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He lifts....
At the same time
Thanks for the rec, that one sounds perfect.I've already started stretching and trying to correct my posture throughout the day and my glutes are already getting tired after a few hours haha. I'm hyped to hit 300 on my squat on Friday then start into a really aggressive prog to correct this shit ASAP.Starting creatine today in advance of the new prog. Dissolving it in coffee which makes it completely unnoticeable. I don't know why I didn't think of this before ffs.
Does it matter if I get a 12" or 36" roller? I think the 12" will work for what I need to do.
He rides a motorcycle...
Why wasn't he/she using jack stands?
Was he using an open grip? How the hell did he drop it? Whenever I see dudes benching with an open grip I cringe. You got thumbs for a reason.
I did two Tough Mudders, no injuries. Accidents happen when you're doing shit, that's life. Some dude had to be airlifted out of the first one I did. I think he had a heart attack. Only injury I had was a cramped calf lol My friend's dad and his friends did it too (mid- to late-50's). Gonna eat through all the food in my house before going over to a cleaner diet in preparation for summer cutting. Gonna start creatine again, too. Brought my pills to work to take...
That's how I feel, though it'd be nice to make faster progress but I'm not about to go on gear for it. I'd feel a lot less accomplished hitting goals on gear.
Finasteride causes ED. I'm predisposed to MPB I think. I've lost a bunch of hair and my hairline's starting to go back a bit but I had so much hair to being with it's not even noticeable and people think I'm crazy when I say that. Not sure if just normal thinning with age, though. I wouldn't want to risk it with gear. On Friday I was gonna do rack pulls on the smith machine and some dude was on it doing 1/10 ROM squats on his toes with like 90 lbs. Asked him how many...
New Posts  All Forums: