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I do incline DB at 30 degrees and BB at whatever the bench is locked in at (I think 30)
My right shoulder's really aching. Feels like DOMS deep inside of it. Also my right pec has super-DOMS right at the insertion. It felt that way when I was between sets yesterday, too, though it didn't ache at all when I was actually lifting. Either I worked out some small muscles that I haven't in a really long time when I was doing decline or something weird happened.
Well I'm doing decline db bench on a fucking decline ab thing which is annoying but I guess not uncommon based on how many other people I've seen doing it. I felt it more in my shoulder muscles than anything. Might just need to weight up, idk.
Well it's just SPBR. Suppose I could do higher volume decline work, like 4x8 or something. Just not sure if that's too much to do all three lifts concurrently. I suck at designing progs which is why I always stick to the same thing.
I think I'm going to add it in as supplemental work on bench/incline bench days, like a couple sets of decline db bench and see how it goes.So for bench day, for example, was gonna do:3x5 Bench4x8 Incline DB3x5 Decline DBor something like that. Sound good or should I just do bench then decline db, given that I have another day where I do incline bb then flat db?
I only do flat and incline bb/db stuff, I've never done decline before because I heard it was useless and stupid. Now I'm considering adding that and chest dips.
Based on my last photo I posted, do my lower pecs look underdeveloped? I'm wondering if that's why I'm not seeing the chest progress I want. I mean they've definitely gotten bigger but the shape just doesn't seem that great. They sorta just taper off at the bottom. Look at my tits. Opinions?
Had my first setback on Friday. Reps actually moved down on bench press instead of staying the same or increasing. I'm blaming having too many beers the night before while watching NCAA, but also have committed to an increase in both calories and protein intake, as well as getting hydrated as fuck.
Yeah but this is SF I want some APC's with a huge ass not some random ass jeans.One reason I want to make a lot of money is so I can afford bespoke pants.
I don't have any back/hip problems I just look like a retard.Where's that video you were gonna post?
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