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Why don't you talk to her when you see her to break the tension. Or is it just that awkward on her end?
8 more days til this fucking test, I better do well so I don't have to retake, this thing is killing me
Because fuck you thats whyGood luck brother
Why the hell are you squatting 6x/wk?
leg sled calf presses. Get on that shit.
Yeah it's all high school math, the tough part is figuring out how to solve the problem using it.Usually you do an MBA after a couple years in the workforce.Dude if I got a hedge fund offer I'd shit my pants all over this chair. Wanna go into C-level management, start my own co. or go into the PE/VC space ultimately, though.Banking would be cool at the VP level or higher
If you start with your ass too low on deadlift will it cause your lower back to be prioritized? I wonder if that's what I'm doing because now that I think of it I had my ass super low last time I tried deadlifting, couldn't get it off the ground even and my lower back was really feelin it. Guess this answers it: http://stronglifts.com/deadlift-hips-low-high-position-technique/
I do that every rep, touch & go almost always leads to cheating or bad form. Then again wtf do I know
Sorry, gave a data sufficiency question without explaining the rulesA means that you only need statement 1 to solve the problemB means you only need statement 2 to solve the problemC means you need both to solve the problem, and can't do it with either individuallyD means you can solve using either statement individuallyE means you can't solve the problem, even with both statements togetherHere try a PS problem instead. Just solve it in 2...
Quant section isn't just strict math, the math is actually fairly easy. The problem is in looking at a problem and immediately upon reading it understanding how to solve it, and then solving it in two minutes or less. See if you can solve this problem in 2 minutes without looking at the answer:http://gmatclub.com/forum/if-in-the-addition-problem-above-a-b-c-d-e-f-x-y-a-97479.htmlBTW why would you go for a masters? Are you planning on going back to the homeland? If...
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