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Ahhh freshman stories. I puked all over my roommate's bed and passed out naked on it. We knew the puke was mine because we went to Qdoba the night before and his burrito didn't have beans on it.
Teacher probably doesn't understand the ISLM model. Econ profs are idiots.
Does that shit wash off or you gotta walk around like that for a week
Met with partners of small PE firm here last night, they seemed pretty receptive to bringing me on. Great investment philosophy, great work environment, wouldn't be sitting in a cube running models or making Power Points all day, great work-life balance, too. Really fucking excited about it, they said they'd let me know within a few weeks.
I'm "skinny" to like everyone. feelsbadman Another bulk will decrease that instance hopefully.
I have two weeks to practice and that includes every single other section haha. Right now on the practice exams I'm averaging 70% on the FinRep section, which is like the absolute minimum of where I want to be by the time I take the actual thing (IMO 70% or greater guarantees a pass and is what I'm shooting for given that they don't have any set percentage).Can you explain to me why the fuck dividends paid under US GAAP is CFF while dividends received and interest...
Well the problem's mostly how fucking tedious the questions are and how ambiguous the answers can be, or the extent of the knowledge required, particularly of tedious shit. For example, you have to remember that research costs are expensed while development costs are capitalized under IFRS, but that under GAAP I believe the whole thing is capitalized or something, except for software companies who expense everything, and yes there will probably be a question on that one...
I'm an engineer right now
I've been focusing on FinRep a ton. I'm having trouble remembering what falls under CFO, CFF and CFI (and the differences between GAAP and IFRS), and also how certain adjustments flow through the various statements (i.e. the impact on the three statements of an operating vs. capital lease).Econ isn't too tough because I was an econ major and ethics I've been studying a lot and am getting pretty confident about. Quant is simple I just have to review it. I already bombed...
Hah pretty much. I have the Kaplan videos and I'm just listening to them at work all day and in my car. On my lunch break I'm doing question sets and when I get home I read the books and do questions. My scores are improving but the questions are tedious as fuck.
New Posts  All Forums: