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Ah I thought you meant something else. Anyways, if I plateau as you are saying, and I'm not down to my target bf%, then I'll just need to cut cals further and/or increase cardio anyways. I don't see what that has to do with what I'm eating now.
I don't think I'll plateau at 2000 kcals. If I do I'll run maintenance for a week and then get back to it.I'm worried about strength and muscle loss because I'm trying to prevent it, not because I'm actually seeing it. My strength actually hasn't decreased yet, and I'm even still making progress on my squats.Fast enough for school. I'm moving in August and it'd be nice to be somewhat lean for when I move and start school and start meeting new people. And I'd probably...
Because I wasn't cutting fast enough in the first place. 1.1 lbs/wk isn't enough.
Well, at 187.0 for my official weigh in which means I'm down 8 lbs. Not bad, but that's like 1.1 lbs/wk. Cutting the cals and upping the cardio should help bump up that figure. 27 more lbs to go. Hoping to get to like 175 at least before I move.
I'm wondering if I do, but it's at least a good goal for an aggressive cut.FWIW I just weighed myself before taking a piss, was 191, then after was 186? Weighed myself like four more times and it kept coming out to 186 so maybe I've been losing and my scale's just fucked. Not sure about waist, but my girlfriend said I looked skinnier today lol
I've been hovering around 190 for a week or two now. Looking to drop 30 lbs. I'm guessing LBM is 140-150? IDK.Anyways, I've read a bunch about strength loss being an issue but muscle consumption being largely negligible as long as you're not running an extreme deficit or super lean (assuming you're lifting regularly and getting adequate protein/water/sleep obviously). RHET loves proving me wrong on this shit, tho, which is what I'm looking for if it's called for.
I think they only fit on Nikon cameras.BTW, cutting related question. Going to 2000 kcals and adding 30 mins on the elliptical 3x/wk after my lifts. Is this too aggressive? Was seeing slow progress at 2200 kcals as commented earlier and everyone said I should be losing faster, so figured I'd up my game but wasn't sure if I was being too aggressive. Still keeping my protein up to 160g/day and lifting 3x/wk so I don't think muscle loss should be a huge problem, right?
Anyone know how to sell an SLR? I have a Nikon D300 with some lenses and equipment that I've never really used. Worried that if I sell it on eBay I'll get ripped off, don't want to get robbed for selling it over CL, don't want to sell it super cheap to a camera store. Wat do?
I'll submit my entry in four months.
WTF how in the fuck have you lived your life without a grill?lol nvm just kept reading
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