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Why don't you just look in the mirror and if you think you're too fat keep cutting...
Started studying for the CFA again, 60 days left haha. Powering through the Econ volume in less than a week, killing it right now. My life is going to be working out and studying for the next few weeks.
Maybe it's a pelvic tilt
Word, I don't think my hams are too tight though, I think it's due to the postural problems I'm trying to correct. Will try to get lower next time to activate my glutes. Is it counterproductive to take a wider stance on snatch grip deads to prioritize the glutes more?I love when fatties say "Its my metabolism, it's slower than everyone else's, I barely eat anything all day and I'm still fat"
Flexibility in what?
Doing snatch grip deads, they KILLED my lower back today. Was trying to focus on retracting my scapulae and driving with the heels/extending hammies to hit the hams/glutes more. Wat gives? Why would they put this shit in an APT correction prog when it hits the lower back so hard? Isn't the lower back being too tight/short a cause of APT?
Hah I know, I usually start around 10-12 mins and work up to 15. Last time I did that, anyways.
Lol everyone's face looks like a sausage eventually, I'm not talking about getting fucking dark just being not pale, like the color my forearms already are hahaha.
I'm posting in here a lot lately. Bored at work I guess. Being a pale ass white dude and with summer coming up, just how dangerous are tanning beds, really? I don't want to be pale as fuck but also don't wanna slather brown "self-tanner" shit all over my body and end up looking like a carrot. Anyone got any recs/info on this subject?
When I do that psoas lunge stretch honestly it just feels like a quad stretch. What am I doing wrong?
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