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Would appreciate a bf% estimate on this, actually.
I got mine on Craigslist for $150 and it works great. Brought it in for a tune up after I got it, think I replaced the tubes too just in case. Fixed gear free wheel road bike, black Schwinn with a vintage seat. Pretty baller. I should really learn to tune up my own bike but I'm fucking lazy. Just go on CL jarude there's a ton of good bikes on there.Lost 4 lbs overnight so at 184, first time under 185 on this cut.
Just brought mine in for a tuneup and some repairs for the season, hyped to get it back
It's alright, I need to stop taking it on nights I go out drinking, though. Also today after sitting in the sauna for like an hour my heart was racing, prob from the EC.
Nohomo locker room progress pic [[SPOILER]] Not really feeling these iphone photos I feel like I look way better in the mirror than these photos. Also at a new gym paid for by my company, so there's $30/mo saved. Tesseract, this is at 186...
Fucking hate cutting man. Weights are stalling and this cut isn't moving fast enough. Dammit I just want some pizza
let's spoiler all the nohomo posts so I don't get busted looking at almost naked beckham ite?
What does he even do I can't figure it out
WTF is up with skulls
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