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Why not straight to PE? I know a few people that were able to do that because they had IBD internships.
lol, you were an analyst. Of course it sucked and was fucking boring. The fun part of being in M&A is learning about all the different businesses and how they work, networking and meeting clients and company execs/owners, and (for the buy side) driving investment returns. Anyways, not sure why you didn't just do IBD->PE like most. PE is best of both worlds and you can move to HF/AM easily if you don't like it.Also this'll probably rustle your jimmies but we look at a...
M&A is the best. If you're not in it you're doing it wrong (buy or sell side).
levfin sucks anyways, might as well go commercial banking. Fuck that
Ah, thought you meant he send in only principal only payments.
You're right, I always make this mistake. This is why I'm not in levfin
Good idea if he wants to go past due on scheduled interest payments.
I agree the 403b is a better option but he would save more than 6.5% if he can pay down on the principle because of compounding.
http://www.vertex42.com/ExcelTemplates/excel-amortization-spreadsheet.htmlAnyways, you really should model it out still. Just so you know what effect extra payments will have on your overall debt burden. LMK if you want help.
Takes 20 mins to put an am table together brah
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