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What apps are you guys using on your phones for lifting/dieting stuff? I use MFP which has an awesome database but falls short IMO for people actually into fitness, like for example you can't set a target macro count or choose what MFP tracks for you up front. Its workout tracking sucks ass, too. I always thought it'd be cool to have an app that was good at diet tracking but also had a built in spreadsheet tool for tracking lifts and graphing progress. You guys know of...
I have a 3.02 ugrad GPA from a generic public school and am trying to get into a top 5 prog so I want to be in the 99th percentile hahaha 2/3 of the questions I got wrong on the quant section were due to stupid mistakes (reading incorrectly, computation errors, bad assumptions), so hopefully if I can stop doing that I can get it up significantly. I was having timing problems before big time, so now I'm trying to rush too much I think. Gotta find a good balance. I'm two...
I think your age would hurt you more than your GPA if you were applying to top-10 full time progs. Part-time progs usually don't factor that nearly as much, if at all, though I'm unsure of that. I don't think the GPA will be a problem if you do well on the GMAT.I just got my GMAT up from 690 to 710. Having trouble getting up past that, really fucking annoying. My quant is abysmal (78th percentile) even though I'm really good at math and an engineer haha, fuck. Looking...
Got my GMAT practice score up from 690 to 710 in two weeks. Now if only I could get that up another 20-40 points in two more weeks I'll be set. Nervous as fuck for this test, no idea how I'm doing so shitty on the math portion
Skipped out on the gym all week fucking hell. Squatting tonight, hopefully hitting 350. Might film a form vid if my gym isn't too crowded. Can't wait til after I take the GMAT on the 16th, hopefully will do well enough the first time that I don't have to worry about it anymore.
Happy Halloween you sick cunts
I don't see what's so offensive about it. Considering how long it took for him to get back to Tooch, he is in extremely high demand and so has adjusted his price to reflect that. I'm surprised he hasn't gone higher with it, TBH, as it's obvious he's still getting too many people contacting him for his services.New Eminem album's nuts
IDK I find the drama entertaining, this "cmon guys lets be mature" attitude sucks, I'm mature throughout my entire day, sometimes I just wanna let loose and talk some shit without any repercussions, what's so bad about that? It's not like this place is a cess pool, IMO it has just the right amount of unnecessary drama and shit-talking, it usually dies down in less than a page.
This whole discussion is stupid. Why are we feeding the trolls with this crap.
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