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Glad you caught that subtlety
Feel like I owe everyone an update on this because she totally redeemed herself. Re: girlfriend not moving with me, she told me today she's applying to this dietetics program because if she starts this fall she'll get done in two years, possibly less depending on how many credits transfer from her ugrad. Given that I won't be starting school until next year, that's like 8-10 months apart if she moves after. She also told me she 100% understands that after I graduate...
What's "suck" mean? Long commute, big hassle? How long of a commute, why a hassle? I need more info brah.
NYCers, what would the commute from Hoboken to Columbia be like in terms of time, no. trains, etc. looks like PATH up to 33rd then the no. 1 uptown? Google says 45 mins but not sure if that's just PATH or the entire route. Doesn't look like there's any connections further up in Jersey closer to CBS either, just PATH down by Hoboken. Don't really wanna end up at Stern, but would love to live in Hoboken to save money and looks like a nicer place to live anyways, at least...
Any penor effects from the gear yet? Nipples puffin up or get tits yet? Did you roid rage on anyone at all?i.e. you want to slay sl00ts
Anyone know where I can find the article where Martin breaks down his macro cycling for LG? Finally getting cals/protein down, was gonna start into that.
I'll check some health food stores here for quark but it'll probably be expensive as fuck and defeat the purpose of getting it. Anyone know how I can figure out macros for homemade quark? It's so easy to make! Gf got Prelift preworkout. Do preworkouts even do anything besides contain caffeine to make you feel hyped up? We went to a trampoline park the other day and it was tons of fun, way more of a workout than I thought it'd be. Getting out of those foam pits is the...
Was gonna make my own because we don't have it in the states, but no idea how the macros would end up after the culturing process so no idea how to do that.
Dang, time traveling burn.Anyways no you don't have to do cardio on a cut. At least I haven't had to yet and when I posted here a couple weeks ago about it everyone agreed.
No, nothing special at all aside from it's a good, maybe the best, RD program in the state and she will be able to get the in-state tuition rate.I think it's both. Just seems like she's throwing out excuses rather than giving me solid reasons. I don't know why she doesn't get it, everyone I've talked to has said she's being unreasonable and has agreed with me. If I don't get into H/W then the matter is pretty much settled anyways. I'd prefer to live on the east coast...
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