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There's two sides to a coin, therefore the chance of one side coming up is 1/2. QEDwat
Yeah b-school looks at all of that kind of stuff. If I have a LOR from my current company's CEO, a VP at a mid-market investment bank that I worked on something with and the partner from this PE firm I think that would be pretty solid recs. My ugrad GPA was shit (3.02) but I'm taking grad level courses and getting all A's, and I'm also gonna smash the GMAT so that should cover that. Got a year and a half to score good LOR's, some solid volunteer work and maybe some...
I'm looking to start applying to b-schools next fall (2014). I spoke with the owner of a small PE shop yesterday who said he would be okay with taking me on as an intern that fall, but has to talk to his business partner about it. His last intern went to Goldman then Blackstone. That 1.5 years gives me enough time to get some classes under my belt for an alternative transcript, knock the GMAT out of the park, get two levels of the CFA completed, get a bunch of volunteer...
I don't think so. Maybe, but I always planned on cutting down for summer at least a bit. Could've been talking out of my ass, I don't really filter myself when I post to RHET.EDIT: That probably changed when I signed up for beach volleyball, actually.
Might have an internship lined up for next fall, awesome! Going to the gym to celebrate
Valid countertroll. I approve.
Man, my life has just been work, gym, study. Finished my final paper on MBS/CDO product in the economic crisis, just have the final left, rest of the time up to June 1st is studying for the CFA, then right on to getting a perfect score on the GMAT. Reading study material on the treadmill is actually sort of fun.
Hit the 170's when I was hungover as fuck on Saturday morning, but realistically around 180. I feel like I look the same at 180 as I did at 160, I don't know if that's a good thing or not. feelsweirdman
Who is that? Been looking for aesthetic as fuck girl lifters to battle the "don't wanna get bulky" bullshit from girls I Know, hit me with some names.
How the hell is it tough to get carbs? If it's really that tough then why not just drink a ton of juice?
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