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You could do twice a week for bb if you've got your drugs dialed. What was the name of that body builder who used to go like once or twice a week and fall asleep between sets?
lock the thread this shit is done
$200 for a decent road bike isn't bad, though I would've tried to haggle em down to $150. Still, your bike is nicer than mine probably, you obviously should pay more just for the gears alone (mine's single speed). Of course Coldsnap would post the dumbest fucking looking bike ever. Dude you post the dumbest shit ever but for some reason I love you for it nohomo Lifting in the morning is sort of lame because I have no idea what to do with all this free time in the...
shut up you skinny fuck 5'10 160 your like a stick obviously and don't even lift
jet is bitching because he feels like a lot of guys that lift get too much muscle, and that there isn't a point to have that much muscle after a certain point because it's like past the point of being functional for sports or whatever, and then says he doesn't know what a power rack is, and proceeds to tell us all that his friend got jacked doing nothing but body weight workouts, and makes fun of ridethecliche for being 5'10 160 as if that means anything, and then makes...
lol @ jet "dude got huge doing body weight workouts and it's all functional muscle I don't even know what a power rack is 5'10 160 do you even lift bro?" this is hilarious.
Charcoal grillin a shit ton of chicken and burgs and veggies. So hyped it's warm out
Swole WAYWT "stringer tank, zyzz shorts, romaleos, spray tan after chest day" "deetz on the straps brah?" "solid gym bag" "so tight, lookin so tight"
Get enough calories, get enough protein.
I don't, but I could be wrong. Then again, you can't exercise away the cancer
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