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LaPlace transformations are fucking awesome I don't know why you're hating. Calc is like the easiest math to learn too do you even math?
Yeah, that's totally what happened. Never happened to me before, though. Martin gives these numbers for levels of "advancement":I don't know how I feel about them, they're not that heavy.
Squat days are just wiping me the fuck out, man. Holy shit though, feels good to blast through and keep plating up at weights as heavy as where I'm (at least they're heavy to me!). Some dude came up to me as I was prepping the power rack asking if I was almost done, I told him I was just starting and he could work in if he wanted. Asked how much I was doing, told him 335, dude just said he'd come back after I was done because squats were his "weak spot". No idea, felt...
Oh, I see people do that and they look like idiots so I know I'm not doing that haha. It's only after DB press days
What does squats have to do with anything? And no I don't do that when squatting.
Still have a weird elbow ache, swear it's from DB benching/incline DB benching. No idea what I'm doing wrong form-wise. I feel it right on the back of my elbow, like where the tricep attaches. Any ideas?
Isn't this like 99% of gyms? I've only seen two people squat more than me at my gym.
fo rill.How long should I stick to SPBR before going onto something else if I'm interested in packing on mass? I'm running this for my entire bulk/cut cycle but might switch to somethin else if its better for dem aesthetics
This is fucking gold you guys [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Then there's this guy: [[SPOILER]] I'm dying
Wow I'm cringing so hard
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