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Wow, put in my two weeks on Monday, asked to speed up the process so I could leave sooner if possible. They walked me out this morning. No idea why they didn't just give me a day of notice or something, or a chance to say goodbye to people. Fucking weird company.
The whole "natty is worthless" thing is stupid I've made so much progress in terms of my aesthetics over the past 8 months, I'm excited to post progress pics at the end of the month before I start cutting. I see huge dudes at my gym too and I know they all aren't pinning so there's definitely a payoff in years of consistent, hard work while natty.
Because I keep getting full
When should I start considering a belt?
Uhh, you record "1 egg white"...Yohimbine is the fucking shit. Aside from being insanely thirsty all the time and somewhat jittery, felt really good on it. I'm excited to get on that shit when I start cutting.
Greek yogurt, egg whites, lean meat, soy milk, fat free cheese, etc.True Nutrition makes protein isolate:http://truenutrition.com/p-947-whey-protein-isolate-cold-filtration-1lb-milk.aspx?It doesn't taste that good, though, and starts smelling like ass if you get it wet and wait for about 3 minutes because it doesn't have any kind of preservatives, so you gotta take it right away and wash your shaker out. Also, BCAA's are pure proton aren't they?What's the consensus on...
You get too big too fast your employer will test you. Seems stupid to go on when it's so obvious to most that you're on it. Also agree with the risk of injecting yourself with shit you bought off the street, even if your dealer claims its pharma. There is also the issue with the limited amount of research, though from what I've read at least there is enough of a body of research on certain AAS that I'd be comfortable taking the risk itself. Berkhan of all people posted...
My gf has legs like that, she thinks they're huge and hates her calves. I don't know wtf she's talking about, women are so oblivious to what's attractive it blows my mind.
Why did you waste a minute of my life with that garbage.
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