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I'm thinking about just going without. I don't know. My house is on a bus line that drops me off right from my work. Only thing that sucks is grocery shopping, but my gf has a car and we might be moving in together soon.
I hate debt (lol)
Dartmouth is the only school I'd want a car at so it'd suck to buy one just for 10 months. I'm fucking broke as it is.I think I have decent shot based on everyone I talked to at the schools. In my Tuck essay my interviewer (a second year student and employee of RBC Investment Banking) opened the interview with "you have an extremely impressive resume, you've done so much and are already doing what most of us go to get an MBA for. Why do you even want an MBA?" I was...
My car is junk. I have 10 months until I leave for school. WTF am I supposed to do now. New junk car would still be like $1500. Bus pass is $60/mo. Dammit.
I don't know how to cook chicken without it tasting shit, without using butter or oil. I just put up with it. How are you guys cooking your BSCB's?
Just got back from a huge east coast trip visiting Wharton, Columbia, Stern, HBS and Tuck. Ate shit the whole time and clearly put on weight hahaha. It was worth it though. Gonna get back into the groove on Monday, cut until I'm done interviewing (so I know I can still fit in my suit) and then start an actual bulk instead of just getting fat.
This version of meat slop: 1 large red cabbage, shredded 2 28oz cans tomato sauce 3.38lbs ground beef (93/7) 2 white onions Throw that shit in a pot and cook it til it's cooked. Add water for desired consistency. Add whatever kind of spices you like to make it taste however you want. Makes a shit ton of food.
Made meat slop last night. Fucking amazing, no idea why I haven't done this earlier.
wtf happened to banking?
Great week in FL. Got tan as fuck, a little burnt but not bad. Rode a jet ski, drank around the world at Epcot, laid by the pool, won $100 at the casino. Ate shit most of the time but got out jogging in the morning and whatnot. Went to the Packer game yesterday, we did it healthy, packing sandwiches and shit. Good time. Back to the grind. Two weeks of hell trying to prep three bschool apps while doing everything else in my life, then hopping on a plane for a hellish...
New Posts  All Forums: