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I think it's pretty safe to say that how long I have been lifting means absolutely nothing, considering how much of an ass I made out of myself "cutting" and sacrificing all the gainz to "stay lean".
Not my 1rm, just totaling whatever I'm lifting at. I'm guessing I could probably 1rm around 350 but I've never tried.Besides I'm not that strong/big so IDK why that'd even be surprising.
Lakefront Riverwest Stein
Boom! Hit 275 deadlift today, 800 totallllllllllllllllll. Good day
Anyone here have any experience with fitness-related non-profits? I'm thinking about starting one up once my GMAT studying is done.
It's not about looking attractive, go watch Physique if you wanna see that. I think Heath deserved it but I'm bummed Jay and Kai didn't do better.
Holy shit, never even conceived using the incline to do that. Would this work at Snap or PF? I don't know if they have incline benches, but it'd be a great workaround for those cheap gyms. Did upper yesterday, DOMSing today but gonna pop a painkiller and probably do legs tonight. Too excited to hit 800 to wait until tomorrow hahaha. Also, again, does it matter where in SPBR I throw in shrugs/db chest flys? Was gonna put em in at the end of my workout. Phil Heath won...
I've been focusing on keeping my scapulae back/down during benching. Gotta check my elbows next time.
Mixed is working fine for me, I just want to work my forearms more than simple static holds
I must be a fatass then
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