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That's my goal. Hopefully locking in a PE internship before I start b-school will help me do that. I still like banking a lot, though.
Hah, good find. I have a much clearer direction in life now so it's all good.
IB internships are stupid. IB SA's get abused as like a rite of initiation. I'm skipping the whole Analyst thing and getting in after b-school at the associate level, or going into PE right away. Fuck 120 hour work weeks.
Two coworkers had a birthday today. I pigged out to celebrate my 10 lb loss haha
At lunch today all my coworkers were talking about weight loss. I knew I shouldn't have gotten into that one. "You're young it's easy for you my metabolism blah blah blah"
Seriously.Bacon/beef mac and cheese followed by chocolate dipped in peanut butter.
Fucking hell. Girlfriend just moved and her fucking cat got all high on his scratch post and kept waking me up throughout the entire night. All the stims I'm on aren't helping, currently pounding a 24oz monster, probs gonna just pass out after I drink this
That's where modern microeconomic theory originates, which is why it's so dumb.@fuji, you don't learn the history because they don't want you to see how dumb most modern economic theory is.
Sure look up Carl Menger.
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