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Stuffed my face with sushi. Miso soup, edamame, tempura shrimp and like 18 rolls, all for $25/person. All you can eat but it's actually made to order and not just sitting out. So good, I gotta do this like every week.
We haven't really decided yet we're thinking a member fee based on a sliding scale vs. income but we also found some possible grants. It's such a prominent issue right now, especially with the first lady's health initiatives and whatnot. There also isn't really a general fitness type org that serves the city, which is what I want to expand it to be, so I think we'll be able to find financial support.I'm also on the board of directors of a United Way type of fundraising...
IDK if I mentioned this but myself and some others are in talks to open up a non-profit gym in the lowest income neighborhood in my city. I'm extremely excited about this project, gonna be right next to or very close to a huge farmer's market too.
Noticed that my grip is slipping at like the first 1/4 of the movement on deadlifts. It's like going from the ground to my knees, I'm doing something that's causing it to slip. I was deadlifting 285 today, and was actually slipping a bit up to my knees, and then was able to actually squeeze it back into position for the rest of the movement. Very strange. I wonder if I'm moving the bar out too far to get around my knees or something.
Hey man, flexibility is completely different than mobility. You probably have both mobility and flexibility issues due to not spending two hours a day knobbling yourself.
My weight's been hovering around 188-190 for a while, and I can still see my abs/serratus a bit. My lifts are still going up but not as easily as before, I think I need to eat more. Started going to McD's for lunch every day because it's cheap and calorie dense, plus I can study there on my lunch break. But shit I really have to put together a diet. Are you guys just tracking cals or do you plan your diet every week, go shopping for it, etc.? Diet is such a fucking...
LaPlace transformations are fucking awesome I don't know why you're hating. Calc is like the easiest math to learn too do you even math?
Yeah, that's totally what happened. Never happened to me before, though. Martin gives these numbers for levels of "advancement":I don't know how I feel about them, they're not that heavy.
Squat days are just wiping me the fuck out, man. Holy shit though, feels good to blast through and keep plating up at weights as heavy as where I'm (at least they're heavy to me!). Some dude came up to me as I was prepping the power rack asking if I was almost done, I told him I was just starting and he could work in if he wanted. Asked how much I was doing, told him 335, dude just said he'd come back after I was done because squats were his "weak spot". No idea, felt...
Oh, I see people do that and they look like idiots so I know I'm not doing that haha. It's only after DB press days
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