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Health insurance is insane in the U.S. I think PPACA will help but it's still a fucked up system. We're constantly talking about how we can make the process more transparent and easier for our insurees but it's a tough nut to crack. I'd really like to see us leverage technology much more to accomplish this but that's not going to happen in the short term I don't think. I came up with this really interesting concept of having all our insurees assigned to a generalist...
So you've heard about that crazy wrap thing? You should come to my VIP wrap party to learn more it seriously works I have progress pics of fat people getting less fat to prove it srs
Haven't had any decrease in strength since 2000kcals + 30 mins cardio. We'll see how the weigh in goes next two weeks. Looks like I'm just getting a 3br or 4br with some classmates. Also, some random girl from highschool is now posting all over her Facebook about her new business and hawking her products - that It Works crap, with the body wraps and all that stupid pyramid scheme shit. Pretty entertaining for some reason.
Thank you. This is what I was looking for. Though I don't really know what you could adjust for, all you really have to adjust are calories in and calories expended. Macros might help with water weight but isn't significant in fat loss, and supplements (outside of clen and other shit) don't really do much either.
Well if you look at a calorie calculator it makes sense:http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html?ctype=standard&cage=27&csex=m&cheightfeet=5&cheightinch=7&cpound=190&cheightmeter=180&ckg=60&cactivity=1.55&printit=0&x=56&y=16Here's what I'm looking for from RHET:1. An explanation of why running a 700-800 kcal deficit is going to cause muscle loss2. An explanation of how running a large deficit "paints me into a corner" when you can only really plateau from a fat...
I'm just not getting how 1.75 lbs/wk is considered "extreme". Extreme to me is >2.0 lbs/wk.
Yes but what you're talking about is an extreme calorie deficit. I doubt I'm even over 1000 kcals deficit. 1.1 lbs/wk is like a 550 kcal deficit, add in the additional 200 kcals for reducing my intake and maybe 130 kcals for the cardio and I'm only at 880 kcals. A bit aggressive sure but not extreme, that's like a 1.75 lbs/wk cut.
I don't get it. If I stall at 2000 kcals that's because my maintenance level dropped to a certain level. No matter how fast I'm losing weight, once I get to a given weight my maintenance is going to be whatever it is, right? So if I get down to 170 and stall, it's because my maintenance cals are 2000 kcals and that's what I'm eating, but doesn't matter if I was eating 2000 kcals for the entire cut or was at 2200 then dropped to 2000 partway through. The maintenance...
Ah I thought you meant something else. Anyways, if I plateau as you are saying, and I'm not down to my target bf%, then I'll just need to cut cals further and/or increase cardio anyways. I don't see what that has to do with what I'm eating now.
I don't think I'll plateau at 2000 kcals. If I do I'll run maintenance for a week and then get back to it.I'm worried about strength and muscle loss because I'm trying to prevent it, not because I'm actually seeing it. My strength actually hasn't decreased yet, and I'm even still making progress on my squats.Fast enough for school. I'm moving in August and it'd be nice to be somewhat lean for when I move and start school and start meeting new people. And I'd probably...
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