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Before starting SPBR at the beginning of August I was squatting but not deadlifting on my old prog. So when I started SPBR I started pretty light on the deadlift to get the form down and correct any issues like the ones I've been talking about. Should catch up, I'm weighting up 10lbs on my deadlift and just finally hit the wall on my squat, and am weighting up 5lbs.
265 deadlift, need alternate grip as it started slipping about 3 reps in to the first set. Not really concerned about it. Really felt it in my glutes this time, so I think I've corrected my form problem. Chalk's fixed the grip issue so far but I still need to work on grip strength.
I'm almost never sore.
I'm the opposite, I go slow as fuck, usually take two breaths between each rep. Was that a 1rm for you? What are you doing for reps? 2x5x315?
What controversy?
If a girl's gonna give you a fake number she's not interested, so why do you care if you have her real number or not? Is getting her vm because she'll never pick up any better?So close to hitting 200 lb bench, I think next time I bench or the time after I'll hit it.I was doing db shoulder press and some dude came up to me and was all "damn bro that was awesome how you pushed that last rep out" because I was fighting it for like 10-20 seconds. Couldn't tell if he was...
What's the fade?
I finally hit my limit at 330 on my squat, one rep shy, ugh. Was in a super shitty mood, though, so hoping to blast through it next time. Really excited to pass 800 total. Also found some fat free frozen yogurt that's fukken delicious, all carbs pretty much. Great PWO food.
bae caught me swettin
I have a food processor but I gotta get a blender for that kind of shit. And a juicer. And I have no room for any of that shit.
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