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I don't have a blood pressure cuff but my resting heart rate right now is about 85-90bpm, on 62.5mg E 500mg caffeine. Thing is that I don't feel too stressed or like my blood pressure is high or heart is beating fast or anything. I wanted to get up to full dosage (75mg E, 600 mg C), run it for a few weeks, then if I'm at a good place try throwing some yohimbine on top but I don't know about that now, if my heart rate and bpm is too high that's probably not a good idea...
Never had spot issues. I think I just get lucky.
My doctor said eating too much protein puts stress on my kidneys.
Actually, it still doesn't do any damage to your kidneys at all, you just piss out the excess.
No, you're wrong, it does do much.
No, I never said "unfortunately". I am happy it isn't affecting me because last time I tried it I got super jittery and stressed out, and this time I'm not.Creatine has no effect on healthy kidneys provided you aren't dehydrated.
At this point I have no idea wtf you're talking about.
Looks tasty
What do you mean? Because of the pizza? I don't know, I mean I'm not generally hungry but I don't get full faster. Might come as I increase the dosage but I doubt it.
Yeah what does tightness mean, too? Pain or no pain? Tightness to me is just like, the pump you get in your back after doing back workouts.I'm down to around 182, so a 3 lb loss. GF made some awesome pizza a couple days ago (fat free pizza crust, fat free low cal bullshit alfredo sauce that actually worked well as a pizza sauce, olives, artichokes, spinach, parmesan). Gorged on that shit and went up like 10 lbs because of all the carbs hahaha. Also went to Medieval...
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