...
Amon Amarth discog now avail on Spotify. Get on that shit jarude
I started lifting without music. Sorta like it, thought I'd hate it.
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