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Checked out Booth today, shits legit. Pissed I forgot to check out the gym tho
Yeah her arch is ridiculous
TFW you get shown up by a 13 year old girl
My APP stock is doing well
scale broke fuck
Only if it makes money
tfw your entry into graduate school can be fucked by how you acted when you were a teenager
I don't know, it's basically just like the internet generally. Anyone can post anything there. Great place for reading competing views and maybe picking up some ideas, but always do your own research.
Just think about it this way, your money is sitting in stocks that could go back to even, but instead you could be investing that money in new winners.
Ate a rack of baby back ribs today, off the grill, with homemade bbq sauce. No idea how to count that, all I had besides that was a glass of chocolate milk. Don't wanna eat more and risk going over blah. Feel pretty gross and bloated/fat right now. Ugh, this cut is going. so. slow. Broke into the 170's, just barely, a couple days ago. 180 right now so hopefully will be back down come the morning. Lifts are maintaining or going up slowly, which is all good. 8 more...
New Posts  All Forums: