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Lol I'm pretty confident the tacos didnt take up 1000 cals. Also I went all day without eating aside from a few cheese and crackers the other day so it would just make up for that. Been so busy lately I keep forgetting to eat. But my lifts aren't going down so whatevs. CFA is hard as fuck. Helps for when you wanna move to a hedge fund after banking probably. $1000-1500 for the first one.
You're obviously not from Wisconsinps I got tacos which probably took up the remaining 1000 kcals for my daily intake so I'm still cutting fuckers
Yeah all I had today was a caesar salad and six miller lites
so i now have ajob where I can drink on weeknights and come in late in the morning, but nobody to drink with because nobody else has jobs where they can come in late in the morning fuck
I finally have enough muscle to look decent really lean
Tess what're you trying to cut down to? I can't believe I weigh the same as you right now, I'm smaller, leaner and less muscle so how the fuck does that make sense? I'm going down to 170-172 hopefully, would be interesting to compare when we finish our cuts.
weight in this photo?
So which is it
Down to 185, finally making progress
Especially when they do that fucking stupid thing where they just wiggle around on it like they're controlling a joystick with their vagina, shit does nothing for me.
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